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  1. 1. The golden question: What doesa service different from another? How much care do each store took on the appearance, order, space distribution and other elements? [of course, no creative design]
  2. 2. • When a service is planed, a bunch of factors and details are considered… or simply missed• As it’s obviously determined by budget and goals, we decited to visit same-line different stores at a single shopping center in Santiago of Chile. • NEXT
  3. 3. • So we made six observations of two kinds of stores.A. Three clothing stores:“Banana Republic”, very fine stuff“Trial”, middle fine stuff“Zara”, middle casual stuff• Won’t bore you, just some remarks…
  4. 4. 1. If you got the money, you’ll maybe hire some talenteddesigners and carpenters for creating these fine wood built-inopen closets and dispose a very wide space for a fewproducts.BUT… If you pay attention to what professionals plan, you maytake an advantage deciding carefully good light conditions,low volume soft 80s songs, cash register at the back-side ofthe store, wide mirrors for dressers, store-like dressed andadvertising-alike sellers and, of course, competitive prices toavoid clients just floating around.
  5. 5. 2. Please don’t watch visitors as they look at products,and let them take a sit just for relax! Avoid dark places forselling clothes. Don’t expect clients to see your storeshine.3. Why this disorder?You won’t like your clients to perceive your store as ahousehold mess or a factory, will you?
  6. 6. • Three more experiments…B. Three restaurants:“Lizarran”, snack, bar and restaurant.“Tanta”, snack, bar and restaurant.“Santabrasa”, roasted beef.• And again, pals, just some remarks (you already guessed the first example is my perfect model)…
  7. 7. 1. If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, please doconsider these basic design regards: follow straight lines, trycovering the flames of your candles, don’t fear to decoratewalls with original design. Also make sure your employeestake along very well. If halloween is near, try some nice detail.Man, is there a great football match on TV?
  8. 8. 2. Don’t drawn people in sunshade… moreover if yourinside a shopping center.3. Don’t dare breaking movement, straight lines. Whereshould I go now?4. Would you consider low lights if you’re selling beef?...Maybe it’s like primitives’ caves. But people don’t seemto care and they can smell the product from far away.
  9. 9. Well…Many thanks for you time and see you soon!!
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