Glossary english 3


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Glossary english 3

  1. 1. Pablo Umaña Brenes<br />Glossary English 3<br />Unit 1: The internet and other addictions<br />Surf: look for information (on the Internet)<br />Engaging in: taking part in or becoming involved in<br />Turning each other in: identifying each other to the police or an authority<br />Devoting: giving or using something for an activity or purpose.<br />Compulsiveness: inhability to control certain behavior<br />Therapy: treatment of problems by talking about them<br />Putting together: organizing<br />Support groups: People who meet to help each other with a problem they all share<br />Present with: show sings of an illnes by having a particular type of bahvior or condition<br />Coming out: becoming publicity known<br />Fulfillment: personal satisfaction<br />Turnend into: became (something different)<br />Felt empty: was unhappy, because nothing else semmed important or interesting.<br />Bombarded with: attacked with a lot of information, data or questions<br />Shaping: influencing in a particular way<br />Multitasking: doing different things at the same time<br />Overwhelmet: upset, stongly affected<br />Went through: experienced<br />Enhance: improved, enrich<br />Out of the woods. Free from a dangerous situation<br />Feeding: increasing<br />Driven: trying extremely hard<br />Going on: happening<br />Went on _____ binge: began to overdo somenthing<br />Clean slate: fresh beginning <br />Vicious cycle: serious situation that is very difficult to stop<br />Unit 2: Honesty is the best policy <br />Pervasive: existing or spreading everywhere<br />Trivial: unimportant; of a little value<br />Tattling on each other: let out secrets<br />Mislead: to lead into a error or conduct<br />Venner: a superficially value or pleasing appearance<br />Relentless: exaggerated<br />Finely honed: sharpened; perfect<br />Conceal: hide something<br />Preoccupation: the condition of thinking about only one thing<br />Intrusive: affecting someone life in a annoying way<br />Erosion: the gradual recution or wearing or wearing down something<br />Inflated: overly important<br />Mull over: considerer<br />Unit 3: The bolt and the bashful<br />Reticent: unwilling to talk<br />Phobia: very strong fear<br />Merit: value<br />Extroverted: very sociable<br />Adverse: negative: condition<br />Chronic: continual (in a medical sense)<br />Kindred souls: people having similar traits<br /> Misatributtions: false assumptions<br />Handicap: disadvantage<br />Aloof: distant<br />Condescending: treating others as inferior<br />Break the ice: get people socializing and enjoying themselves<br />Carried away: overly exited<br />Draw out: encouraring<br />Fill the void: overcome loneliness<br />Grounchy: in a bad mood<br />Mark: label<br />Outlook: point of view<br />Take things as: accept experiences as<br />Think of: consider<br />Virtually: almost<br />Widespread: common<br />Wind up: end up<br />Unit 4 The Tipping point<br />Transmission: passing of something from one person, place or thing to another<br />Mavens: people who know a lot and talk a lot about a particular subject<br />Word of mouth: realted to people telling people<br />Epidemic: large number of cases of an infectious disease ocurring at the same time<br />Generate: produce or create<br />Got a hold of: contacted: communicated with<br />Consumed by: totally involved in<br />Win(someone)over: persuade someone to do something<br />Profiled: described<br />Root: cause; source<br />Goes a long way toward: succeeds in<br />Holds: is true<br />Unit 5: Feng Shui: Ancient wisdom travels west<br />Frowned upon:disapproved of<br />Hard-bitten:tough, experienced<br />Transcendent: beyond the limits of ordinary experience<br />Digression: idea that is unrelated to the topic<br />Alingning: properly positioning<br />Caught off-guard: surprised<br />Abundance: a large quantity of something<br />Circulates: moves; flows<br />Sence: feel and know<br />Quote: repeat what soeone else has said or written<br />Skeptically: with doubt<br />Anecdotes: personal stories<br />At hearth: essentially<br />Can`t hurt: can do no harm<br />Cacth off guard: started<br />Clean: simple<br />Get into: became interested in<br />Huge:veru popular<br />In the mist of: involved in<br />Keep out: prevent from entering<br />Make a move: take action<br />Peppy: livelier<br />Rise off all: succeed or fail<br />Scare the heck out of: frightened<br />Sharp: quick, smart<br />Talk (someone) into: convinced<br />Work arround: compensate for<br />Unit 6: Spiritual Renewal<br />Prophets: holy men<br />Ascetic: living without any physical pleasures<br />Fasting: eating little or no food for a special reason<br />Divine: coming from God<br />Enacted of law: made a new official rule<br />Vibrant: full of energy and life<br />Hectic: very busy, full of activity<br />Replenish: renew and refill<br />Well-being: a feeling of being happy, healthy or satisfied<br />Refrain from: not to do something you want to do<br />Will: determination<br />Fosters.:develops<br />Gratitude: thankfullness<br />Humility: not being too proud<br />Quest: search<br />Trace___back: make someone willing to talk<br />Took on: started<br />Notion of: idea<br />Pull back: withdraw<br />Draw__out: finds the origens of something<br />Caught on: became popular<br />Royalties: money paid to somenone<br />Enact: make a rule or law<br />At odds with: disagreeing with<br />Stumbling block: problem or difficulty<br />Walks of life: positions in society<br />In dire straids: in a extremely difficult situations<br />Inner turmoil: personal distress<br />Serenity: peacefulness<br />In a rut: stuck in a same place<br />Gain insite: understand something<br />See eye to eye: agree<br />Unit 7: Workplace Privacy <br />Employess: people who work for a company<br />Employer: person or organization that you work for<br />Keep an eye on: watch closely <br />Surveillance: the act of watching carefully or secretly<br />Safeguards: protections<br />Eavesdropping: listen to secretly<br />Legitimate: lawful; reasonable<br />A log: an official written record<br />Willy-nilly: unpredictably<br />Dignity: respectability; reasonable<br />Demeaned: insulted<br />Driving: causing<br />Sinister: evil<br />Deter: prevent<br />Racial slurs: insulting comments about a person race<br />Go the extra mile: making a extra effort<br />Fine line: unclear distinction<br />Think twice about: considered the problems with<br />Snoop on: secretly looking at<br />Step up: increased<br />Bug: put a secret; listening device in<br />Keep tabs on: observed carefully<br />Foolproof: incapable to falling<br />24-7: constant<br />Cheap shot: unfair attack<br />Subject in: open to<br />Leave ___at the door: forget<br />Slippery sloop: begun a process difficult to stop<br />Not have a leg to stand on: no stand a chance to win<br />Unit 8: Warriors without weapons<br />Legitimacy: moral and legal acceptability<br />Devastating: completely destructive<br />Volatile: likely to explode<br />Barbarism and savagery: cruel and extremely violent behavior<br />Ratified: signed; officially approved<br />Institutionalize: make a generally acceptable <br />Prevailed: existed; lasted<br />Spare: save<br />Subscribe to: support and follow<br />Disseminating: communicating widely<br />Counterintuitive: illogical, unexpected<br />Codes: rules<br />Restrain: control<br />Human universals: values shared by all human beings<br />Drawn to: attracted to<br />Identify with: understand<br />Devastating: completely destructive<br />Do without: live without<br />Live by: follow<br />Draft evader: someone who avoids the military<br />Equated: strongly associated<br />Alternative ethic: different moral principle<br />Get at: express<br />Unleash: release<br />Tame: control<br />Boosting Brain Power through the arts<br />Enhance: improve<br />Proficiency: ability and skill<br />Abstract reasoning: ability to understand general concepts that cannot be immediately seen or felt<br />Self-esteem: confidence<br />Underscoring: emphasizing<br />Neurological: related to nerves<br />Hallmark: outstanding feature<br />Sequential: in a particular order<br />Interventions: special activities to prevent bad results<br />Curriculum: list of subjects taught<br />Well rounded: completed an varied<br />Building blocks: parts; pieces <br />Advancing: progressing<br />Boost: increase<br />As a whole: entirely<br />Caught up to: reached<br />Primed: prepared<br />Regardless of: without considering<br />Work in progress: unfinished product<br />Did more for: benefited<br />Had nothing to do with: didn’t involve <br />Reaped benefits: got advantages<br />Found: concluded from data<br />Unit 10 Microfinance: Changing lives $50 at a time<br />Cottage industry: home based business<br />Sustainable: able to continue<br />Pitfalls: dangers<br />Overextended: having too much money<br />Compelling: interesting<br />Characterization: description<br />Bear the brunt: suffer the worst<br />In perpetuity. For all future time<br />Diminish: lessen<br />Backlash: negative reaction<br />Safety net: help in times of trouble<br />Wiped out: destroyed<br />Overnight: sudden<br />Panacea: solution<br />The world over: in every area of the world<br />Malnourished: sick or weak due to lack of food<br />Wiped out: destroyed<br />Took a hit: was negatively affected<br />Sustainable: able to continue long term<br />Compelling: so interest or exciting that you have to pay attention<br />Had faith in: believe in; trusted<br />Elaborate: give more details or information<br />Diminish: make something smaller or less important<br />Kicker: unexpected and surprising remark or fact<br />Hit a ceiling: reached the limit of success<br />Anecdote: a short story based on personal experience.<br />