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Pachube: an open, easy to use, secure & scalable platform for building the 'Internet of Things'



Pachube (http://www.pachube.com/) is a data brokerage platform for the internet of things, managing millions of datapoints per day from thousands of individuals, organisations & companies around the ...

Pachube (http://www.pachube.com/) is a data brokerage platform for the internet of things, managing millions of datapoints per day from thousands of individuals, organisations & companies around the world.

Pachube's powerful and scalable infrastructure enables you to build 'Internet of Things' products and store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world.



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Pachube: an open, easy to use, secure & scalable platform for building the 'Internet of Things' Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SUMMARY•  Pachube is a powerful, economical, reliable & secure infrastructure •  for delivering web services that store, manage & share data from appliances, sensors & buildings•  Pachube is used by thousands of individuals & companies around the world •  helping to build the ‘Internet of Things’ across devices & environments•  Pachube delivers real-time feedback & data visualization •  enabling control of complex systems, greater efficiencies & better decisions
  • 2. PACHUBE IS...
  • 3. A ‘PATCH-BAY’ FOR DEVICES & ENVIRONMENTSmicrocontrollers & sensorsbuilding management systemsmobile objects & vehicles wearable & biosensors environmental/pollution virtual environments automation systems
  • 4. ‘PLUMBING’ FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS •  data deluge: dealing with huge numbers of connections, throughput of realtime data (app, authentication, database) •  interoperability: dealing with different data formats, protocols, ‘standards’, cross-domain, sharing •  application building: making it easy, reducing friction to create •  authentication: granular permissions, created by & for individuals and by & for devices •  performance: scalable, redundant, testing, testing, testing
  • 6. PACHUBE’S API MAKES IT POSSIBLE•  Enables both storing & sharing state & context data•  Supports multiple protocols & adapters•  Manages & stores all data – not just summaries•  Provides for rich, user-extensible meta-data•  Delivers scalable, resilient, always-on services
  • 7. PACHUBE...•  helps individuals manage data generated by their devices & homes•  helps communities improve environments & quality of life•  helps companies turn networked products into services•  helps society exploit efficiencies derived from extreme connectivity
  • 8. THERE ARE MANY CHALLENGES...•  Interoperability across all devices & networks•  Management via web-based tools to control & visualize•  Scalability of m2m data that is increasing exponentially•  Performance demands of high-throughput, low-latency•  Openness for ease of adoption & industry acceptance•  Security controls that are flexible & robust
  • 9. AND PACHUBE MEETS THEM ALL•  Interoperability across all devices & networks •  adapters & libraries for every major programming language •  device & technology-agnostic•  Management via web-based tools to control & visualize •  ‘out-of-the-box’ control apps & visualization widgets •  tool-kit for creating, customizing & maintaining 3rd party services•  Scalability of m2m data that is increasing exponentially •  proven reliability & uptime, cloud-based infrastructure •  on-demand scalability•  Performance demands of high-throughput, low-latency •  engineered & optimized for high data-loads & low latency •  redundancy architecture for high-availability•  Openness for ease of adoption & industry acceptance •  standards-based APIs •  simple & quick sign-up for prototyping & development•  Security controls that are flexible & robust •  industry-standard HTTPS, SSL •  powerful permissions & authentication management
  • 10. APPLICATION ECOSYSTEMVisualization tools Feed input tools Mobile device applications• PNG realtime graph gadgets • Web service / mashup • iPhone • 1-hr, 24-hrs, 4-days, 3-months • Pachube Pipes • Data Logger• Zoomable Javascript graph • XML 2 CSV • Pachube Mon • PachTweet • Porthole iPhone • 30-days • Status2Pachube• Embeddable Flash widget • Android • PachuBlog • Converters • Pachube Viewer • Pachube KML Convert • Fasteque Pachube Widget • Google Gadget Feed Badge • Pachube Google Doc Spreadsheet Importer • PachuDial • Blackberry • PachuBerry Feed output toolsControl tools • Java (e.g. Nokia N95) • PachuRadar • Alerts• Dashboards • SMS alert • PachuSwitch • Twitter trigger, email alert • Pachube Controller (Appspot) SMS Gateway • Converters• HTML Control Form • AMEE Carbon Footprint • Input & Output • standard HTML form • Plug-ins • Control feeds • Pachube2Sketchup • Receive alerts, query • Pachube2SecondLifeMapping tools Augmented Reality apps Feed discovery• 2-d tracking • Text • AR Toolkit / QR Code • Trails • Feed Finder • Pachube AR• 3-d flythrough • Geolocation • Porthole (Mac / iPhone) • Earth Browser • PachuRadar
  • 11. OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPS•  Embed visualization tools, maps & graphs in websites
  • 12. OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPS•  Dashboards & widgets for branded portals
  • 13. OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPS•  Mapping tools: track mobile feeds & distributed sensor networks in real time
  • 14. PORTHOLE color: sensor type radius: 24hr variance height: realtime value graph: 24hr values
  • 15. OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPS•  Augmented Reality: visualize environmental & sensor data from devices & buildings
  • 16. OUT-OF-THE-BOX APPS•  Smart phones: monitor, control & update feeds using a variety of mobile phone apps
  • 17. REALTIME DATA IN DESIGN•  Mash-ups & web app integration: with services like Twitter, Skype, SketchUp & AMEE
  • 18. PACHUBE ACCOUNT TYPES value-add features web-enable products SMEs & large companies build web provides bulk account self-service signup aimed at professionals out-of-the-box’ for SMEs services & communities around and device managementbuilds mindshare & marketshare and small companies with small runs of devices physical products for thousand/millions data feeds
  • 21. OUR VISION
  • 22. WHY NETWORK DEVICES & ENVIRONMENTS?•  remote monitoring & control•  connected interactions, new social relationships•  products  services (recurring revenue)•  new business-models•  real-time product analytics•  unique in the market•  network, many-to-many & cross-domain benefits/efficiencies•  third-party extensibility•  both ‘making data public’ & ‘public making data’...
  • 23. TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY‘The technology requirements — tremendous storage & computing resources linked with advanced software systems thatgenerate a variety of graphical displays for analyzing data — rise accordingly.’McKinsey Quarterly, ‘Internet of Things, March 2010•  Pachube’s scalability helps products manufacturers & application developers •  you don’t need to build backend system to deal with massive volumes of realtime data•  Pachube stores every single datapoint & includes extensive METADATA •  from all devices – not just summary data – high-availability database, comprehensive analysis•  security provided via SSL/HTTPS •  industry standard technologies protect data transmission over internet; quick to implement, no special libraries•  view & embed data history on the web, visualization tools, widgets & graphs •  ‘out-of-the-box; no need to install apps•  provides sophisticated aggregation, statistical & calculus tools •  ‘out of the box’ analysis of both individual devices & the entire ecosystem•  manufacturers & developers add value to products •  customer-focused analytical, decision, notification, profile & visualisation tool & application development