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User Generated Content In India User Generated Content In India Presentation Transcript

  • User Generated Content Based Business Model in India A Discussion about By Prashant Singh Email:pacificleo-AT-Gmail-Dot-Com
  • Who AM I ? Program Manager @ Monsoon Multimedia , Internet & Mobile Enthusiast, Blogger , Coordinator Mobile Monday Delhi, Coordinator Of iFix Delhi , aspiring Entrepreneur ....... What this Discussion is about ?? Problems of User Generated Content[UGC] Based Business in India and Possible Solutions
  • What is User Generated Content ? "User generated content (UGC) , refers to various kinds of media content, publicly available, that are produced by end-users. ……..user generated content may also employ a combination of open source, free software, and flexible licensing to further diminish the barriers to collaboration, skill-building and discovery.“ ~Wikipedia P2P,Bit Torrent User Provided Content Flickr,YouTube User Uploaded Content Wikipedia ,Blogs, User Generated Content
  • Global Leaders in UGC Misc Slashdot, Digg, Reddit News Blogger, WordPress, SixApart, Vox Blogs Threadless , Zazzel, E Commerce Slide Widget Scribd Document Sharing Bookmark Flickr,Photobucket Photo Sharing You Tube,, MetaCafe, Google Video Video WikiPedia , Yahoo Answers Knowledge Sharing
  • Indian Players in UGC
  • Consumer Internet in India : Some Numbers
    • Number of PC in India =23 PCs / 1000 Indians.
    • Number of Internet Users = Approx 40-45 Million
    • Number of Mobile handset = 200 million, Growth rate of 8 Million/Month.
    • Number of GPRS/WAP Subscribers =38 Million, including walled garden users.
    • Size of Mobile VAS Market =Rs. 2,889 Crore.
    • 2.4 million E-Commerce users & 7.5 Million Chat users in the 26 cities.
    • Internet penetration in India is 3.9% & it is expected to go up to 5.8% by 2010.
    • 46 % of the Internet Access is from CyberCafe
    • Most of the corporate provide restricted or monitored internet access to the employees
  • A Rapidly Growing World Class Media Sharing community from India Traffic from India - 3-4% of overall traffic Content uploaded from India - 5-6 % DesiMartini :An Indian Soc Nw. Success Story, had 2.5 Lakh Users at the time of being acquired by HT Media Flickr views from India = 2-3 % Flickr users from India =less than 2% India Network at Facebook have 3,30,575 Users Lets check Wikipedia Stats: For Hindi( HN) , Tamil (TA) ,Bengali(BN), Marathi (MR) Indian startups profiled on TC : Slideshare, Riya, Zoho, Live Documents, Toufee WEB 2.0 : Participation Statistics
  • Analysis of Blogging Scene in India Geographic distribution of user base of [ A Google Company]
  • Demographic distribution of user base of [ A Google Company] Why there is a drop in participation at Age 31-40 Years Age Group ?
  • Industry wise Distribution of Bogglers in India   Copyright issue, /monetization .Extensive measurement Confidentiality issue . Free Rider Poor Infra. High Cost, Lack of immediate Application Poor Infra. High Cost, Lack of immediate Application Cost, Monitored Access Monitored Access, Conflict of interest HR issue Repackaging content To & For Mainstream Demonstrating Expertise ,Building an Identity Relevance to Job Immediate Reward Gaining Knowledge, Vanity users Enterprise Branding, Sharing Best practices Free Content, Dating , Asserting Soc Persona in peer group Open Source, Collaboration, Troubleshooting, Vanity users 3.2 % 3.6% 4% 4.2% 12.8% 16.3 % 20 % Media Consulting Internet Education Engineering Student Tech
  • Some Expert Remarks “ I think people are wasting their time on Web 2.0 in India.” ~Avnish Bajaj , Matrix Partners “ social internet is waiting to be discovered in India. And like any other business, the customer is a good place to start from”. ~Alok Mittal , Executive Director, Canaan Partners In Dotcom boom of 90s internet penetration was very little still there were 20 + site on cricket today same can be said about Social networking & Airline Booking. ~Economic Times
  • Unsung Heroes: Early Birds who don’t call them UGC Where actually content is being created Now Some good News : In spite of all these numbers Content is being created
  • Problems in Implementing UGC Model in India Infrastructure Friction for Content Creation & consumption Prohibitive Cost of Owning a PC Poor or Nonexistent Broadband in most of the cities . Majority of Internet Access is still from Cyber Café . Not an Ideal setting for content creation and consumption . Good News Very High Mobile Phone Usage, Falling Cost of High end device , extreme adaptation at using SMS ,comfortable to pay for content over mobile . Low cost Internet enabled PC from Novatium @ Rs 4500. Cost Subsidized by Advertisement + Content Lack of payment infrastructure and capability , User don’t have Credit Card and are not comfortable to use it online @Box, a sub-$100 computing device from I-Chip .
  • Bit Torrent : Mindset Friction for Content Creation Point to remember :India has cheapest internet access rate in world and Cyber law are not enforced strictly Are we the World’s Biggest Free Riders? ~V RAGHUNATHAN in
  • Friction in Content Creation Due to Platform itself Lack of Support toward creating local language content .Internet is still an English only Phenomena. WORDPRESS OR GIZMODO: Choosing the right battle Adding something to conversation comes before starting conversation Personal Value Precedes Network (Social) Value: Is your service valuable to someone even if nobody else uses it?
  • Friction for Content Creation due to the way service is being Promoted LEWIN’S EQUATION B=ƒ(P,E) Behavior is a function of the Person & his or her Environment
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  • Throw Money Get User ………… .Rudaali …………
  • Monetization of UGC Everything to be free on internet. But User is comfortable paying for content on mobile . Advertisement is still the de facto Biz Model Citizen Journalism : UGC as a Starting Point for mainstream media Focus Group Study :Conversational Survey/Questionnaire Comment Aggregation in Blogs Tapping in to Collective Creativity of Masses :, Sulekha-Penguin Global Writer Contest : UGC for Mainstream Publication Size of Advertisement Industry in India = $3 Billlion Share of Internet Advertisement is just $100 Million & its Growing @75% Annually .
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