Genasys LBS Platforms


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Genasys LBS (Location Based Services) Platforms

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Genasys LBS Platforms

  1. 1. Geo-Location Platforms 2013
  2. 2. Common CharacteristicsMulti-technology: Simultaneous andefficient management for multiple locationsources, networks and technologiesSecurity: Secure access control to theinfrastructure and servicesPrivacy: Multiples subscription scenarios,anonymity and mechanisms to control thelocation permissionsComplete API: Including Provision,Location, Messaging and Notification to aquick and efficient LBS services deploymentHigh performance and scalabilityExternal data sources integrationPlatforms which enable indoor, outdoor,global and accurate location services
  3. 3. Geo Location Platform Service/ Service/ MNO’s MNO’s App 2 … App n Marketing Network SIM Locator
  4. 4. Middleware: GPPGPP: Architecture Genasys Positioning Platform (GPP) Public / Private APIPrivate API Public / Security Mgr Privacy Mgr System Tools Notify Positioning Geoserver Mgr Broker Accessor GMPB GBS SIMLocator System System System TETRAPOL
  5. 5. Middleware: GeoFencing PlatformGenasys GeoFencing platform allows tocontrol when the users enter or exit fromparticular areasIt can be complemented with mobilecomponents and/or integrated with passivelocation systems e.g. TrafficaTherefore makes possible new services asLocation Based Advertising or 112 WarningSystems
  6. 6. Middleware: Main ComponentsPublic/ Private API SecurityComplete set of services to: Authentication:• Develop any location application • IP filtering and secure communications• Internal control • Access control per applicationBenefits: Authorization:• Minimizes developing time and costs • Permission management and lists• Maximizes services added value (black/white) • Control of the available credits and paymentsPrivacy System ToolsEssential to fulfill law requirements Complete set of tools:Location parameters: • Application Provisioning• Locatable (per service), schedules… • System AdministrationUser notification (essential): • Monitoring• Informed consent • StatisticsPrivacy control tools for the user
  7. 7. Middleware: GeoServer-FRACSThe GeoServer Component enablesadvanced spatial services• Simultaneous management of several external data sources: carto providers, points of interest, customer’s carto, etc.• Direct and inverse geo-code• Delivery of maps in the requested format• Information layer management• Overlapping of figures and geometric analysis• Searching of elements inside a particular area• Fractal Models: adding value to the location data to make it more understandable to the user
  8. 8. Middleware: GeoFencing ServerThe GeoFencing server is the key system ofthe geofencing platformAlert zone definition• Several areas for a particular alert• Dynamic alert zones• Any geometrical figureSmart tracking management:• Dynamic re-location period• Different location technologies depending on the distance to the alert areaIntegration of passive location sources(Presence Servers)Control of the notification to the usersMulti triggering conditions
  9. 9. Middleware: Positioning BrokerConnection to any available location source,selecting the most suitable in each case:• Control Plane Location Servers: GMLC, Tetrapol, A-GPS, Mobility Gateways• GPS devices• Mobile components (User Plane)Location source selection depending on theapplication, its availability and the business modelDeploying components on the device (GMPB ySIM Locator):• Location sources of the device: GPS, WiFi• Advanced indoor location• Global location, in every country
  10. 10. GMPB: Genasys Mobile Positioning BrokerGMPB App1 App1 AppN• Installed on the Operating System …• Location Tech: Server CGI, GPS, WiFi , NFC• Global roaming location• Interface with: Apps • Server Side: SMS/GPRS (Push) (x,y) Address GSDP • Internal LBS Applications (SDK library) GMPB• QoP Mgr: Allowing the Selection of GBS loc. Technology available Cell ID GPS• Minimize battery consume (GPS WiFi MACS Track Time)• Alarm Zone defined by list of Cells and Circular Area (Point/Radius) Cell ID ExternalDB
  11. 11. SIM Locator App1 App1 AppN …SIM Locator• Installed on the SIM Card (OTA)• Location Tech: Server CGI, enhanced with TA and RxLev, and (x,y) using information about Apps Address neighborhood cells. GMPB Server• Global roaming location with GBS• Interface with the Server Side based on SMS SIM GBS Locator Cell ID Cell ID ExternalDB
  12. 12. GBS: Genasys Base Station ServerGBS makes possible to locate mobile users • Independently of their MNOs • Globally, no matter the country they GPP/GPPm LBS are located LBSFor MNOs it is the opportunity to improvetheir location accuracy: Global BTS Server • CGI Location data more accurate than BTS PROVIDERS CLIENTS CACHE DB DB MNO’s BTS DB Multi Provider Accessors Ext. Provider Ext. Provider Ext. Provider MNO ….. • WiFi Location Accessor Accessor AccessorReliable, as it can be connected to several API BTS DB ….. API BTS DBdata providers BTS_Provider BTS_ProviderBTS_Cache to minimize response delaysQuality of Service Management
  13. 13. HAZ: Application Development Engine“HAZ”, platform for a fast deployment ofapplicationsHigh added value: • Location: one-time, tracks • Multi location technologies: CGI, GPS, WiFi, NFC • Presence control • Real time events management • Tasks and activity management • MessagingMakes easier the integration with customer’ssystems (ERPs, CRMs, etc.)Quick deployment, web control interfaces
  14. 14. Thanks