LLLWFD online event 9 July 2009


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Slides from the 9 July 2009 online event in Elluminate. Two breakout sessions to facilitate a speed networking process for the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development research projects in the JISC funded Institutional Innovation/ LLLWFD programme. Attended online by 28 participants.

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LLLWFD online event 9 July 2009

  1. 1. Welcome to Breakout session for LLLWFD projects - Making connections Online event : 9 July 2009 Presenting projects: HELLO TELSTAR ePPSME Co-genT WELL
  2. 2. HELLO Lucy Stone Leicester College
  3. 3. The HELLO project • Higher Education Lifelong Learning Opportunities • To enable students to build networks of communication, support and mentoring with peers, tutors, businesses and other HE institutions • http://hello.lec.ac.uk • Project would like to make contact with other projects around the following topic/s – Use of Moodle and Mahara – Support work based learners – Engaging employers • Contact: Lucy Stone lstone@lec.ac.uk 0116 2242047
  4. 4. TELSTAR Beverley Leeds & Amy Wright Lancashire Business School
  5. 5. Technology Enhanced Support for Learning & Training Accreditation Recognition Project The overall aim is to provide Contact Centre employers, employees and learning providers in the region with a learning framework and web portal including technology enabled systems and processes to assess, accredit and support business focused learning opportunities.
  6. 6. The specific objectives of TELSTAR are to: – Design and develop an online Learning Framework – Design and develop a Knowledge, Skills and Competencies Audit tool – Design and develop an Accreditation of Prior Learning Expert System – Implement an ePortfolio, reflective learning journal and CV builder – Supply online learning support materials – Provide a learning community that offers an online social network – Design and develop a Credit Recognition expert system – Implement a web portal
  7. 7. TELSTAR would like to make contact with other projects around the following topics – Employer Engagement – Accredited Prior Learning (Experiential & Credited) – Negotiated Learning – Credit Recognition of Employers Training – E-portfolios AYWright@uclan.ac.uk 01772 89 4698 www.telstarproject.ning.com
  8. 8. Alison Felce University of Wolverhampton Institute for Learning Enhancement
  9. 9. • Dev eloping an e-Portfolio based Pedagogy for SMEs • Main project goals: – Addressing specific needs of SME based learners – Bespoke e-portfolio based curricula – Range of work-based learning modules within flexible accreditation framework
  10. 10. • Contact with other projects around: – E-portfolio use / PebblePad – Culture change – Negotiated / personalised learning – Learner support (mentoring, on-line) • Contact person for assembly interest: – Alison Felce, a.e.felce@wlv.ac.uk, 01902 322361
  11. 11. Co-genT: Co-generative Toolkit Phil Gravestock University of Gloucestershire
  12. 12. The project Lead site: • University of Gloucestershire Partners: • University of Winchester • Western Vocational Lifelong Learning Network • Pebble Learning
  13. 13. The project Aim: • To support the co-generation of demand- led curriculum development Builds on: • Developments at the University of Gloucestershire, e.g. the Gloucestershire Framework for Personal and Professional Development
  14. 14. Would like to make contact... • ...with other project teams who have an interest in the vocabulary used by higher education and employers.
  15. 15. Contact details Project website: http:// resources.glos.ac.uk/tli/lets/projects/cogent / Contact (at assembly): Phil Gravestock pgravestock@glos.ac.uk 01242 714626
  16. 16. Workforce Engagement in Lifelong Learning (WELL) Ibrar Butt / Vicki Illingworth University of Bradford
  17. 17. WELL • Will create a flexible model of module/unit delivery that: – can be used on any academic programme – fits around employer and student needs rather than institutional timeframes and structures – encourages greater participation from learners in employment in a range of industries and business sectors • Project would like to make contact with other projects around the following topic/s – APL and accreditation of employers in-house training – Culture change from F/T UG to part-time work-based learning – Flexible curriculum delivery (e.g. Shell framework)
  18. 18. WELL Contact: Ibrar Butt, Project Officer 01274 235638 i.butt@bradford.ac.uk Escalate University of Bradford F34 Richmond Building Richmond Road Bradford BD7 1DP
  19. 19. TELSTAR WELL – Leicester Employer Engagement - APL and – Use of Moodle and - Accredited Prior Learning accreditation of Mahara (Experiential & Credited) employers in-house – Support work based training learners - Negotiated Learning - Credit Recognition of - Culture change – Engaging employers from F/T UG to part- Employers Training Lucy Stone -E-portfolios time work-based lstone@lec.ac.uk learning Amy Wright 0116 2242047 AYWright@uclan.ac.uk - Flexible curriculum http://hello.lec.ac.uk 01772 89 4770 delivery (e.g. Shell ePPPSME www.telstarproject.ning.com framework) Ibrar Butt - Bradford 01274 -E-portfolio use / PebblePad 235638 -Culture change Summary slide from i.butt@bradford.ac.uk -Negotiated / personalised sessions learning -Learner support Co-gentT (mentoring, on-line) Co-generation of demand-led curriculum development / Alison Felce, PPD a.e.felce@wlv.ac.uk, Phil Gravestock 01902 322361 http://resources.glos.ac.uk/tli/lets/projects/cogent/ pgravestock@glos.ac.uk 01242 714626