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Viralzone: a web resource dedicated to viruses, by Patrick Masson, Chantal Hulo, Edouard De Castro, Lydie Bougueleret, Philippe Le Mercier and Ioannis Xenarios. …

Viralzone: a web resource dedicated to viruses, by Patrick Masson, Chantal Hulo, Edouard De Castro, Lydie Bougueleret, Philippe Le Mercier and Ioannis Xenarios.

Presented at the 5th International Biocuration Conference, hosted by PIR in Washington, DC, April 2-4, 2012.

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  • 1. ViralZone: a web resource dedicated to viruses Patrick Masson Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2. Objectives of ViralZone web resource● Capture and provide the most comprehensive information onviruses and related biological processes.● Bridge sequence data and textbook knowledge.Two entry points:-  At the virus level:-  Description page for each existing genus-  Link to annotation of the viral proteins in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot-  At the biological process level-  Viral ontology© 2012 SIB
  • 3. ViralZone HomepageViralZone ( © 2012 SIB
  • 4. Navigating to viral genus/families© 2012 SIB
  • 5. Genus description pageGenus LinksVirion TaxonomyShape, dimensions Reference strain genome and proteomeGenome HostsGene expression EpidemiologyReplication cycle © 2012 SIB
  • 6. Links to UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries By strain By protein name© 2012 SIB
  • 7. Viral ontology WHY ? - Enables large-scale integrative analysis of data in ways not possible through virus-centric resources HOW? - Define UniProtKB keywords to retrieve proteins by their shared function - They have been submitted to GO editorial board - These keywords are added to the corresponding viral entries - For each keyword: creation of a ViralZone description page RESULT - We created more than 100 viral keywords and ViralZone pages dedicated to these keywords. - We linked several thousands of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries to them.© 2012 SIB
  • 8. Viral ontology© 2012 SIB
  • 9. Host-virus interaction© 2012 SIB
  • 10. UniProtKB keyword example© 2012 SIB
  • 11. Keyword in UniProtKB© 2012 SIB
  • 12. Display of external dataCollaboration withChristian von Mering’sSIB group has alloweddisplaying STRING( pop-upscontent in ViralZone. © 2012 SIB
  • 13. Virus entry© 2012 SIB
  • 14. UniProtKB keyword example (2)572 entries © 2012 SIB
  • 15. Conclusion ViralZone is a continuously growing resource with: - 426 description pages of viruses linked to more than 16.000 UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries - About 110 pages of viral ontology also linked to several thousands UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries The website is regularly updated and widely used with about 23 000 visitors/ month including more than 15 000 unique visitors© 2012 SIB
  • 16. Future objectives (1) : Link viral description pages with ontology Cap snatching © 2012 SIB
  • 17. Future objectives (2) : Viral replication cycles© 2012 SIB
  • 18. Acknowledgments•  Philippe Le Mercier•  Lydie Bougueleret•  Edouard de Castro•  Chantal Hulo•  Sandrine Pilbout•  Sylvain Poux•  Ioannis Xenarios © 2012 SIB
  • 19. Thank You ViralZone ( ViralZone project is supported by the Swiss Federal Governmentthrough the Federal Office of Education and Science.