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BookBrewer is an eBook publishing service launching in the summer of 2010. We're partnering with locally-focused book stores, and will be creating private-label versions in exchange for revenue …

BookBrewer is an eBook publishing service launching in the summer of 2010. We're partnering with locally-focused book stores, and will be creating private-label versions in exchange for revenue splits. Interested? Contact sales at feedbrewer dot net.

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  • 1. BookBrewer Seizing the Local eBook Opportunity Dan Pacheco, Founder and CEO
  • 2. Challenges and Opportunities •  Growth is Slowing for Printed Books •  Print book sales fell 1.8% in 2009. •  Bookstore sales are down 5-11% annually. •  Meanwhile, the eBook market is exploding •  eBooks sold $313 million in 2009, a 176% annual increase (Assoc. American Publishers). Some estimate they could make up 25% of all book sales by 2012. •  Apple’s iBooks already account for 22% of eBook sales, all driven by iPad users.
  • 3. How to Stay Relevant? •  Technology alone won’t drive sales. •  eReader devices are already being commoditized by Apple’s iPad, which does everything they do and more. •  What’s the best asset every local bookstore holds in common? Local community connections. • To differentiate from Apple and Amazon, book stores need to emphasize local connections. They can’t touch that.
  • 4. What We Do •  BookBrewer turns bloggers and other online publishers into eBook publishers in 5 minutes or less, and helps them drive sales through locally targeted marketing. Who’s a local online publisher? Everyone!   Bloggers: At last count, Technorati was indexing 130M blogs generating 180M new posts each year.   Facebook: 400M users post 25 Billion pieces of content each month.   Twitterers: 100M users post 55M tweets per day. Many link to blog posts.
  • 5. Blog to Book, in 5 Minutes We help bloggers turn this … … into this
  • 6. How We Do It Our “FeedBrewer” technology feeds content into design templates to create new niche products. Content Aggregation Presentation Distribution “The beans” “The grinder” “The flavor” “The drink” • Magazine Edition RSS • Newspaper Mobile sites • Newsletter •  iPhone, Blackberry, Web page headlines • eBook Android Feeds • Print ads Music playlist E-reader devices Content Management •  iPad, Kindle, Sony, APIs Video collection Text • Web page widget Nook, Kobo. • Facebook • Twitter Photos Quote list (tweets) Mobile Content E-mail newsletter • Flickr Audio • Mobile web site • Other Catalogue (listings, Video • Mobile apps Web page embeds commerce) Podcasting Facebook apps Post or Photo collection • Audio shows Upload
  • 7. High Revenue Potential •  We can charge $69.99 per published book, and $5.50 per sale of each $9.99 eBook. Split revenue 50/50 in exchange for promotion. •  Drive 240K new exclusive titles for estimated $31M after one year. Grows to 1M titles and $323M in year two. •  Authors keep the rest, and share some with local charities who drive sales through local fundraisers (who promote locally).
  • 8. A New Local Sales Force One marketing angle for bookstores to consider: •  There are 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. that sell products and services as fundraisers. Why not eBooks, too? •  Publishers could choose to donate a percentage of sales to local organizations. In return, organizations promote sales of local eBooks. •  Similar to what many bookstores do now with schools and churches.
  • 9. “Buy Locally” Marketing Angle •  Tap into growing “Buy Local” grass-roots movement by promoting locally-produced eBooks at local stores. The message:   Support local writers and artists   Help local cash-strapped organizations   Reduce your carbon footprint / go green •  Promote the idea in local stores. Apple and Amazon will be hard-pressed to follow suit.
  • 10. Upsell Opportunities There are multiple opportunities for upsells to self-publishers, including: •  Book editing, outsourced overseas, or to displaced editors from legacy media. •  Targeted marketing through social networks and Google adwords. •  Professional book cover design services. •  Print on demand, for those who need it.
  • 11. Prototype Demo •  Now, let’s take a quick tour through the BookBrewer user experience … •  Go to • Enter “brewme” and “brewme” as user name & password
  • 12. Our Track Record •  Our CEO once ran AOL’s personal home page service (Hometown), and drove creation of 10 million home pages in 4 years. •  We built, a Knight Foundation-funded project to democratize print magazine publishing. •  Printcasting technology is being expanded to enable eBook exports and more under the umbrella of “FeedBrewer.”
  • 13. Our Management Team •  Dan Pacheco CEO and VP Product Management. Multiple award- winning media innovator with 15 years of experience at places such as AOL and •  Andy Lasda CTO and VP of Development. Programmer with 16 years of experience, highly respected in the Drupal community. •  Don Hajicek COO and VP Design. 20 years of experience in both Web and print, and even a startup.
  • 14. Current Status •  We have an early start with, which provides our architectural foundation. •  We’re adding ePub export in July and will begin test marketing it with bloggers. •  We seek strategic marketing partners and are just starting discussions with large publishers.
  • 15. Thank you! Contact us: Learn more about us: • • •  303-465-5560