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Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Collaborating with Document Workspaces Anne Archambault - Program Manager March 13, 2003
    • 2. Agenda
      • Scenario & User Goals
      • DEMO
      • Shared Workspace Pane
      • Document Workspace
        • Minimum
        • Minimum User Requirements
        • WSS Setup for Document Workspaces
        • Working with Multiple Workspaces
        • Integration with SharePoint Portal Server
        • Object Model
        • Policy Settings
    • 3. Typical Scenario
      • User must co-author annual report
      • Deadline is in 2 weeks
      • Team includes a handful of contributors (writers, editor, designer, etc…)
      • Each contributor plays a different role and has a set of tasks to accomplish
      • Several additional resources beside the draft report itself (link to previous year’s report, pictures, budget, etc…)
      • Start over again every year
    • 4. User Goals
      • I need other people’s input:
        • Comments & revisions
        • Live interactions (chats, meetings, etc…)
        • Related files and information
      • I want to minimize overheads & delays
        • Don’t want to setup a server
        • Avoid multiple forked versions
        • Avoid bottlenecks
        • Avoid document content being out of date
        • Work around file being locked
      • I want to track progress
    • 5. Ad-Hoc Collaborative Authoring Today
      • **Email**
      • Authoring applications
        • Word
        • Excel
        • PowerPoint
      • Groupware tools (STS, Groove)
      • Real-time collaboration tools (instant messaging, conferencing, application sharing)
    • 6. Ad-Hoc Collaborative Authoring Office 11
      • Combining the best approaches…
      • E-mail’s ease of getting started
      • WSS online file management and sharing
      • Editing functionality found in Office apps
      • = Document Workspaces!!
      • Capitalize on natural entry points
      • Supplement and integrate with existing tools
      • Minimize overhead of collaboration apparatus
      • Make organic growth straightforward -- from a shared attachement to a full-blown SharePoint team site
    • 7. Document Workspaces Anne Archambault Program Manager Authoring Services
    • 8. Shared Workspace Pane vs Document Workspaces
      • Shared Workspace Task Pane Office task pane which brings the collaboration context from a WSS server into the editing environment
      • Document Workspaces Specialized WSS template that provides streamlined ad-hoc collaboration, offline document editing and syncing, and improved version control
    • 9. Shared Workspace Pane vs Document Workspaces X X PowerPoint X Project X OneNote X X Visio X X Excel X X Word Document Workspace Shared Workspace pane
    • 10. Shared Workspace Pane Integration with WSS
      • Site membership
      • Lists: Tasks, Documents & Links
        • Displays oldest list in the site (Tasks & Links)
        • Displays the document library the current document is a part of
      • Versions History
      • Check-in / Check-out
      • Alert Me
      • WSS Properties
    • 11. Minimum User Requirements * Internet Explorer 5.0+ or Navigator 6.2+ Must Have Must Have Email account Optional Optional Instant Messenger Optional Must Have Office 11 Must Have Right to create workspace Must Have Must Have Browser* Must Have Must Have Access to WSS v2 server Use Workspace Create Workspace
    • 12. Entry Points to DWSs
      • Outlook
        • Shared Attachment option in the email Attachment pane
      • Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Visio
        • “ Create” button in the Shared Workspace pane
      • Windows SharePoint Services
        • “ Create Document Workspace” command in the document context menu
        • Create a new site and apply the DWS template
    • 13. Location Picker
      • The location picker lists:
        • “ My Site” – my personal site on SharePoint Portal
        • Up to 5 WSS sites where I recently created a workspace
        • Up to 5 WSS sites that I recently visited and where I have the right to create a workspace
    • 14. Fork and Publish to Source Windows SharePoint Server Document Workspace Create document workspace Publish to Source location Annual Report .doc Annual Report .doc
    • 15. WSS Setup for Workspaces
      • Administrators must grant right to create workspaces to site groups
      • Site Settings 
        • Allow site and workspace creation
    • 16. WSS Setup for Workspaces
      • Default
      •  Only administrators can create new workspaces
      • Right to create workspaces is inherited
    • 17. Managing Multiple Workspaces
      • Each WSS site provides a list of subwebs grouped by template type
      • List only includes immediate subwebs
      • Site Settings  Manage Sites & Workspaces
    • 18. Integration with SharePoint Portal
      • “ My Site” is default location in picker
      • Special web part in “My Site” lists all workspaces
    • 19. Shared Workspace Options
      • Shared Workspace  Options
    • 20. Policy Setting
      • Specify the location of “My Site”
      • Specify the MRU list for the location picker
      • Turn on/off the location discovery mechanism
      • Specify the Shared Workspace pane polling interval
      • Prevent/force the Shared Workspace pane from showing up automatically for WSS and DWS documents
      • Prevent/force the Shared Workspace pane from showing up automatically when there is important status information
      • Prevent/force the Attachment Options pane from showing up automatically
    • 21. Object Model
      • Programmatically provision a document workspace
      • Bulk manipulation of collaborative data
      • File synchronization
      • Object model does not drive the user interface
    • 22. Partner Opportunities
    • 23.
      • Q&A
      • [email_address]
    • 24.  
    • 25. Deadlines
      • Once the agenda is more complete, the IW partner team will send a meeting request to confirmed speakers to block their calendar.
      • February 28 - Draft 1 of PPTs is due by 5pm. Post in the "Draft 1 PPTs" folder at http://team/sites/iwpartners/March%20Partner%20Airlift/Forms/AllItems.aspx . 
      • March 3 to 7 - IW partner team will schedule 1on1 review sessions with speakers.
      • March 7 - Final draft of PPT is due by 5pm for inclusion in conf CD. Post in the “Final Drafts PPTs” folder at http://team/sites/iwpartners/March%20Partner%20Airlift/Forms/AllItems.aspx .
      • March 10 - Potential walk-through at Westin
      • March 11 to 13 - Actual Sessions at Airlift