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Pablo Pineda Work Sampler
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Pablo Pineda Work Sampler Document Transcript

  • 1. Pablo Pineda sampler
  • 2. Brand Communications
  • 3. XPLOR is a community of BMW motorcyclists. BMW asked us to develop a program that would grow this community into a culture, and eventually turn into the fuel for all BMW Motorcycle communications and brand activities.
  • 4. Phase 1: Launch and awareness Viral Scavenger Hunt Challenge
  • 5. Exclusive New Product Test Ride & Program Sign-Up Kit
  • 6. IN-STORE LAUNCH AND NEW OWNER’S KIT Contains items to encourage riding: Bandana, water bottle, magnetic Compass, and xplor book/atlas.
  • 7. Member Only Merchandising
  • 8. Phase 2: Print advertising. XPLOR program + product integration
  • 9. Phase 3: Online community activation + testimonial advertising
  • 10. Ride Beyond TO FIND THE BMW THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU, GO TO xplor-bmw.com
  • 11. PANTONE
  • 12. The next generation of color management. After 40+ years, PANTONE released the next generation of color standards. We called it Goe with intentions to help people activate their ideas and inspiration. Part sculpture, the container helps keep all the components together for easy access.
  • 13. PANTONE GOE SYSTEM DESIGN The binders and guide of the Goe System were designed with functionality in mind. Gray colors were used as the basis of all the materials to enhance the fact that these books and guides are chromatically arranged. Software is also included.
  • 14. PANTONE TRADE BOOTH PANTONE’s 2008 presence at Drupa—the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world held every four years in Germany— focused on the launch of their new Goe color system. The concept of flourishing creativity and thousands of colors branching out of the Goe system was chosen to feature the new advantages of their whole suite of new color products.
  • 15. Finding inspiration everywhere. PANTONE’s branding identity and tag line, “The Color of Ideas” was a constant measuring filter for everything I worked on for Pantone. One of the biggest challenges was to inject a sense of being “inspired” into their catalogs. In 2007, I developed the theme of food as an inspiration source for the product photography and mixed it with other sources of creativity, such as materials, industrial design, crafts. 2007 Inspiration Catalog
  • 16. Turning inspiration into action. PANTONE’s anthem is inspiration. In an effort to invite people to take that inspiration into action and spike their interest in Pantone products, we turned to evocative graphics that told a story of graphic design movements that defined an era, and that were spearheaded by people that took an idea, a vision, into reality.
  • 17. with our message: PANTONE = fashion. PANTONE = Fashion send a clear message about were charged to develop a print presented a direction which would cotton swatch system. For this we creative community. We wanted to PANTONE to the fashion industry’s For PANTONE Fashion + Home we take a big step forward and be clear campaign that would launch their new Print Advertising The new PANTONE loose format cotton swatch system. When formulating the new PANTONE cotton loose format swatches, we developed a system that’s simply SMART. SMART stands COTTON for Sensible, Manageable, Accessible, Relevant, and Tough - features that make our new swatch system work even harder for you. While many other color IS IN systems are created using a randomly generated color gamut, PANTONE has evaluated 10,000+ products in the fashion and home markets to select the colors that are relevant to you. This means less time sifting through hundreds of thousands of colors and more time for getting that perfect shade in production.
  • 18. Brand Identity
  • 19. We were charged to develop a brand identity and design language that fit their four quadrants of marketing efforts: core, popular, experimental and shared, and also be flexible to arm them with limitless possibilities for graphic expression. WORLD OF COCA-COLA I became the project’s CD at the stage of the development of the design language and brand guidelines.
  • 20. CORE POPULAR EXPERIMENTAL GRAPHIC STYLE FLOW After the design of the identity was complete we focused in developing the graphic language for the 4 quadrants. This is how the graphic flow was born, and from it sprung all the branches of expression of the brand.
  • 22. Although our assignment finished with the development of the Brand Guidelines it gives us great pleasure to see how different creatives have and will continue to become inspired by the collaborative efforts between our client and us. WORLD OF COCA-COLA TODAY
  • 23. TRINITY WALL STREET BRAND IDENTITY Trinity Wall Street (TWS) is one of the oldest religious institutions in New York City. With a focus on the Neighbor, near and far, TWS’ activities extend to a global arena. Internally they had struggled for some time in unifying the many divisions, programs and branches of this institution. We designed this identity by being true to the inherent personality of this institution, one that is welcoming, uplifting and rooted in history.
  • 24. AQUAIR AQUAIR is a brand of skin care products from Shiseido targeted to moisturize specific areas in the face. The logo needed to convey the idea of moisture being delivered by the product while being very simple and clean, being consistent with Shiseido’s visual style.
  • 25. Packaging
  • 26. The next generation of color management. After 40+ years, PANTONE released the next generation of color standards. We called it Goe with intentions to help people activate their ideas and inspiration. Part sculpture, the container helps keep all the components together for easy access.
  • 27. SANKYO WINE LABEL DESIGN Sankyo I&M holiday season gift. The inspiration was California, as the wine chosen as gift is from California.
  • 28. ) ( VUE SWISS LUXURY WATER PACKAGING CONCEPT Expect heightened experiences. The product fills a current empty space in the beverage world: a ultra high-end, clear, imported water with no calories or sugar and only a slight hint of flavor. The ‘flavor’ is natural herbs. Both the water and the herbs are from Switzerland.
  • 29. POLAIRE WINE BOTTLE DESIGN / SUNTORY Polaire wine is a brand of wine from Suntory Beverages in Japan. Polaire borrows from the European tradition of wine making.
  • 30. Creative overflow
  • 31. Thank you