Stephenson Group Three-Step Analyst Program

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Industry Analyst Outreach Program: Market Leadership Strategies. Learn the three key steps to a successful industry analyst program. Find out why an industry analyst relationship is one of the most …

Industry Analyst Outreach Program: Market Leadership Strategies. Learn the three key steps to a successful industry analyst program. Find out why an industry analyst relationship is one of the most valuable business drivers a business can secure. Finally, become acquainted with Stephenson Group and its 25-year track record of helping business' secure market leadership success.

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  • 1. INDUSTRY ANALYST OUTREACH PROGRAMMarket Leadership Strategies Presented by:Pam AbrahamssonVice President, Account Manager1.503.298.9749pabrahamsson@StephensonGroup.comwww.StephensonGroup.comTwitter: @Pam_A
  • 2. Table of Contents PageIntroduction: Stephenson Group 3Industry Analysts: Catalyst 4Section 1 – Thought Leadership 5 Homework 6 The Message 7 Presentation 8Case Study: Palisades/IBM 9Case Study: Exametric/Verint 10Contact/Next Steps 11 Page 2 of 11
  • 3. Introduction: Stephenson GroupStephenson Group is a full-service public relations firm with a 25-year track record of results forFortune 500 leaders and emerging organizations. We are a privately-owned, mid-size agencywith offices in Portland, Oregon, California and the Greater New York City area. We developand execute awareness and revenue-enhancing communications programs that map to ourclients’ strategic business goals. We’ve worked with industry analyst firms, and representedthem as our clients.The Success SecretWhat does this expertise in the industry analyst arena deliver to our clients? Knowledge andresults. Stephenson Group understands the needs of the trade analyst community. Thisunderstanding allows us to manage client thought leadership programs with exceptional skilland expediency.Beyond this deep familiarity with the industry analyst community, Stephenson Group deliversanother critical value: Strategic big-picture planning. Because we know the value of publicrelations and analyst relations in driving business growth objectives, we work with our clients toensure that a communications program delivers against company growth goals. We also ensurethat the intelligence received, and research commendations earned, are used smartly to delivervaluable business leadership to our clients.Three Step Thought Leadership ProgramOur goal is to position our clients as thought leaders for their industry, and the solutions theyoffer. One of our key program areas is our three-step approach to thought leadership in theanalyst relations and key influencer arena. The following quickly summarizes how we think,work, and deliver results to our clients.The Stephenson Group Mission: Educate and motivate key influencers. Our Three Step Program Leads the Way.TOC Page 3 of 11
  • 4. Industry Analysts: Catalyst for Business SuccessCritical, Strategic WorkCreating thought leadership for our clients through an industry analyst program is a criticalendeavor. It takes involvement on the part of company leadership, a constant finger on thepulse of the industry analyst community, the marketplace and competition. Most importantly,it takes an ability to communicate the value of the company solution in a way that proves valueto the marketplace, strategic business management and agile leadership from its executives.Why?Simply asked, why would a growing enterprise take on such a mission? The simple answer is:Success. A smartly-executed industry analyst program can deliver critical success in theseareas:  Marketplace understanding: Particularly for technology companies and complex financial services solutions, analyst understanding translates to market understanding, as these expert voices share their inside knowledge of our clients offering with their subscribers. Who are these subscribers? The decision-makers poised to buy the product or solution.  Endorsement: The marketplace is crowded with the voice of the competition. Particularly in the era of social media and web-based journalism; it can be difficult for prospects to sort through the wealth of information available to them. Analysts, through their researched notes and endorsements, provide the marketplace with an independent, credible opinion regarding the best solutions available. Their subscribers look to this intelligence to make the purchase and business strategy decisions critical to their success. Industry media, organization leaders and other influencers also look to the analyst community for insight and recommendation. Our clients don’t want to be left out of this dialogue.  Competitive Intelligence: Market leadership is not an overnight success story. It takes hard work, constant improvements to the solution offering, and continued research into the needs of the marketplace and the competitive options. Industry analysts’ sole function is to understand the marketplace, and devise credible road maps for companies seeking the best solution. The exchange of insight and privileged market perception between a company and analyst is value indeed; and can be a critical component in the path to market leadership.TOC Page 4 of 11
  • 5. Section I: Thought Leadership = Market LeadershipThe key to success in industry analyst/thought leadership programs is two-fold:  Delivery of a valued solution  Creation of marketplace demand this solutionOne of the most important strategies for driving solution demand is the creation of thoughtleadership in the market industry. As proven strategists in the communications arena, theStephenson Group team has an unmatched track record of success in building solutionawareness for our clients. We do this by getting the company and the value of the solution infront of the stakeholders that drive credibility and demand:  Industry analysts  Organization leaders/conference planners  Market-facing media: web, print and social  Colleagues, potential partners  Educational voicesOur mission is to help our clients define and communicate the solutions they offer to the needsof the marketplace. The credible voice of the industry analyst plays a valuable role.The Value of the Objective EndorsementStephenson Group works closely with industry analysts, trade organization leadership, theacademic community and other leading influencers to educate and motivate these gate-keepers. What is the value in securing these relationships? Quite simply, the credible, trustedvoice of the objective thought leader is a critical part of the marketplace adoption equation.While a market prospect may give a company an opportunity to present its offering; the “buy”recommendation of a trusted marketplace voice carries the vote.Here’s how Stephenson Group implements an industry analyst/thought leadership program:TOC Page 5 of 11
  • 6. Step One: HomeworkThis is the most critical, and most over-looked, aspect of any thought leadership program.Before we take the company’s message to the analyst and influencer community, we take alook around. Quite simply, we consider the success of our clients our own; and we always startevery thought leadership program with research.ResearchThe elements we look at in order to prepare a successful thought leadership program include:  Media Market Audit: Who are the competitors, and what is being said about them?  Analyst Briefing Book: Target analysts, their recent research, core competencies, and issues that present challenges and opportunities.  Client Company Readiness: Stephenson Group takes the client through a rigorous review process to ensure they can confidently articulate the value proposition, address competitive concerns, and discuss the challenges and road blocks that are inevitable to any growing company’s success cycle.TOC Page 6 of 11
  • 7. Step Two: The MessageOnce Stephenson Group has researched the analyst/thought leadership universe, evaluated thecompetitive landscape and the client’s offering, we work closely to create the messaging thatwill drive understanding and adoption from the targeted influencers.Messaging  Preparation of presentation materials  Backgrounders/briefing guides for industry issues as needed  Preparation/training of spokespersons  Briefing books detailing target analysts/firmsTOC Page 7 of 11
  • 8. Step Three: PresentationStephenson Group takes this preparation and turns it into scheduled briefings with key industryanalysts (and other targeted influencers). Please note that these are not subscription-baseddiscussions. These are briefings with analysts that need to thoroughly understand thecompetitive landscape of the industry they are covering, and the key players in that industry.Post-briefing, we work with the client and the analyst to address questions, evaluate outcomeand obtain next-step feedback regarding possible research reports, preferred vendor status orother results.Presentation  Secure briefings  Prepare company spokesperson for briefing opportunity  Conduct briefing session  Post-briefing follow-up, confirmation of next steps and publication opportunities  Leverage results for company sales presentations, competitive positioning, solution enhancement, media interviews and industry leadershipTOC Page 8 of 11
  • 9. Case Study: Analyst Endorsement · Industry AcquisitionA Little BraggingWe are proud of our successes. We hope you will let us take a moment first to showcase someof our results.Summary:Palisades Technology Partner: From “best-kept secret” to recognized market leader acquiredby IBMGoal:Take Palisades Technology Partners from the financial services/technology market’s “best-kept secret,”to industry’s leading provider of eLending platforms for the mortgage and related products industry.Results:Within the first month of service, Stephenson Group had secured interviews/case study coverage withthe industry’s leading publications:  American Banker  Mortgage Technology  Mortgage BankerWithin the first year, Stephenson Group secured:  Analyst endorsement from key research resource TowerGroup & Gartner  Briefings and feedback from: Forrester, Celent, IDC Financial Insights, Jupiter Strategy & Research, Watchfire/Gomez and Moretech  Mortgage Technology: Top Technology Vendor award designation  Coverage in key media, including:  American Banker  Mortgage Banker  Bank Systems & Technology  Washington Post  InfoWorld  Bank Technology News  ABA Banking JournalPalisades credits Stephenson Groups thought leadership campaign of aggressive analyst and mediaoutreach with generating the industry interest that resulted in an accepted offer of acquisition fromIBM.TOC Page 9 of 11
  • 10. Case Study: Analyst Endorsement · Industry LeadershipSummary:Stephenson Group executes a one-year launch for technology company Exametric.Campaign delivers Gartner endorsement, 10% market share.Goal:On a one-year launch timeline, introduce emerging workforce optimization technology firm Exametric tothe financial services marketplace and create awareness of the firm as the verticals leading solutionprovider.Results:In approximately one years time, SG delivered the following results:Majority market share and expanded customer base:  14 customers, including two of the North American marketplaces largest banks  Installed base of 13,000 branches nationwide - approximately 10% of the total marketplaceAnalyst briefings/endorsements:  TowerGroup  IDC Financial Insights  Gartner Research selected Exametric as a leading solution provider, and included it in its prestigious “Magic Quadrant” sector analysis report of top technology vendorsCoverage in key industry media, including:  Computerworld  Information Week  CNET  CBS Marketwatch  American Banker  Bank Systems & Technology  Bank Technology News  ABA Banking Journal  1to1 Magazine  Community Banker  MicroBanker  Credit Union Management  Credit Union TimesTOC Page 10 of 11
  • 11. Next StepsLet’s discuss the creation of a thought leadership program for your company.Contact:Pam AbrahamssonVice President, Account 503.298.9749401 NW 13th AvenuePortland, OR 97209Skype IM: Pam_Abrahamsson Twitter: Page 11 of 11