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Additional Leverage for Movie Proje

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  1. 1. TEXT MESSAGE CODES WIRELESS<br />213-807-4584<br /><br />WAL-MART <br />Distribution Headquarters<br />Attention: Buyer/Inventory Manager<br />Re: Pager Codes EZ View shelf cost as a contributor seeking becoming an Official Sponsor of the Winter Olympic Team Training Facility in Colorado Springs, per licensing voice over via Sony Entertainment Music Group (i.e. Jami Spears).<br />I am inquiring about the Fenty-Norward Securities a California Partnership subsidiary of Norward and Snipes Investments Inc a Delaware Corporation distribution of Text Message Codes Wireless. Below is a list of previous location prior to acquiring REO Enterprises currently order 2,500,000 units and contemplating opening 21 retail location thus I am searching for alternatives before allocation of resources. <br />In addition, to placing an order from China for possible consignment in Spanish and English Versions: seek distribution in Florida, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri, where produce has a market. Robyn R Fenty Treatment Center recipient of ten percent of the proceeds toward domestic abuse victims, voice over commercial America Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Recording Artist after Birmingham Alabama Mayor Highlights and or 50cents biggie commercial, script shall bring awareness to codes benefit during a disaster<br /> <br />As an Affiliate Beverly Hills Philanthropy Society, recognition of Educational Financial Assistance and Gala Ball Room style dinner annually in Downtown Los Angeles in conjunction with the Dozella Norward Estate looks forward to your response for this Decade long endeavor of behind the scene task. Additionally, recent accomplished re-organization for M & T Construction Specialties Inc., and M and J Construction Specialties Inc., a Telecommunications Company with Assets, and Goodwill shall further the goals of the Charity as well as National African American Business Science and Engineers, which a need became apparent after serving two year as the National Society of Black Engineers National Finance Chairperson. <br />In addition, Intellectual Property for Pager Codes EZ View Copy writes TXU 620-842 Control number: 10-600-5070(D) 7/23/98., Data Capture Systems purchased from REO Enterprises. Licensed to Text Message Codes Wireless and Seiko Instruments both construction entities filed in February 2009 for Regulation D and proceeding toward Regulation A with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2009. <br />While Chicago based DATA CAPTURE SYSTEMS HUGHES HOLDINGS LLC., shall continue with the process as stated in the enclosed letter with TLC Beatrice International Holding Inc, a Delaware Corporation as REO Enterprises distributing Wireless accessories. Thus enabling expanding grocery wholesaler with Jerrick Electronics Home Office Business Center similar development plans as the Castaic Towne Center and proposed in prospectus.<br />Eddie Norward Jr. Chairman/C.E.O <br />-495300-447675<br />-47625-581025<br />190504739005<br />