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Living in Costa Rica in the largest development for north Americans. Costa Rica real estate, Costa Rica property, Costa Rica retirement for baby boomers, Pacific Lots of Costa Rica, international living, living abroad, americans living overseas

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  • In this presentation I’m going to show you why foreigners are choosing Costa Rica for a comfortable and stable retirement, investment and vacation home.
  • In my very own VW bus. Yeah, my wife likes playing around with Photoshop.
  • I’ll start my story at the tender age of 18. Remember those days when you felt that you knew everything? Here I am in Mexico. I’ve always had wanderlust and for many, many years have wanted to own a piece of property outside of the United States. I wanted a place away from the rat race, where the climate was milder than my home state of Massachusetts and where my money would go much further. My very first explorations took me from Boston to Mexico.
  • I’d say it was certainly an adventure and I didn’t find what I was looking for but I kept looking, never missing a brewery tour.
  • Then I grew up and got married. Awww
  • Together we explored many of the places that have attracted expats: I’ve been an international living reader since the newsletter was a two page typed letter from and IBM selectric and mailed in a business envelope. Puerto Vallarta, Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic, San Miguel Allende
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama, Thailand
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador, Hawaii, Nicaragua. Yes, I know Hawaii is in the US. In ways it feels like another world.
  • Costa Rica. Do you see the trend? It’s obvious but we didn’t catch it right away. We just loved Costa Rica and kept wanting to go back and explore. So in 2005 we took the leap and bought our first piece of property there.
  • This is my daughter, Alex, on our land in Tres Rios. We found the part of the country that we felt was the most beautiful and the best value. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a bit about the country for those of you who are unfamiliar with Costa Rica.
  • Beach
  • Playa at sunset
  • Fauna (frog)
  • Scarlet Macaws
  • Lots of activities in the area, diving, surfing, kayaking, fishing
  • River
  • Whale’s tale beach
  • According to Transparency International, Costa Rica, is one of the highest scoring countries in Latin America in the fight against corruption.
  • Numerous US Companies have a strong presence in Costa Rica.
  • Intel is the largest employer. The largest chip manufacturing plant in the world is located there.
  • According to the World Economic Forum, Costa Rica has moved up 4 spots in the Global Competitiveness. Costa Rica, at 55th place, outranked its neighbors Panama (63rd) and Nicaragua (115th).
  • Costa Rica’s economy is based on the colon. It’s not based on the dollar.
  • Infrastructure is improving at an increasing rate. This is the new Caldera highway to the coast which opened at the end of January.
  • For those of you who may be dozing off I think this is important.
  • The best 3 hospitals in Costa Rica Hospital CIMA - Accredited by the JCI on May 2008. CIMA is also certified by the ISO and was the first hospital that was certified for Quality Processes by the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica.
  • Hospital Clinica Biblica Accredited by the JCI on October 2007. It was built in 1929 by American missionaries and has grown into a high-quality medical facility with a capacity of 120 inpatients and 5000 outpatients per day. They have a dedicated Medical Tourism department with English and Spanish fluent staff and employees.
  • Hospital La Catolica Accredited by the JCI on June 2009. The hospital recently built new infrastructures on top of its newly remodeled facilities which boast of its own high class hotel located within the confines of the medical facilities.
  • Taxes in Costa Rica 1.45 per 1k in Key West 9.17 per 1k. 300k home 435 yearly tax in Costa Rica vs 2751 in Key West
  • Sample ocean view from a lot
  • Sample ocean view
  • Sample ocean view
  • Sample mountain view
  • Homes nestled in mountains
  • We don’t offer cookie cutter homes, every one suits each owner’s tastes.
  • When looking back at life it’s not usually what we did that we regret, it’s what we didn’t do.
  • Why costa rica 2013

    1. 1. Costa Rica
    2. 2. When just 17 years old, I graduated high school early, bought an oldcar and left Boston on the 2ndof January, 1974, to explore the world.I ended up driving as far as Guatemala, returning to Boston on the2ndof April. I’d discovered a lust for travel. (some photo shop work)
    3. 3. Here I am in the Maria Isabela Sheraton in Mexico City in 1974
    4. 4. I operated a jewelry manufacturing businesswhile in college based in Taxco, Mexico and Iliked to tour breweries when I traveled.
    5. 5. I’m A Baby Boomer!
    6. 6. After Graduate School, I decided I was tired ofShoveling Snow each winter in Boston
    7. 7. So we moved to Key West, Florida in 1999
    8. 8. We thought we were all set in Key West
    9. 9. Then came 6 years of very active hurricane seasons
    10. 10. Key West in 2005Hurricane Wilma
    11. 11. With Insurance now costing us over $13,000 peryear, we decided we needed a retirement “Plan B”
    12. 12. We looked around the States at our options
    13. 13. Puerto Vallarta,MexicoAmbergris Caye,BelizeAnd started looking aroundinternationally
    14. 14. Costa Rica
    15. 15. Dominican Republic San MiguelAllende, Mexico
    16. 16. Costa Rica
    17. 17. Panama Thailand
    18. 18. Costa Rica
    19. 19. HawaiiEcuadorNicaragua
    20. 20. Costa Rica
    21. 21. The Greek Isles Spain IrelandParisEnglandItaly
    22. 22. We finally decided that Costa Ricawas the place for us!
    23. 23. Our first piece of property in Costa Rica
    24. 24. Costa Rica is in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama
    25. 25. It’s about the size of West Virginia
    26. 26. Costa Rica is less than a 2 ½ hour direct flight fromMiami. Nearly every major US airline flies there.
    27. 27. Home to 4 million residents
    28. 28. It’s also home to 100,000 foreigners
    29. 29. Including more than 50,000 North Americans
    30. 30. Tap water is safe to drink in Costa Rica
    31. 31. The country contains more than 100 types offerns, 1,000 orchards and 2000 kinds of trees.
    32. 32. 27% of the country is protected land.
    33. 33. Costa Rica is home to a dizzying array of fauna.ToucansTree Frogs Blue Morpho ButterfliesMore than 50 kinds ofHummingbirds
    34. 34. Humpback WhalesOlive Ridley TurtlesSquirrel MonkeysSloths
    35. 35. 860 bird species reside in Costa Rica;including the spectacular Scarlet Macaw.More than in the US and Canada combined.
    36. 36. Arenal VolcanoSouth Pacific Coast BeachLa Paz WaterfallCosta Rica is loaded withNatural WondersDiving off Cocos Island
    37. 37. San Jose National TheaterCartago Cathedral CasinosAnd man-made ones
    38. 38. And for those of us who prefer to relax.
    39. 39. There’s lots to do since tourism is the number
    40. 40. The temperature in the southern Pacificaverages 81˚ year round.
    41. 41. “Green Season”, the local’s favorite, is fromMay until November. The mornings aresunny and late afternoon showers are typical.
    42. 42. It’s a country with little government corruption.And a very healthy economy.
    43. 43. The US is Costa Rica’s largest trading partner.Intel is the largest employer.
    44. 44. The country has a high GlobalCompetitiveness ranking.
    45. 45. Costa Rica uses the colon astheir currency, not the dollar.
    46. 46. Infrastructureis improvingrapidly.
    47. 47. The CoastalHighway nowThe CoastalHighway in 2009
    48. 48. Costa Rica is a Democracy guaranteeing rights for residents andforeigners alike. Freedom of speech, press and assembly areexercised daily.The government consists of three branches:Executive: Costa Rica’s President, Laura ChinchillaLegislature: 57 elected officials responsible for laws and taxes (39%are women).Judicial: 22 Supreme Court magistrates.
    49. 49. Costa Rica, a peaceful country, neutral for200 years, was the first country in the worldto constitutionally abolish its army.
    50. 50. Focusing spending on Education (boasting a 96% literacy rate)spending instead oneducationCosta Rica is proudof a 96% literacyrate among itscitizens; among thehighest in LatinAmericaand…
    51. 51. High Quality, Low Cost National Healthcare(nearly free to residents, about $125 per month)Most physicians are trained in the US and Europeand speak several languages including English.
    52. 52. Cost of an outpatient visit in Costa Rica isapproximately $70; in the US it’s $366
    53. 53. Costa Rica is a Popular Health TourismDesitination
    54. 54. HospitalCIMAThe 3 BestHospitals in CostaRica include:
    55. 55. Hospital ClinicaBiblica
    56. 56. Hospital La Catolica
    57. 57. The pace of lifeis slower.Perhaps that’swhy CostaRicans have alonger life spanthan those inthe US.
    58. 58. Fresh, pesticide free produce and meatsare abundant and inexpensive.
    59. 59. Surprisingly;world class,gourmetrestaurantsabound in ourcommunity.
    60. 60. Foreigners have the same right to propertyownership as Costa Ricans do.
    61. 61. Property ownership is Fee Simple.Title Insurance is readily available.
    62. 62. Taxes are very low; approx. $1.95 per $1000 in valueA home valued at $200k owes only $390 per year!
    63. 63. Home insurance is approximately $387yearly for a home worth $200,000.
    64. 64. Costa Rica is situated belowthe hurricane belt
    65. 65. This was the parking lot of Sears inKey West right near our house in 2005
    66. 66. Costa Rica does not sell ocean frontproperty, keeping their beaches public
    67. 67. Our community is located on the southernPacific coast of Costa Rica.
    68. 68. Easily accessible via a paved road fromSan Jose, or a short commuter flight.
    69. 69. This is the new Calderatoll road completed lastyear that cut the drivefrom San Jose to thecoast by nearly an hour.The toll from end to endis less than $4.00 US
    70. 70. This is the new coastal highway,also completed last year.
    71. 71. Great property appreciation
    72. 72. Buying ahead of the trend is best
    73. 73. Recently expanded Juan Santa Maria Airport in San Jose
    74. 74. OjochalNew airportshistoricallybring greatpropertyappreciation.
    75. 75. OjochalPlans are nowin place to builda newinternationalairport justsouth of ourproject.
    76. 76. The new Hospital De Osa opened in 2008, an80,000 sq. ft., 88 bed facility right near us!
    77. 77. Plenty of new commercial development in the region
    78. 78. Plenty of new commercial development in the region
    79. 79. Golf, Bowling, NFL ticket, Sports Bar, Pool Hall, All in our Area!
    80. 80. Shopping in Costa Rica includes nearly all you can ask for
    81. 81. TaxesTaxes in Costa RicaProperty tax is approx. $1.45 per $1000 in declaredvalue for property under $200kProperty tax is $1.95 per $1000 over $200kGraduated tax on income from inside the countryNo tax on Income from outside the countryNo capital gains taxSales tax is 13% and is not charged on professionalservices like lawyers, doctors, dentists, etcThere is a hotel tax (room tax)There is an airport departure tax of $28 per person
    82. 82. We offer Ocean and Mountain view homesites. Prices start at only $40,000.
    83. 83. We have a brand new marina just north of us in Queposand a new golf course within minutes of our
    84. 84. Example of Ocean View
    85. 85. Example of Mountain View
    86. 86. Part of our Chontales Development totaling over 2200 acres
    87. 87. All of our home sites come complete withroads, water and electricity on the lot.
    88. 88. We will build your luxury home starting at$100 per square foot.
    89. 89. You may also choose to build your ownhome, hire any builder of your choice, or optto simply hold the land as an investment.
    90. 90. Some of the homes we’ve built$145,000 including land$350k including land and pool$260k including land and pool $290k including land and pool
    91. 91. Hand craftedwoodwork isincluded
    92. 92. We make our own vinyl or aluminum windows,doors, sliding doors, granite counters, hardwoodcustom cabinets, wrought iron, sliders, everything
    93. 93. Every home wascustom designed.UNTIL NOW
    94. 94. We’ve recently released a new Home Package DealThe project consists of 80 home sites and a common pool and socialareaWe are offering 3 two bedroom models in three sizesPricing land and home from $150,000 to $220,000 completeWe can deliver these Units in Six MonthsIntroductory pricing is only good through December 31st, 2013Payment Terms:A $10,000 deposit will hold a unit, we will finance, or pay 100% ofbalance and we’ll have you living in the house in 6 months or less.These units will sell fast….
    95. 95. Club House - Outdoor Community Area, Pool and Grills
    96. 96. We also offer full rental managementservices allowing you to earn income whileyour property appreciates.
    97. 97. Our community offers numerous restaurants,grocery stores, heath care services, hotels,schools and shopping opportunities.
    98. 98. Fresh baked goods & organic dairy products
    99. 99. Ticos (Costa Ricans), Americans, Canadians, French,Dutch, German, Students, Retirees, Professionals,Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Bakers, Families….The people of our community include…
    100. 100. Here is our 8 room guest house that we use forour tours. We cater to all culinary requirements!
    101. 101. Visit Us to Find Out MoreSee the Front Page of our websitewww.PacificLots.comor the “Visit Us” page on our website:For Dates of Our Upcoming4 day “Discovery Property Tour” at only $299 ppor our7 day “Country and Property Tour” at $1500 percouple or $1000 per person (single room)See why our property tours continue to sell out!We have NO SALES PRESENTATION
    102. 102. Tour Costa Rica on one of our all inclusive 4day property tours for only $299 per person
    103. 103. “See You Soon in Costa Rica”Pura Vida = Pure Life