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Web 2 Websites
Web 2 Websites
Web 2 Websites
Web 2 Websites
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Web 2 Websites


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List of websites for teachers to learn about using wikis, blogs, and some web 2.0 tools.

List of websites for teachers to learn about using wikis, blogs, and some web 2.0 tools.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Web 2.0 Tools Suggestions of tools a teacher may use to engage students in learning are listed below. GotoWeb2.0 – free and subscription sites that promote interactivity with learning Teacher Blogs for parents and students: • • • • Mr. Tubbs, fifth grade teacher, great example of teacher blog Math Classroom Blog Forum Examples Wiki Samples: School Climate Blog Use the Categories list in the right side bar to select a blog of your interest. 21 Classes website for blogging with students Free with samples of how some teachers are using blogs with their students. Links to school Bloggers Educational Blog Blogger – create your own blog free Sample blog: download word press for use
  • 2. Blog about blogging ethics on-the-brink-time-to-set-standards/? src=keyword_s=ggl_K=GuidelinesForBlogging_C=Responsibility_G=BloggingBrink_Guidel ines_M=broad One teacher’s rules for safe blogging Another teachers rules for safe blogging How to use Blogs in Grades 3-5 Blog ideas for the classroom How to Use Blogs in the Classroom heClassr.html 33 ideas for using a blog in the classroom classroom-and.html The Cool Cat Teacher – lots of ideas for Web 2.0 tools in the classroom Blogmeister – free blogs Classroom wikis • Sites to See: Get Wild About Wikis! • How can I use a wiki in the classroom • How we use wikis in class • 50 Ways to use wikis in a more collaborative/interactive way collaborative-and-interactive-classroom/
  • 3. • Wiki ideas from Teachersfirst • Create your own wiki site for free Here are some popular bookmarking sites for you to explore: • • • MySpace - Facebook - Twitter - Flickr - Second Life - wisl&gclid=CMzO3OCZkKACFVZS2godjH5LeQ EFL/ESL learning song lyrics – Interesting way to help ESL students learn English Sample Whitney Huston “I will always love you”  not working …but good idea for digital story telling. 5 card story -- designed to foster visual thinking Write your autobiography Notetaking site- set up courses, take notes, track assignments, lots of external tools. Takes time to set up, has some value for organizing your assignments and notes.
  • 4. online storage of documents, can be shared with others, used for presentations, etc. sharable web spreadsheets. Web Notes – free for lite Wordahead – vocabulary sites – video, teachers, forum, study room, word lists,