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Pacific World PCO

  1. 1. Pacific WorldOpening up new perspectives in conferences management
  2. 2. We believe… Exceptional environments and extraordinary experiences help to open up new perspectives promoting interpersonal communication. The world change, technologies helps shorten distance but nothing can substitute the human contact, the face-to-face communication. We create, plan and arrange… Unique settings for interpersonal communication, empowering our partners in the pursuit of their goals.Pacific World Pacific World is the key to seeing things with different eyes…
  3. 3. We are Connected Inspirational EmpoweringWe are connected to global realities, We are inspirational designing We are empowering providing uniquebut with an approach based on a strategies that will have a experiences that help to set free ideasdeep knowledge of the possibilities measurable impact on your business. and impulses that help you to tackleoffered by each local environment. your daily challenges.
  4. 4. A History of Excellence
  5. 5. Professional Congresses OrganiserWe combine PCO services, high quality 30 years of experience Our specialised PCO team is one ofDestination Management and Creative 3.000 events successfully managed our most valuable resources: aCommunications in-house along with (including Congresses from 200 to dinamic, proactive staff, with longextensive logistical experience to offer 4.000 delegates). lasting experience managinga distinct advantage to association 30 Destinations around the world with professional conferences andmeeting organizers. Pacific World team. medical and scientific meeting and 30M customers from 20 markets as congresses. part of the TUI Travel PLC, the number one international travel group with over.
  6. 6. PCO expertise: Best in class operational delivery Highly qualified team with extensive PCO experience and unequalled local knowledge that deliver congresses with great attention to detail. Our staff work as advisors and consultants, focus in provide tailored solutions, offer a professional and efficient service adding timeliness, financial responsibility and superb suppliers management. Excellence in customer care Each congress is tailor-made and we are involved every step of the way: from conception and planning, to on- site organization. A strategic approach based on understanding your objectives, needs and resources. Global presence: Quality control Strong relationships with key local partners and an international presence allow us choose suppliers based Congresses by on their quality delivering services but also make exclusive arrangements , negotiate the competitive Pacific World rates and contract terms. Powerful technology Our strong and sophisticated software enable us to efficiently manage the technical and scientificMembers of: secretariat. PW key for success Rigurous quality control • Versatility & FlexibilityOfficial agency: Proffesional procured suppliers • Negotiation leverage EIBTM Pacific World Spain from 2004 Strong PCO knowledge • Purchasing power Powerful technology • Experience & experstise IFRA 2012 Pacific World Spain Efficient and detailed budget management
  7. 7. Full PCO Services PCO Services
  8. 8. Core PCOAt Pacific World we believe in buildlong term relationship to cover needsand interest of the stakeholdersinvolved in a Conference.Outsourcing the planning andorganisation of meetings andconferences with Pacific World allowassociations optimise resources leavinglogistics and budgeting issues in handsof a PW permanent contact.
  9. 9. Powerful TechnologyA powerful and reliable software is animportant asset in the conferencemanagement.At Pacific World we continuously workto offer the most advanced technologyavailable for Congress management.Our aim is offer a full coverage ofonline registration, accommodation,abstract and exhibition management.
  10. 10. Reliable software Committee access Our software allows to register, With an special password, the edit personal data, book and pay Organizing Committee can consult services on a secure server the list of participants, status of through a personal username and sales, and other submitted data. password. Delegates access Software embedded in our website Pacific World conference management Delegates are able to access, system is embedded in our free of view and edit online the Charge website layout. submitted data. Whenever they want to add more Services they only have to access Suitable website through their personal login and Our free of charge website includes password to do it. Access to Accommodation, Registration,Transportation, Tours and Flights services.Powerful Technology: Technical Secretariat
  11. 11. Versatile system: User roles Abstract Management: Different user roles with different rights in Submission order to allow each specific user group to Options to abstract submission and easily access and undertake their specific withdrawal (multiple abstracts per tasks. submitter/author), automated online validation (form and completeness) of Abstract Submission and submitted abstract, possibility to add Evaluation Setup co-authors, select main author or presenter, upload the abstract file Abstract submission process includes and make configuration changes and submission, review and judgment by the publish abstract. scientific committee and final evaluation and allocation of abstracts.Powerful Technology: Scientific SecretariatAbstracts & Programme Management A powerful web-based abstract management system tailored for conference specific needs.
  12. 12. Abstract Management: Review Congress visitors: Personal Different functions for reviewers: Program Review and rate abstracts according the Access to a personal program module, event configuration, review only certain which allows to look up the entire categories, overview of open and program in different views, with completed tasks along with various different search functions and supports filter functions. the creation of a personal program/schedule which automatically Program: Setup and Creation includes already booked courses and own presentations. Flexible and efficient creation and modification of the congress program. Export Abstract Management: Overview The Export Module can be used to A wide range of functions for the define and generate individual Customer Scientific Committee: Final overview Exports of the data in various formats.Powerful Technology: and evaluation of abstracts regarding quantity and quality, flexible setting of Scientific Secretariat a rating threshold, final acceptance or decline of individual abstracts, seeAbstracts & Programme abstracts with the corresponding voting Management suggestions, among others. A powerful web-based abstract management system tailored for conference specific needs.
  13. 13. Marketing supportWe offer advise, consultancy andsupport to raise the profile of yourCongress.Printed and digital solutions, ideas tomaximise the impact of social events,customised promotional plans, etc.
  14. 14. Customised marketing material Promotional support Printed and digital marketing solutions Tailored promotional plans according to raise the profile of your meeting: to the Congress needs. posters, flyers, programme, brochures, etc. Marketing at Social events FREE Promotional kit Ideas to improve the impact of social In some of our preferred Congresses events event included in the Destinations , free of charge Congress programme. destination leaflet, postcards and minutes design! Digital Marketing Web design according to the CongressMarketing Support needs. Web positioning consultancy and web positioning packs in order to increase website visibility and traffic. Advise in 2.0 tools. Partnership negotiation Our purchasing power allows us offer partnership solutions in order to increase the Conference revenue or offer advantages to delegates.
  15. 15. Sponsoring & CommunicationPacific World PCO search for sponsors orpatrons for congresses, events or specificprojects, understanding sponsorship as ameans of funding a congress.As we consider that communication is thekey for an event to be effective, we alsooffer solutions tailored to yourcommunications and PR needs.
  16. 16. Sponsoring Communication Work methodology: Based on the objectives of the event, we organise the main communication theme and apply the most suitable Feasibility study techniques and tools to achieve these Preparation of dossier for potential objectives. sponsors Search for and contact with sponsors Managing the contents of the Commercial display; search for congress: exhibitors Sponsorship of events by category Audiovisual recordings (Gold, Silver, etc.) or small sections Materials for later dissemination (sessions, dinners, etc.) Reports Summary of speeches Internet spaces Sponsoring Information management; press & officeCommunication Managing relations with the media: press releases, press dossiers, press conferences, interviews and Increase the dissemination of the key conclusions of a congress.
  17. 17. Services for ExhibitionsAt Pacific World we are experts managingcomplex logistics.We plan, arrange, organise and manage a widerange of services for tradefairs alwaysnegotiation competitive rates and conditions:hotels, individual and group transfers, tours,catering, security, venue logistics amongothers.
  18. 18. We care! Environmental and Sustainable Development Department As part of TUI Travel PLC, Pacific World applies environmental and sustainable best practices followed by the group’s Environmental and Sustainable Department: cutting consumption, using resources responsibly, promoting and helping local culture and taking part in actions and initiatives to preserve nature and encourage environmental awareness. Check TUI Travel PLC sustainable report here! Pacific World: Corporate Responsibility.We care Organising congresses in a rational way can contribute to promoting new models that are not aggressive to the environment and are socially and culturally enriching. We believe in a sustainable world. This is why we work hard to offer services and deal with suppliers that work actively towards the conservation of the environment and cultural assets, while still meeting the high expectation of delegates. We offer you advise on how to apply sustainable practices in your next Congress: recyclable or recycled marketing materials for conferences, tailored green plans and solidary actions to be included in the programme.
  19. 19. “ Representingand friendlyinmanner our brand a “ professional “As a partner, PW Spain has been representing the EIBTM brand in a professional and friendly manner with high levels of customer service for our visitors. The attention to detail, the easy of the working relationship are some of the factors that we “ most value from their work. Nothing is too much trouble! June Clark Manager - Hosted Buyer Programmes EIBTM - Reed Travel Exhibitions (UK)Satisfaction Pacific World Spain “ “Controlling all elements “ We were all hugely impressed [with the complete service provided by PW Scotland]. You went way over and above the call of duty “ to make this work well for us [and] you were firmly in control of all elements. Exxon Mobil 2009 International Conference Pacific World Scotland
  20. 20. Pacific World Awards Pacific World Awards Our success is yours! Thanks to clients as you we had the chance to create and manage inspiring projects! 2011 Eventoplus Award “Best Sports Event of the Year” Ultramar (Pacific World Spain) TUI Marathon: A green and sustainable marathon 2011 SITE Crystal AwardAwards “Most effective team effort in producing an incentive program or event” – Pacific World China 2009 Eventoplus Finalist “Best Congress” IBA Conference October 2009 - Madrid
  21. 21. Team“Excellent logistic management, passion for challenges, customer obsessed… “ Productivity is our driving force!
  22. 22. Pacific World PCO EMEA Teresa Ibáñez Sales Manager PCO C/Diputación 238 3ª 08007 Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 482 72 60 Fax: +34 93 318 39 93