Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)


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Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)

  1. 1. Website :-<br />is the leading online destination for health tourism, alternative medicine, and guided medical tourism. It is the authoritative source for consumers looking for healthcare options that offer preventive, essential, aesthetic, complimentary and alternative medical services.<br />INTRODUCTION<br />Every year, many people resort to plastic surgeons to consult on how to improve the appearance of the nose. This defect size, shape, aging, trauma, etc.<br />If you are from people who want to know how nose surgery can improve your appearance, your confidence in yourself, or health, then we will tell you how it is carried out and what you can expect from it.<br />The success of an operation and the result of good rapport between doctor and patient. Trust, based on realistic expectations and a technique based on knowledge and experience grows during consultations prior to surgery. Your surgeon can answer questions arising from their specific requirements.<br />This review its nasal structure, both on the outside as on the inside, to assess the type of intervention required. Also explain the different q factors can affect the outcome of it, such as skin type, age, degree of deformity, and alterations of structures inside your nose.<br />RHINOPLASTY<br />This word means literally, shaping the nose.<br />Cosmetic surgery of the nose is one of the most frequent operations of surgery, and one of the most sensitive. Is a modification of the nose, with respect to size, improve or refine the tip, eliminating the hump, narrow the width of its base, etc.<br />In addition to certain aesthetic ideals for each race, look essentially the harmony of facial features, keeping the proportion of individual factions.<br />Based on these concepts, in consultation with your physician to be considered personal expectations and actual results could be achieved with surgery.<br />LA OPERACIN<br />This is based on the remodeling of cartilage and nasal bones, adapting to this new contour the skin that covers them. To maintain this shape is placed in a cast or similar item for about seven days after surgery, internal tamponade only place where a deviated septum or if there was excessive bleeding.<br />In addition to the external appearance, assess respiratory function, examining the likely deviated septum causing obstruction of one nostril, which if any should be corrected in the same operation.<br />From the point of view of the nose should be evaluated both from the front, profile and lip, and its size and shape in relation to the chin and cheekbones. There should be a harmony of the profile.<br />The approximate duration of surgery is one to two hours, depending on the case.<br />THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOOSING A SURGEON<br />It is very important for you to ask the surgeon who is considering carrying out the operation, how many surgeries a year ago. If he does 1 or 2 per month, you should compare these results with a doctor to do nose surgery much more often.<br />The person who wants to perform this operation on his nose, you have to pay attention to the "before and after" nasal surgeries he has done. To make a decision with the right information the person needs to see results from previous surgeries. Remember that any surgeon can do a nose job, but not everyone can actually do it properly.<br />It is good that this also certified plastic surgeon in otolaryngology, ie the professional to understand and address not only the aesthetics but also the functional part.<br />Objective The goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the shape of your nose and bring it in line with its other features. This not only can give a better profile, but can go beyond that and is that the improved appearance makes you feel very good about yourself, and therefore make it relates to others in a positive and more self-confidence.<br />NEW LOOK<br />In the days after surgery, when the east side and swollen amorotonada it is easy to forget that the person will look better. In fact, many patients feel depressed for a period after plastic surgery, this is normal and reasonable. Rest assured that this stage will pass. Day after day, your nose will look better and also improve your mood.<br />However, the healing process remains a slow and gradual. Some swelling may be present for several months, especially in the area of the tip of the nose. It is likely that the final results of rhinoplasty may not be apparent until a year or more.<br />