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  • 1. Your cross-platform media barista.
    • Dan Pacheco, Founder and CEO
  • 2. THE PROBLEM: Fragmentation has made it impractical to reach a target audience through just one “destination” Web site anymore. Publishers must repeat the same workflow over and over for each new platform, which often means adding new vendors. This drives up costs at a time when publishers need to cut back. On any given day, your target audience “grazes” through …
    • E-mail
    • Facebook news feeds
    • Twitter streams
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets / iPads
    • Magazines and newsletters
    • Direct mail
    • What’s next?
  • 3. THE SOLUTION: Use RSS feeds to create new products that are instantly optimized for each new platform.
  • 4. You feed content in, we feed out design
    • Feed in content from ANY content management system that can output fielded data.
    • RSS makes it easier!
    • Choose design style and output. The rest just happens.
    Joe Runner http://joesrunningworld.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/ Running News Site Name: Publisher name: RSS URL: Brew up a … Site design Printcast Mobile site eBook
  • 5. Publish once, distribute everywhere
    • Mobile
    Web Tablets & eReaders Print
  • 6. One-click web site redesign
  • 7. Automatic mobile sites
    • We’ll sniff out which device you’re using to visit a site and optimize the interface for that device.
    • We’re already doing some of this with Printcasting, and that work will be open sourced in June.
  • 8. We can output to PDFs, too.
    • We’ll leverage “Printcasting” templates to create beautiful magazines that are optimized for home printers.
  • 9. iPad and Tablets
    • Web sites will be 100% iPad compliant (and Printcasts already are).
    • Additional outputs to ePub format used by Apple’s iBooks.
  • 10. Custom services
    • We can also build white-labeled FeedBrewer installations for your site and brand. Here’s a concept for an alternative to simple e-mail newsletters.
  • 11. E-mail newsletters plus
    • Subscribers can receive updates by e-mail, but also text message. The output will change based on where they choose to respond to the update (iPad / iPhone, Kindle, etc.)
  • 12. Fight fragmentation with choice
    • Let subscribers receive your content where, how and when they want.
  • 13. Thank you!
      • Want to know more?
      • Please contact me:
      • [email_address] / 303-465-5560
      • Learn more:
      • http://www.feedbrewer.com