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Emarketing For Entrepreneurs The Elusive Web 20 Fact Or Fiction 20767

Emarketing For Entrepreneurs The Elusive Web 20 Fact Or Fiction 20767






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    Emarketing For Entrepreneurs The Elusive Web 20 Fact Or Fiction 20767 Emarketing For Entrepreneurs The Elusive Web 20 Fact Or Fiction 20767 Presentation Transcript

    • The Elusive Web 2.0 Fact or Fiction? Presented by: Tony Pietrocola
    • 1 active marketing interactive Web 2.0 allows you to reach your audience with better measurement , more granular targeting and opportunities for collaboration and viral sharing -- Wall Street Journal
    • Ask yourself…
      • Is my web presence Customer Centric? example
      • Does it Motivate my audience? example
      • Is my site being used to its fullest Collaborative Potential ? example
      • It’s all about one thing: The Customer Experience
      • Remember Ronald Reagan and the Pony!
      2 active marketing interactive
    • What exactly is Web 2.0
      • Web 2.0 is a nebulous catchall to identify the newest generation of Internet
      • collaboration, such as: MySpace, FaceBook, Flickr, Wikipedia and YouTube.
      • An honest conversation driven by mass not the other way.
      • The very notion that Web 2.0 is anything tangible is fiction.
      • It’s about connecting.
      • It’s about collaborative content and redefining customer experience.
      3 “ If it’s cool, it’s probably Web 2.0.” active marketing interactive
    • Web 2.0 is about connecting
      • Allow end users to be part of a like minded community and have a voice.
      • It’s no longer just about You it’s truly about your Customers.
      • C-level decision makers are looking for exchange of ideas and openness.
      • Let the more credible community vouch for your products and services.
      • Direct conversations with consumers
      9 active marketing interactive
    • Web 2.0 benefits businesses
      • There will continue to be major innovations that will forever change the way
      • companies interact with their customers – blogs, RSS, social communities.
      • Brands like General Motors, Ford, Whirlpool and Maytag are increasingly using
      • the Web to present and sell their products, as well as to talk to and listen to their
      • customers i.e. influence buying decisions.
      • With 200 million Americans online, no company can afford to overlook the
      • Internet as a way to connect with its customers. 
      • The key is to find the right mix of interaction that fits your business to inform,
      • brand and market to your customers while providing a social forum.
      • Easier sell – they are learning and being sold by more credible peers not by you.
      4 active marketing interactive
    • Benefits of Web 2.0
      • Inexpensive
      • Mass Appeal
      • Viral networking
      • Easily segment
      • Brand building
      • New channel to influence customers
      • Community of users creates additional value
      • Differentiation means more sales
      13 active marketing interactive
    • What they are saying
      • 60% of mid-size businesses are investing in Web 2.0
      • They are investing in…
        • Collective Intelligence 48%
        • Social Networking 37%
        • RSS 35%
        • Podcasts 35%
        • Blogs 35%
      • While industry investment looks like:
        • Retail 77%
        • Technology 74%
        • Financial 63%
        • Healthcare 53%
        • MFG 48%
      • Why:
        • Better customer experience
        • Collaboration
        • Easy and inexpensive to enter new markets
        • Brand differentiation
      • Source: McKinsey Global Survey 2007
      5 active marketing interactive
    • Why marketers are investing in Web 2.0 E-marketer 2007 Survey 6 active marketing interactive
    • Who has taken the leap
      • Blogs: Sun | GM (The company’s representative should try to make bold opinions i.e. predictions on the company’s industry)
      • Podcasts: Whirlpool (reach out on the treadmill or in the car)
      • MySpace: VW Helga (be bold, stand out)
      • Virtual Community: Second Life | Tenth Floor
      • Business Communities: Jigsaw | LinkedIn | MetaFilter | Askeet | PartnerUp
      • Our concept: sample | sample 2
      • RSS
      7 active marketing interactive
    • RSS works for everyone
      • Online publishing has made it easy to push published content to subscribers
      • Consumer Bottom Line: Subscribing to feeds saves time.
      • Publisher Bottom Line: Instant distribution of subscribable content.
      • Advertiser Bottom Line: Advertising advantages for opt ins and segments
      8 active marketing interactive
    • Breaking the trend
      • Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and marketers are control freaks
      • Great brands have been built on mass media | NOT the case for new brands
      • How can SMB compete and build brands efficiently? Easily
      • Hand your megaphone to your customers so they can evangelize your product
      • Think about how Jet Blue started advertising…
      • Don’t control consumer network, let it go
      • Smartest marketers aim to inspire not control
      10 active marketing interactive
    • Loyalty and Web 2.0
      • Customers who are strongly engaged in the brand community are more likely
      • to remain attached to the group, participate and recommend the brand.
      • Marketers have blogs, forums, chat rooms and online communities to facilitate
      • conversations with their customers. Think Ducati (design and R+D).
      • Consumer-generated marketing means entering into direct conversations
      • with consumers.
      • Offer premium content and rewards to loyal customers.
      10 active marketing interactive
    • Customer centricity via Web 2.0
      • Customer centricity sets the foundation of your online presence and strategically aligns the online customer experience by:
        • Greater control over customer actions
        • Greater connection with customers
        • Greater viral effect
        • Increase in profitability
      • Brand loyalty based on customer centricity is a set of core beliefs which result in:
        • High switching costs
        • Increase in barriers to competitors
        • Increase in relationship lifetime
        • Reduced price comparisons
        • Real measurable results
      11 active marketing interactive
    • How do you harness Web 2.0
      • The do’s…
      • Watch the kids (remember Warren Buffett)
      • Watch the kids in your own company
      • Try it yourself
      • Talk to customers
      • And the don’ts…
      • Assume it’s only for consumers
      • Limit employees online R&D, ok playing!
      • Take it personally, use it as motivation
      12 active marketing interactive
    • Web 2.0 drives a superior online experience
      • From Strategy driven by products to strategy driven by customer
      • From Product matters most to online experience matters most
      • From Product data is the key to customer data is the key
      • From All customers are created equal to high profit and high potential
      • Building brand = High Profits
      14 active marketing interactive
    • MOBILE
      • Mobile devices outnumber desktops by a factor of two on a global scale:
      • By 2010 over 2 billion will browse with cell phones
      • Mobile is a revenue generator
      • Mobile is customer centricity it is everywhere!
      • Forward-looking companies are laying the ground work for mobile publishing:
      • Right-now research
      • Promotion reminders - Product promotion codes driving mobile to web
      • Broadcast advertising - mass response, measurement, follow-up
      • Web / Email - Cross promotion and opt-in list building opportunities
      • Account balances / supply chain alerts
      15 active marketing interactive
    • RECOMMENDATIONS News Announcements Promotions Promotions with images 16 active marketing interactive
    • To summarize 17
      • Be informal
      • Candid dialog with customers
      • Give up control
      • Do something bold yet sensible
      • Become a leader by sharing one’s knowledge about the industry
      • Be different, very different!
      • Any Questions?
      active marketing interactive
    • Thank you for your time. Tony Pietrocola | tonyp@tenthfloor.com | 216.575.1010