Costa Rica Retirement, Vacation Rental, Real Estate, Property Tour 2014

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Costa Rica Retirement, Vacation Rental, Real Estate, Property Tour 2014



Many baby boomers will run out of money in retirement. Here's a great slide show on why so many North Americans are choosing to retire, relocate or purchase vacation or rental property in Costa Rica. ...

Many baby boomers will run out of money in retirement. Here's a great slide show on why so many North Americans are choosing to retire, relocate or purchase vacation or rental property in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a long standing history of attraction to North Americans. As a low cost and healthy option to the US, Costa Rica provides an affordable and safe option for baby boomers who are struggling to afford the quality of life they deserve in retirement. Best of all, strong rental demand in Costa Rica makes it easy to rent your property to have it pay for itself when you are not using it. Learn about our inexpensive Costa Rica property tour options, an all inclusive 4 day tour for just $299.



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Costa Rica Retirement, Vacation Rental, Real Estate, Property Tour 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Me at 18 Years Old In Mexico City
  • 2. Who is Steve Linder & why should you care? • Steve knows international living options • Steve is an endorsed and sought after speaker about options on living abroad • Steve owns both investment and residential property abroad • Steve has led 1000’s of people on property tours • Pacific Lots is approved by AARP to sell to their audience • Steve knows what baby boomers are looking for • Steve has worked with International Living for nearly 10 years, sponsoring events and as a keynote speaker • Steve knows the pros and cons in many countries of interest
  • 3. We have a lot of choices where to live Costa Rica Tops our List
  • 4. Some Choices are Better than Others Can you guess which one is Costa Rica?
  • 5. On Average a person spends 20 years in retirement Many of us will outlive our retirement nest-egg
  • 6. Costa Rica is in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama
  • 7. Costa Rica is situated below the hurricane belt
  • 8. Every Major US Carrier Flies there except Southwest, keeping flights affordable. Only 2 hours 20 minutes from Miami
  • 9. Home to 4.7 million residents
  • 10. It’s also home to 110,000 foreigners
  • 11. Including more than 60,000 North Americans
  • 12. The country contains more than 100 types of ferns, 1,000 orchards and 2000 kinds of trees
  • 13. Tourism is the #1 source of income
  • 14. Costa Rica is home to a dizzying array of fauna. Toucans Tree Frogs Blue Morpho Butterflies Over 50 kinds of Hummingbirds
  • 15. Humpback WhalesOlive Ridley TurtlesSquirrel Monkeys Sloths National Geographic wrote that Costa Rica contains over 5% of the world’s biodiversity yet is only .02 of 1% of the earth’s landmass Anteaters
  • 16. 860 bird species reside in Costa Rica; More than in the US and Canada combined.
  • 17. Arenal Volcano South Pacific Coast Beach La Paz Waterfall Costa Rica is loaded with Natural Wonders Diving off Cocos Island
  • 18. Costa Rica, a peaceful country, neutral for 200 years, was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army. Spending instead on education, conservation & healthcare
  • 19. spending instead on education Costa Rica is proud of a 97% literacy rate among its citizens; among the highest in Latin America and…
  • 20. High Quality, Low Cost Healthcare (nearly free to residents) Ranked higher than the US by WHO
  • 21. Over 27% of the entire country is National Park, preserve or protected land
  • 22. Costa Rica has consistently been ranked as the Happiest Place on Earth.
  • 23. Rated as the highest country in Latin America for quality of life.
  • 24. There’s lots of outdoor activities and plenty of beaches to walk on
  • 25. You won’t be bored
  • 26. It’s a country with little government corruption. And a very healthy economy.
  • 27. The US is Costa Rica’s largest trading partner. 25 of the Top Fortune 50 have facilities there
  • 28. Costa Rica uses the Colon as their currency, not the Dollar.
  • 29. It’s easy to bring your pets with you
  • 30. You only need a $1000 in income per month per couple to qualify for their pensionado “retirement” program
  • 31. Foreigners have the same right to property ownership as Costa Ricans do.
  • 32. Property ownership is deeded and fee simple. Title Insurance is readily available.
  • 33. There’s no capital gains tax in Costa Rica.
  • 34. Fresh, pesticide free produce, seafood & meats are abundant and inexpensive
  • 35. Tap water is safe to drink in Costa Rica
  • 36. The pace of life is slower. Perhaps that’s why Costa Ricans have a longer life span than those in the US. Pura Vida = Pure Life
  • 37. There’s no tax on income from outside of the country.
  • 38. Rental Income opportunities are excellent since currently demand exceeds supply for much of the year.
  • 39. What Makes A Great Property? Paying for your Retirement Home with Rental Income! Using high yields, low carrying costs and high occupancy
  • 40. Property Taxes are very low; $1.95 per $1000 in value A home valued at $200k pays only $390 per year!
  • 41. Home insurance is approximately $397 annually for a home worth $200,000
  • 42. Benefits of Chill Weekends • Compare Countries and Locations • Experience the Accessibility • Sense the Climate and Geography • Identify the Lifestyle • Meet the People living there, expats and locals • See the Options for Retirement and Rental Income • Know the Amenities, hospitals, golf, activities, dining, social, ocean, mountain, nature & more
  • 43. Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Why Pacific Lots of Costa Rica is your best choice for Chill Weekends
  • 44. The temperature in the southern Pacific averages 81˚ year round.
  • 45. We have a large Expat Community
  • 46. We have a brand new marina an hour north of us in Quepos and a new golf course within minutes of our developments
  • 47. We offer Ocean and Mountain view home sites. Prices start at only $40,000.
  • 48. Example of an Ocean View
  • 49. Part of our Chontales Development totaling over 2200 acres
  • 50. All of our home sites come complete with roads, water and electricity on the lot.
  • 51. Transaction Costs can be high when purchasing property abroad We pay all the closing costs other than to set up the holding corporation
  • 52. We will build your luxury home at $100 per square foot
  • 53. You may also choose to build your own home, hire any builder of your choice, or opt to simply hold the land as an investment.
  • 54. Some of the homes we’ve built $145,000 including land $350k including land and pool $260k including land and pool $290k including land and pool
  • 55. Hand crafted woodwork is included
  • 56. We make all our cabinets, counters, windows doors, ironwork, etc. in our own shop
  • 57. This is David and Helene’s home
  • 58. This is Russ and Cindy’s home
  • 59. We’ll build the pool of your dreams
  • 60. Every home is custom designed but we did recently release a “cookie cutter” development
  • 61. These three standard models include: •Land •Granite Counters •Nice cabinetry •AC in both bedrooms • Landscape & Hardscape •Priced from $150,000 to $230,000 •(not including appliances or furnishings) •Furnishing packages are available
  • 62. We also offer full rental management services allowing you to earn income while your property appreciates.
  • 63. Due to low cost of ownership and operation, rental yields are excellent
  • 64. You can purchase property using your 401k, IRA or other retirement savings We also offer financing with 20% down
  • 65. Plenty of new commercial development in the region indicates a strong and growing market
  • 66. Our community offers numerous restaurants, grocery stores, a new hospital, hotels, schools and shopping opportunities.
  • 67. Surprisingly cosmopolitan restaurants
  • 68. • Watermelon – 75¢ per Kilo • Tomato - 80¢ per Kilo • Lemons - 5¢ each • Carrots - 50¢ per Kilo • Pineapple - 80¢ per Kilo • Papaya - 45¢ per Kilo • Cucumbers - 70¢ per Kilo • Zucchini - 20¢ each • Onions - 50¢ per Kilo • Mangos - 50¢ per Kilo • Bananas - 60¢ for a bunch • Strawberries - $1.50 ½ Kilo One Kilo = 2.2 Pounds
  • 69. Fresh baked goods delivered daily
  • 70. Our 4 day tour includes Airport Pickup and Drop Off, Hotel on the Day of your Arrival, Transport to the Southern Pacific Region, all tours, 3 nights lodging, meals and beverages including beer and wine – for just $299 pp
  • 71. Hotel Martino
  • 72. Here is our 8 room guest house that we use for our tours. We cater to all culinary requirements!
  • 73. Healthy Organic & Local Ingredients
  • 74. Tour Costa Rica on one of our all inclusive 4 day property tours for only $299 per person, if you buy, we give you a $1000 travel credit Buy and Fly Free
  • 75. You’ll meet some local expats as well as other people interested In living or owning property outside the US
  • 76. Don’t worry, there’s no sales presentation
  • 77. Upcoming 4 day discovery tour dates - $299 PP May 22 – 25 (sold out) June 1 – 4 June 4 – 7 (sold out) June 8 – 11 RETA only June 11- 14 June 14 – 17 July 2 - 5 July 14 – 17 (before IL Costa Rica event) July 17 – 20 (before IL event) July 24 – 27 (after IL event) July 26 - 29 (after IL event) August 1 – 4 August 6 – 9 August 21 – 24 August 28 – August 31 (labor day tour) More Dates to Follow Watch our website for dates as they are added!
  • 78. Factors Driving Demand • Tourism, Marketing Efforts by the Country • Population & Income Growth - Local Market • Retirement Destination, Vacation Homes • Heath Care Options – Health Tourism • Return on Investment – Rental Income, Appreciation • Price versus Quality, Cost of Living, Lifestyle • Seasonality, Climate, Location • Visa Restrictions, Residency Requirements, Exit Strategy • Low Risk: Political, Social, Environmental, Economic • Publicity, Expat Digests, Real Estate Firms, HGTV
  • 79. Pioneer or a Follower • There are plenty of others like me there already • There are resources and support mechanisms • We are welcomed by both expats and Costa Ricans • There are government benefits, pensionado programs • Banking and real estate services are readily available • Services are inexpensive; rental management maid, cook, gardener, maintenance person • There are very few restrictions, making it easy to do
  • 80. Profile of Visitors and Owners • Many are baby boomers looking for quality of life • They are concerned about the environment • They come from around the world • They are affluent • They want to get/stay healthy and active • They want healthy food stocks & sustainability • Demand is increasing
  • 81. Ownership is Easy and Inexpensive • Property Tax and other Tax Burdens are minimal • Insurance is very inexpensive • Utilities are reasonable, electric is from renewable resources – hydroelectric, geo-thermal and wind • Property Management and Maintenance is available and inexpensive • We provide full services, banking, residency, etc • We offer financing on land with 20% down • HOA fees are VERY low at $30/month on average • We are selling out phases and good view lots
  • 82. Other Important Factors • #1 is Safety for me and my investment Costa Rica has very little Risk, for both expats and their property. 120 Americans were killed in Mexico in 2012 while only 2 were killed in Costa Rica in the same year. Costa Rica one of the oldest democracies in the Americas and there is little social dissent, economic or political turmoil. The US is their largest trade partner. Direct foreign investment in Costa Rica is a major economic force.
  • 83. Rental Income Tax, Capital Gains & Property Tax - A Comparison Rental Income Tax* Property Tax Capital Gains • Mexico 5% 0.1% 25% • Panama varies 2.1%* 10% • Ecuador 22% 0.1% 0% • Belize 3% 1.0% 0% • Costa Rica 10% 0.1% 0% • Brazil 15% 1.0% 25% • Dominican Republic 29% 1.0% 29% * Some countries exempt a portion of rental income, Panama may waive property tax for expats
  • 84. “When looking back at life it’s not usually what we did that we regret, it’s what we didn’t do.”