Webinar iBeacon Globant April 2014


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Webinar iBeacon Globant April 2014

  1. 1. SPEAKERS @pablovittori pablo.vittori@globant.com @piachens santiago.piacenza@globant.com
  2. 2. Agenda • Globant presentation • Innovation • Internet of Things • iBeacon • Bluetooth low energy • How does it work • Application examples • FAQs
  3. 3. This is Globant Clients Employees 3100 Recognitions Revenue Growth ($mm) 150 100 50 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 38 57 90 CAGR 49% 129 2008 Acquisitions Accendra & Openware 2011 Nextive 2012 Terra Forum 2013 Huddle
  4. 4. Argentina Buenos Aires La Plata Tandil Rosario Córdoba Resistencia Bahía Blanca Mar del Plata Tucuman Colombia Bogotá Medellín Uruguay Montevideo Brazil Sao Paulo Curitiba Belo Horizonte Rio de Janeiro United Kingdom London United States San Francisco Boston Austin New York This is Globant 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013 90 1673 2250 2700 3000 Employees Growth 97% 3% University Other education Mexico Ciudad de Mexico DF
  5. 5. There is a change on how consumers and companies interacts with technology What these experiences have in common?
  6. 6. We are in a unique position to face these revolutions through our studios, our culture and our innovation Globant is a new-breed technology services provider focused on delivering innovative software solutions by leveraging emerging technologies and trends.
  7. 7. Innovation Approaches Technology Business User Labs Canvas Design Thinking Innovation Customer Relationships Channels Value Proposition Key Partners Costs Revenue Value Proposition Key Resources Key Activities Observe for inspiration Define problem with EMPATHY + INSIGHT Involve users in Ideation Test with actual users
  8. 8. iBeacon Introduction March 2014
  9. 9. Internet of things Information + connection + location + sensors + user preferences
  10. 10. Internet of things
  11. 11. Internet of things Sensor will play a key roll in the future of mobile computing. Most of the new devices come with different kind of electronics to collect, process and act according to the information received. Like accelerometers, light sensors, NFC, temperature, fingerprint, etc. Also many companies are build add-ins to provide current devices with new capabilities.
  12. 12. What is Apple’s iBeacon? iBeacon is a new technology that extends Location Services. It uses a Bluetooth Low Energy signal to allow Mobile Apps to know how close they are to tiny, low-cost, wireless transmitters called “hardware iBeacons” or just “iBeacons”.
  13. 13. What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? Is a wireless personal area network technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, security, and home entertainment industries. Compared to "Classic" Bluetooth, BLE is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a similar communication range.
  14. 14. What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? Bluetooth LE is also embedded in other things like watches, tags or detectors. All around weareable technologies.
  15. 15. Why they are important? We now can deliver content and interact with users based on their proximity to things in the real world Its a new way to experience the world
  16. 16. Comparison - iBeacon vs GPS Beacon GPS iBeacon GPS Micro location targeting Macro location targeting Works indoors and underground Cannot receive signals underground or indoors Within 150 feet (50mts) - Very accurate GPS Signal - Precision is low and depends o location Low cost - Low energy Battery draining Signals easily obstructed by walls or roofs GPS is a Location technology and iBeacon is a Proximity technology.
  17. 17. Comparison - iBeacon vs NFC NFC Beacon iBeacon NFC Works on Bluetooth 4.x LE enabled devices Works on NFC enabled devices Send signals within 150 feets (50mts) Device must be within 4 inches (10 cm) Opportunities for in-store marketing indoor mapping. Only handles one way transactions Easy to construct beacons or turn compatible devices into beacons Heavy investment of NFC ar POS systems
  18. 18. iBeacon Hardware Estimote Qualcomm Gimbal HipKey An iPad, iPhone or Android
  19. 19. How does it work? An iBeacon is a precise positioning mechanism that transmits a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. These signals can be received by Bluetooth LE enabled devices. When the device receives the signal, and a message can be displayed on the user’ s lock screen or an application can be launched. Using an iBeacon is similar to geofencing -- receiving a Bluetooth LE signal based on proximity instead of fixed GPS coordinates
  20. 20. How does it work?
  21. 21. How does it work?
  22. 22. How does it work? Each beacon can be located using signal strength, with 4 possible outcomes: ● Unknown (out of range) ● Far ● Near ● Inmediate (closest to beacon)
  23. 23. How does it work? Supported Platforms: ● iOS: iPhone 5, 4S, iPad mini, iPad Retina (4th Gen), iPad (3rd Gen), iPod touch (5th Gen) all with iOS 5.1.1 or above. ● Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 and later (Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One, Nexus 7 2013 edition, Nexus 4, HTC Butterfly, Droid DNA) ● MacIntosh computers equipped with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and Bluetooth 4.0 using the MacBeacon application from Radius Networks.
  24. 24. iBeacon Application / Examples March 2014
  25. 25. Globant Booking Beacon app Our meeting room app help users to find the right meeting room using a 3 color schema to show you how far you are from the room. Once close to the room shows you the time left for the next meeting and check-in automatically showing the faces of each assistant.
  26. 26. Retail Stores Greet customers when they arrive (hyper- personalization) Smarter shopping lists Offers target by store location Improved loyalty programs Contact less payments Cross selling Payments
  27. 27. Travel & Airlines Flights auto-check in Notifications on: ● Departures / Arrival ● Delays ● Gate and platform assignments ● Gate guidance ● Targeted offers Car rental availability
  28. 28. Conference Auto-check in Personalized greeting and in-conference directions Personalized information broadcast List of attendees and networking tools Personalized material for conference rooms
  29. 29. Restaurants & Bars Reservation auto-check in Virtual menus. Contact less payments Notifications on offers Personalized app content according to restauran area. Payments
  30. 30. Hotels and Resorts Reservation auto-check in Virtual concierge Info on amenities Booking solutions Personal tracking for customized experience Indoor location helpers
  31. 31. Theme Parks Info on amenities, shows and attractions Booking solutions Personal tracking for customized experience Location helpers
  32. 32. FAQs
  33. 33. FAQS Which is the difference between BTLE and regular BT? What is power consumption compared to GPS? Is there a standard for Beacons? Can I confine a Beacon to only work in a room? What are the best cases using beacons implemented so far? This low energy Bluetooth, will not drain the battery ? Users are not accustomed to have Bluetooth turned on, how to reverse this? Is there a way, when a beacon is near, to suggest the user to turn it on ?
  34. 34. FAQS How are you going to get people to download the appropriate app(s) so that iBeacons can be used and apparent to users? Where can we buy beacons hardware, in order to avoid using cellphones as beacons. How could I use beacons for fundraising? Security is ensured by the Beacon administrator? What are the oportunities to develop indoor uses for home? How do you intend to make the contact with clients stronger and lasting How close to mainstream is this technology? Can it be used on board a ship? Is there any new technology about beacons that make them more accurate ?
  35. 35. FAQS How can we trigger user actions from the beacons? What will be the best hardware to buy? and where? What kind of business is used Beacon? What is the most successful case using beacons? When you see this infrastructure deployed in shops and malls?
  36. 36. FAQS How is Globant going to use this technology? Which markets do you think will be more affected in South America? Chile and Argentina? Why are they so slow to detect they aren’t in reach anymore? How do the technology works? Can these be used in a large public space In iOS, ranging for iBeacons in the background only happens for a few seconds after the system detects that you entered a valid region. How can I detect a specific iBeacon inside a region in background, if said iBeacon is not close enough in those few seconds that the ranging happens?
  37. 37. Questions?
  38. 38. Thanks!
  39. 39. Thanks You @pablovittori pablo.vittori@globant.com @piachens santiago.piacenza@globant.com