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Fasoo Company And Product Information
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Fasoo Company And Product Information


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Presentation showcasing Fasoo as a best of breed DRM software company.

Presentation showcasing Fasoo as a best of breed DRM software company.

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  • 2 장으로 수정 , 엔터프라이즈 컨수머 , 제품소개 , 스패로우
  • Transcript

    • 1. Company and Product Information November, 2009
    • 2. Contents
      • Corporate Identity, Data & History
      • Business Area
      • Enterprise DRM Market Trends
      • Enterprise DRM Business Overview
      • Fasoo’s Enterprise DRM Suites
      • Product Information (FSD/E/N/F/P, XDRM)
      • Competitive Landscape
      • References
      • Product Roadmap
      • Vision
    • 3. Corporate Identity, Data & History
      • Corporate Identity
        • Fasoo is a Korean computer software vendor specialized in consumer & enterprise digital rights management (DRM) and static programming analysis (SPA or SCA).
        • Spin-out company from Samsung SDS ( http:// ), partnering with InterTrust ( http:// ).
      • Corporate Data
        • Company name:, Inc.
        • Head office: Nuritkum Square, Business Tower Fl. 17,
        • 1605 Sangam-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea (121-795)
        • Date established: June 8, 2000
        • Founder & CEO: Kyugon Cho
        • Number of employees: 140 (as of April, 2009)
        • Outline of operations: Software (Solution, SaaS), IT Consulting
      • Phase III (2006 ~ …)
      • 06.04 Participated in **Gilbane
      • **Gilbane is CMS related conference in US
      • 06.05 Launched XDRM, a DRM system in a network appliance type
      • 06.08 Developed DRM for PMP
      • 07.01 ‘The First Prize’ of the Korea S/W Competitiveness Award
      • 07.05 Launched Source Programming Analysis software “Sparrow”
      • 07.08 Launched the Innovative DRM Solution “DRM ONE for Professionals”
      • 08.03 Participated in ‘SecurME Congress’ in Dubai, UAE
      • 08.03 Participated in ***AIIM 2008
      • ***AIIM is enterprise solution related conference in US
      • Phase I (1999 ~ 2002)
        • ’ 99.02 Formed a taskforce for DRM in Samsung SDS
        • ’ 00.06 Founded Fasoo
        • ’ 00.07 Launched the world first commercial DRM service
        • ’ 01.09 Deployed DRM for educational broadcasting system
        • ’ 01.11 Released FSD, DRM solution for enterprise document server
        • ’ 02.09 Released Wrapsody, DRM solution for P2P
        • ’ 02.12 Developed *CMH DRM platform, a patent pending DRM client technology based on overriding technology
      • *CMH: Certified Message Hooking
      • Phase II (2003 ~ 2005)
      • ’ 03.05 Deployed DRM throughout Samsung Group (32 affiliates)
      • ’ 04.04 Deployed DRM system for NHN Naver, the largest Internet Portal in Korea
      • ’ 04.11 Participated in ‘DRM Strategies 2004
      • ’ 05.05 Co-developed multi-platform DRM with ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
      • ’ 05.04 Distribution Contract with HITACHI SAS and iSiD in Japan
      • ’ 05.04 Developed DRM for PDA
      • ’ 05.07 Participated in ‘DRM Strategies 2005’
      • ’ 05.12 Developed OMA 2.0 DRM
    • 4. Business Area
      • Digital Rights Management
      • Static Programming Analysis
    • 5. Enterprise DRM Market Trends
      • Driving Factors of Enterprise DRM Market
      • Compliance
        • SOX (2002), HIPPA (1996), Basel II (2004) and FRCP e-Discovery (2006) compliance drives the market in the US, requiring E-DRM in most private and public organizations.
        • Privacy Protection Act in Korea and Japan requires E-DRM in most organizations.
      • Increasing cases of information leaks
        • Organizations began to realize that most information leaks are committed by insiders, ex-employees or partners and that the damage rate could be a helpless ‘threat’ to competitiveness.
        • From "2006 Annual Study: Cost of a Data Breach": Lost or stolen customer information cost surveyed companies as much as $22 million. Average cost per lost customer record was $182. Incremental expenditures alone averaged $1.4 million per incident.
      • Enterprise DRM Market Responses
      • The waves of M&A
        • Adobe acquired FileLine DRM division of Navisware (January, 2006).
        • EMC acquired Authentica (March, 2006).
        • Stellent acquired SealedMedia (August, 2006)
        • *Oracle acquired Stellent (November, 2006)
      • Market status
        • Turning to a tornado market, but with no dominant player yet. Currently segmented by Microsoft,, Adobe, EMC (Authentica), Oracle(SealedMedia), and Liquid Machines.
        • ECM vendors began to recognize Enterprise DRM as its fundamental security infrastructure.
        • MFP vendors began to integrate DRM solution into their systems
        • The first comprehensive market study for Enterprise DRM is published in June, 2008, by Gilbane Group, reflecting the current E-DRM market growth
      Granularity of Controls Protection of data in transit Protection of data at rest Protection of data in use Usage Access Inter-organization Communication Knowledge Management Regulatory Compliance Enterprise DRM Data Loss Prevention Public Key Infrastructure Enterprise Content Management Network Transport Encryption Full Disk Encryption
    • 6. Enterprise DRM Business Overview
      • Background
      • Increased risk of losing confidential information: The volume of documents shared explodes due to the successful adoption of document distribution/management systems. Loss of data from insiders are increasing dramatically.
      • Existing security solutions are effective to protect from outsiders but fail to prevent document leak by authorized users (insiders)
      • Requirements of Enterprise DRM
      • Organizations is seeking for a solution that controls, secures and tracks sensitive documents persistently, including authorized use.
      • Persistent protection of sensitive documents
        • Protecting information, even after it has been delivered, is strongly required in the market.
        • Enables persistent control of document use
          • Who and where (device, network address, …)
          • How (View, Print, Edit, Copy/Paste, Screen capture, Revoke, … )
          • When (period, how long, how many, …)
        • Tracks the log of document usages
        • Systematic solution against document leak by the authorized users (solution for insider threat management).
      Authorized User Authorized User Unauthorized User File-server Application Systems (EDMS, KMS, etc.) Unauthorized User Unauthorized User Unauthorized User Partner Hackers Firewall, IDS, VPN, Date encryption, Authentication, ACL, PKI, …
    • 7. Fasoo’s Enterprise DRM Suites
      • Fasoo Enterprise DRM Suites
      • The first comprehensive & systematic solution for insider threat management since 2001 (Consumer DRM solution since 2000).
      • To meet all the complicated document security needs throughout the full document lifecycles & workflows.
      • Easy to integrate with existing systems (Providing SDK for authentication, packaging, policy management).
      • To support all sorts of documents/files/content being circulated in the everyday enterprise work environment.
      • Incremental deployment and fast implementation guided by Fasoo E-DRM Consulting Service for document security & policy.
      • Proven security, reliability and scalability through over 600 deployments on more than millions of transaction for 24/7/365.
      • Fasoo Enterprise DRM Products
      • Protecting Documents throughout the Full Lifecycles
      • Easy to Integrate with Existing Application Systems
      Approval process Secure print E-mail delivery Archive Create document Input/Create Management Output Storage Products Persistent Protection of FSD Documents managed from server apps FSE Documents shared with partners or customers FSN Documents created/edited from PC FSF Documents managed from File-servers FSP Printout by enforcing watermark incl. virtual printing XDRM Web content against unauthorized capture, copy or print Create View DRM Packager Developer DRM Packager DRM Packager DRM Packager DMS KMS SAP Groupware DRM Client Policy Manager Licensing Usage Tracing DRM Server (1) Upload (2) Download (DRM Encryption) Packager API Policy Management API Authentication API User Directory API HR DB, ACL, AD, LDAP (3) Permission request (4) Permission check (5) Mapping permission (6) Issuing license (7) Tracing /Auditing Usage
    • 8. FSD & FSE
      • About FSD (Fasoo Secure Document)
      • FSD is information security solution that controls, secures and tracks sensitive documents used and stored in server apps (CMS, PDM, …).
      • FSD Server module is controlling and governing document usage by users, groups or documents.
      • FSD Packager module can be integrated with server apps using API to Package (converting a normal document to the DRM document) documents at download or upload action.
      • FSD Client module is generally integrated with existing authentication of the server apps (SSO) using API, SDK.
      • FSD features dynamic permission (View, Print, Edit, Screen Capture) control and advanced setting (Validity time, Valid count of PC/View, Revoke, Offline usage)
      • System Architecture of FSD ( Download Packaging Case)
      • About FSE (Fasoo Secure Exchange)
      • FSE is information security solution that controls, secures and tracks sensitive documents shared with partners and customers.
      • FSE Server module is controlling and governing document usage by recipients and recipients’ PC environments.
      • FSE Packager module can be integrated with server apps (CMS, Web collaboration, …) or users’ PC (Outlook, Workflow apps, …) to Package documents prior to the delivery (E-mail, FTP, CD, DVD, …).
      • FSE is using proprietary E-mail validation based authentication that does not require management of AD, LDAP, …
      • FSE features permission control (View, Print, Edit, Screen Capture) and advanced setting (Validity time, Valid count of PC/View, Revoke, Offline usage, Recipient read).
      • System Architecture of FSE ( E-mail Delivery Case)
    • 9. FSN & FSF
      • About FSN (Fasoo Secure Node)
      • FSN is information security solution that controls, secures and tracks sensitive documents newly created by users (shared & edited).
      • FSN Server module is controlling and governing document usage by users, groups or documents.
      • FSN Packager module is integrated on each users’ PC (with FSN Client) to Package documents based on the pre-configured policy.
      • FSN Client module is generally integrated with existing authentication of the server apps, other Fasoo E-DRM Products (SSO) or as a standalone.
      • FSN features dynamic permission (View, Print, Edit, Screen Capture) control and advanced setting (Validity time, Valid count of PC/View, Revoke, Offline usage).
      • System Architecture of FSN
      • About FSF (Fasoo Secure File-server)
      • FSF is information security solution that controls, secures and tracks sensitive documents used and stored in Microsoft Windows Server (File-server).
      • FSF Server module is controlling and governing document usage by users, groups or documents.
      • FSF Packager module is integrated on the File-server to Package documents at upload action.
      • FSF Client module is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory.
      • FSF features dynamic permission (View, Print, Edit, Screen Capture) control and advanced setting (Validity time, Valid count of PC/View, Revoke).
      • System Architecture of FSF
    • 10. FSP & XDRM
      • About FSP (Fasoo Secure Print)
      • FSP is printout management solution that enforces watermark (including users’ name, team, department, organization, logo, time & date) and tracks both normal and DRM documents.
      • FSP Server module is controlling and governing printout by users, groups or documents.
      • FSP Client module is installed on each user’s PC (with other Fasoo E-DRM Client) to control and enforce watermark on printable documents based on the pre-configured policy, even from virtual printers.
      • FSP features watermark editing tool (text & image), print log management (text or image), supporting virtual print (not print driver based), print policy based on users, groups and documents, offline authentication.
      • System Architecture of FSP
      • About XDRM
      • XDRM is information security appliance that controls, secures sensitive content renders via Microsoft Internet Explorer.
      • XDRM is controlling access of content by Web pages without any changes on source code of Web pages.
      • XDRM Packager module is adding Fasoo Script on each Web pages (sub-URL) and encrypt the content.
      • XDRM Client module is decrypting the content by given permission and restrict unauthorized attempts like copy/paste, screen capture, virtual OS, …
      • XDRM features dynamic permission (View, Print, View source, Save as file, Screen Capture) control.
      • System Architecture of XDRM
    • 11.
      • Comparing DRM Core Technology
      • Supported Apps & File Formats
      • Security Domain Coverage
      • Supported CMS & Rendering Apps
      Competitive Landscape High Low High Security Any application Limited 2) Limited 1) Applicability EMC, Oracle Plug-In Fasoo Microsoft Vendors Overriding (Hooking) Embedded 1) Applicable only if its source code is available 2) Applicable when Plug-in is allowed Comparison of DRM Client Technologies Applications & File Formats Supported by Fasoo’s E- DRM Suites psd, ai, bmp, tiff, jpg, gif, png Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint, ACD See Image Files avi, mpg, mpeg, mp3, wma, wmv, asf, mid, wav Windows Media Player Multi Media Files dwg, catpart, catproduct, prt, asm, mf1, mf2, sldprt, sldasm Autocad, Catia, Pro-E, I-deas, Solid Works CAD Documents doc, xls, ppt, pdf, hwp Microsoft Office, Acrobat, Area Hangul, Notepad, WordPad Documents Typical File Formats 3) Native Applications 3) 3) Upon request, others can also be supportable Comparison of Security Domains 1) Supported * **** Liquid Machines ** ** * Microsoft * * Adobe ** * * **** Oracle * ** EMC ** ***** ***** ***** Fasoo Web Ad-hoc PC Server App Content Management Solutions Rendering Applications MS Office Adobe Acrobat CAD Others Others Documentum Stellent Fasoo’s DRM Client technology allows wide range of permission controls by controlling rendering apps Other DRM vendors’ solution does not cover all security domain (e.g., file creation) Organizations are using variety of rendering apps, yet other vendors only support limited apps. DRM solution must support multiple server applications, DMS, KMS, CMS, etc.
    • 12. References
      • Partial List of Customers & Partners
      • Global Awareness
      ◀ Nikkei (Jun . 10, 2005) ◀ (Aug. 16, 2007) ▼ Gilbane Group E-DRM Report (Aug, 2008) Korea-based, on the other hands, is attempting to cover many different corners of the DRM map, all at once. Fasoo makes separate DRM products for PCs, Web sites, enterprise servers, file servers, and P2P, said Gyubong Kim, director of the vendor’s Business Division, during a conversation with Ziff Davis Internet. A more recent approach, known as application rewriting, involves patching the application's machine code at runtime so that instead of performing I/O operations, the application first calls the DRM engine to determine whether the user has the rights to those operations. Liquid Machines and of South Korea use this approach.
    • 13. Product Roadmap
      • Expanding Coverage
      • Enhancement of technology empowering security & usability.
      • Diversifying Product Line
      • Expanding the DRM service coverage to professional document types such as CAD, GIS, graphic, code, …
      Office, PDF, CAD / IE / Windows GIS, Source Code, Graphic / FF / Windows (64-bit) Open Office / Chrome / Mac , Linux, Unix *Rendering Apps / Web Browser / Operating System DRM Solution for Professionals DRM ONE for CAD DRM ONE for GIS DRM ONE for GRAPHIC DRM ONE for CODE
    • 14. Vision Expanding E-DRM Coverage and Product Line to Professional Area, such as CAD, Graphic, GIS, Code Making E-DRM as an Essential Enterprise Solution Establishing Fasoo E-DRM as a “de Facto” Standard