Software testing career and scope


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Software testing career and scope

  1. 1. Testing Online Training and Placement  All online software Training Batches will Be handled by Real time working Professionals only.  Live online training like Real time face to face, Instructor – student interaction. Good online training virtual class room environment.  Special Exercises and Assignments to make you self-confident on your course subject.  Interactive Sessions to update students with latest Developments on the particular course.  Flexible Batch Timings and proper timetable.  Affordable, decent and Flexible fee structure.  Extended Technical assistance even after completion of the course.  100% Job Assistance and Guidance. http://www.P2cinfotech.comEmail: / +1-732-546-3607(USA)
  2. 2. Software Testing Career and Scope Future of Software Testing is always good... as long as developers are developing projects we will be testing them and even when they stops developing then also we will test the enhancements and maintenance etc... Testing will always be needed FR EE Customer will never accept the product Without complete D testing .Scope of testing is always good as it gives everyone E a confidence of the work we all are doing...Its always good to add more processes while doing testing so that one M should not think that testing is a boring and easy O job....Process is very imp. for testing.
  3. 3. Testing Training online You will grow intellectually: I agree with you that in any field you would grow intellectually if you would show willingness to learn. Similarly software testing has huge scope to learn intellectually because your mind gets involved in many test ideas, bugs and bug reports. You will learn how to be creative: To find bugs you need to be creative. You need to come up with Ideas which would help you to find bugs. Because bugs are not so easy to find. You will learn to form your own judgment: I have seen people including me they would accept someone’s statement as it is without even bothering about the truth behind that statement. I stopped it because testing taught me that it’s quite harmful.
  4. 4. IT Online Training and Placement You will be wise in your thoughts: When you learn how to find bugs and how you need to convince stakeholders that this would impact customer or their business then you would start getting real business sense and customers. You would soon find yourself learning customer’s business and get involved in it. You will improve your skills: As tester would need communication, observation, judgement, analytical, problem solving and questioning skills. Testing would help you to improve your skills and that becomes your asset for your career. You will form good habits: Human is bundle of habits. I know it’s quite tough to form a new habit because it requires lot of practice. When you would start taking interest in this field you will learn that you need to read books, articles and blogs. You make a habit of reading which is good because that would help to learn testing better way. You try to be with likeminded people because you also want to share your thoughts and
  5. 5. Testing Job Oriented Training in USA You will be a creator: The time would come in your career where you would stop using anyone’s testing methodology and you would create your own. Every new project you would find an opportunity to create new methodology. Isn’t it great? FR EE You will start accepting challenges: We realize that this D generation is completely digital and every minute technology is changing. When you would start learning new domain, technologies E M and test techniques then this kind of attitude would help you to survive in this ever changing digital generation. O
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