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Techi2 tyconahemdabad ver1


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  • 1. DemystifyingMobile Apps Ecosystem
  • 2. Co Founder : SignalsCo Founder : Mobile Monday DelhiPart of Team at Spice Labs, Monsoon Multimedia.Ideation
  • 3. What this talk is about ?
  • 4. TechiesToTycoon
  • 5. • No Silver Bullet• Hindsight Wisdom: This is What Worked for us• My Views Not of My Company or Our Partners
  • 6. IdeationHow to pick up the right idea to work upon ?
  • 7. Pre requisite:Team : Technology MUST be in-house . Never Outsource.Operating CASH for One YearLive In Problem Space for few months.
  • 8. A Case Study in Need Estimation
  • 9. Need EstimationObservation :News Volume = User Interest
  • 10. Conclusion : Demand is universal. All User are App Savvy.Observation :Nokia Rich Countries Search for Nokia AppNeed Estimation
  • 11. Other Technique:Ask the OEM App Store Guys for Gap in Content.Google Predictive Search Suggestion.BAR Test .( Difficult to do in Ahmedabad)Online SurveyGeographic Clone & Platform Clone are good ideas.
  • 12. Need Identified?
  • 13. Test AssignmentInstagram For Windows Phone ?Instapaper For Windows Phone ?Flipboard For Windows Phone ?
  • 14. Product ManagementHow to pick right feature & ship the damn thing .
  • 15. Decision FrameworkYour Decision Framework don’t give you answer. It’s a forcingfunction which put a process in place to thinkabout product.
  • 16. Qualities of Good RoadmapBased On right mix of DATA & Believes.Cohesive with Team Skill and Resources.Responsive to Market Dynamics.Clear about bets you are making.NO Knee Jerk Reactions
  • 17. © Kenton Kivestu
  • 18. © Kenton KivestuWhat Customersare doing inyour product?What CompetitionIs doing right ?What CustomersAre asking For ?What youwant to Build ?And Why ?
  • 19. © Kenton Kivestu
  • 20. Case StudyPinterest Vs Facebook WallThere are no Right Answer in Product Management
  • 21. Test AssignmentShould Facebook Introduce Dislike Button?
  • 22. Discovery and DistributionBuild it and Will They Come ?
  • 23. App Store Dynamics
  • 24. In Plain English .
  • 25. Case StudyFree Vs Paid App Featuring PriorityHow Bloon Made it to Top5 ?
  • 26. MonetizationThinking of Pricing Model and Price Point
  • 27. Four Quadrant of PricingHow to Monetize Vs When to Monetize ?
  • 28. Four Quadrant of PricingQuadrant 1 : Games, Studio /portfolio approach,
  • 29. Four Quadrant of PricingQuadrant 2 : Platform and Advertisement
  • 30. Four Quadrant of PricingQuadrant 3: Utility Quadrant
  • 31. Four Quadrant of PricingQuadrant 4: Branding Quadrant
  • 32. LessonsWhich I Learned Hard Way
  • 33. What We Believe at SignalsThere is no substitute of having a good product.There is a fine line between perseverance and being stupid.Learn from everyone but contextualize it for your product .Avoid cynics .Their Advise is actually their biography.Between Culture and Competency . Culture always win.Take Risk :Mediocrity kills you by thousand cuts .
  • 34. Prashant SinghCo-Founder, Signals.Email :prashant@thesignals.netCell: +91-9910270434Skype /Gtalk/Twitter: pacificleoFeel Free to contact me at
  • 35. Thanks .