Moo's excellent adventure - How our cat spent his summer vacation - Funny


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Our pet cat Moo takes a crazy vacation in Massachusetts, driving from Key West, Florida. He'd was a home boy and had never left the town of Key West, or even the block. This was a big adventure for him, he loved it.

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Moo's excellent adventure - How our cat spent his summer vacation - Funny

  1. 1. Day one, Seidenberg Ave, Key West, FL: “My ears are back for a reason”
  2. 2. Day two, hotel room: “Do you think they'll find me under this bedskirt?”
  3. 3. Day two, car: “I am not getting back in that box!”
  4. 4. Day three, cheap hotel: “This isn't too bad. You can have the other side.”
  5. 5. Day three, car: “Let me see if I can crawl out the back window. I'm ok with living in New Jersey.”
  6. 6. Day four, the Island: “Don't make me step on that grass. It looks weird.”
  7. 7. “There's nothing like a refreshing sip of rainwater.”
  8. 8. “Back away from the mouse. He's mine!”
  9. 9. “I think I'm getting the hang of this grass now.”
  10. 10. Time for a little grooming on the grill.
  11. 11. “OMG, what is that thing?!”
  12. 12. “I think I'll check it out.”
  13. 13. “It smells funny.”
  14. 14. “That „wet paint‟ sign doesn't apply to me does it?”
  15. 15. “No, I don't recognize those paw prints on the floor.”
  16. 16. “I'm having lots of fun bringing Dad critters home to chase around the house. He loves playing that game with me.”
  17. 17. “And, I'm doing excellent on my scavenger hunt.”
  18. 18. “44 degrees for a low? What the ?#@*&%!”
  19. 19. “I've become quite famous. The paparazzi loves me. No autographs please.”
  20. 20. “I'm super brave now and going off to explore the woods.”
  21. 21. “On second thought, it looks quite scary out there.”
  22. 22. “If I lose my collar one more time Mom has threatened to put this one on me. Embarrassing…..”
  23. 23. “She calls this my chewing mat”
  24. 24. “I wonder why.”
  25. 25. “My Key West friend, Ooh La La came to visit me.”
  26. 26. “Noooooooooo!!!!”
  27. 27. “I am NOT pleased!”
  28. 28. “I'm going to hide under the seat for the entire ride home.”
  29. 29. “Ahh, now that I‟m a star I‟ll only stay in 5 star hotels.”
  30. 30. The End
  31. 31. • Executive Director: Kristina Welburn • Producer: Kristina Welburn • Photographers: Kristina Welburn Stephen Linder • Editor: Kristina Welburn • Key Grip: Steve Linder • Fancy Feast Caterer: Nina Otto • Makeup Artist: Are you kidding it‟s summer camp. We don‟t wear makeup! • Guest Appearance: Karen “Ooh La La” Grant * Many, many animals were harmed in the making of this documentary.