eBook: Online PR in Financial Services


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The best of both worlds: using new media technologies in financial serices

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eBook: Online PR in Financial Services

  1. 1. Online PR: hitting the communication ‘sweet spot’ 3 Understanding the context: financial services and the lucky country 4-8 How to get there: 10 steps to effective online PR 9 Online PR and the real world: case studies Where to next? 25-27 References 28
  2. 2. Welcome to the brave new world of online PR. That’s where online PR comes in. The aim? to further the reach of your brand and build the reputation of your organisation BlueChip Communication, Australia’s leading financial services communication firm, offers this eBook of tips and advice to help your company hit the online PR sweet spot.
  3. 3. the industry is showing stronger life signs than any of its offshore peers ours is a world-class retirement savings system. The proof? “the first 100 days” compulsory
  4. 4. Clint Eastwood’s classic character, Dirty Harry, asked a felon, staring down the barrel of Harry’s smoking .44 magnum “You gotta ask yourself, ‘do I feel lucky?’ Well… do ya punk?” very large smoking gun renowned global investment bank and leading Wall Street brand A year-and-a-bit after the ensuing market rout, the ‘where to now’ is still not entirely clear, even in our own lucky country, which managed to dodge the full impact of the bullet. reputations ripped and in tatters
  5. 5. Trust. Empathy. Respect. De-leverage de-risk Known brand? Deep pockets? A vanilla investment I can understand?
  6. 6. three separate Government-sponsored reviews Henry Cooper Ripoll overdose of regulation Meanwhile, back in market-land Investors and consumers, are feeling emboldened to ask questions and demand answers.
  7. 7. So what’s the upshot for the industry? never been a better time to make a clear split from what was wrong in the past maximising the opportunities offered by the many forms of communication ‘sweet spot’ of online PR.
  8. 8. Which brings us to the all important question of ‘How’. Online PR is about a lot more than your website – as important as that is. Rather, it’s about deciding on, and then developing, an integrated online presence spanning your choice of online tools and forums. And with planning, foresight and the right advice, you can make a serious start on it – either using your own internal resources or with the help of a partner. BlueChip Communication has compiled this list of the first 10 steps to get you on your way.
  9. 9. Whether you c hoose to get in you. Will you volved or not be involved in – people are ta that conversa lking about tion?* If you’re not participating it’s just gossip - get involved engage compelling point of contact audit: An online reputation
  10. 10. All your online activities MUST funnel to or reference your website goal of your online PR strategy will be achieved by driving visitors to your website Remember: easy to navigate easy to find memorable
  11. 11. search remains the dominant way for users to find a product or service on the Internet ind: Bear in m
  12. 12. “so often we lose direction by focusing on the shiny new object of social media*” long-term proposition requires planning what you will define as success
  13. 13. maximise the value your people achieve a common aim best convince employees value of getting on board by showing
  14. 14. an actionable plan It’s better to commit to less than to fail compelling and meaningful we can do it better Stick to it who is doing what, when & how?
  15. 15. Build up user experience, organisational ability and confidence by testing take the time to test practice internally to build momentum remember: It’s especially important to
  16. 16. Planning and preparation makes the implementation phase much simpler Stick with it. quality not just quantity Engage with your audiences online interactions are 24/7. Engage with others online demonstrate your expertise build a genuine sense of reciprocity
  17. 17. Do:
  18. 18. Be aware that in the online world, an ROI based on revenue may not be realistic in a medium that is new and untested Return on Objective focus on your objective measure it You can make the ROI more visible, sooner:
  19. 19. B2B SOCIAL MEDIA Background The role of social media Key take-outs for financial services:
  20. 20. Background The role of social media Key take-outs for financial services
  21. 21. Background The role of social media
  22. 22. Background The role of social media
  23. 23. Background rvices uts for f inancial se Key take-o The role of social media
  24. 24. 1. “the most popular marketing blog in the world”: 2. World Wide Rave 3. epicenter of the content marketing revolution 4. tips and techniques 5. world's largest blog
  25. 25. Carden C alder Paul Cheal