Mikes student life at DMU .


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An example of a presentation I showed to post 16 students and families, show what uni life brought for me personally.

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  • A Levels at De Lisle Science Cathoic College (NO MEDIA!) Do something I enjoy and get a career out of it. Close to home + AMAZING Facilities What I wanted to do when I graduated Travel/Media Company or set up my own.
  • I enjoy tv and the media. Social networking, films. = Media Production BSc (the best) Facilities really attracted me and because of the high graduation stats and employability after. Aslo the BBC contacts. I looked at local universities, UCAS and their courses, looked at their student union and had open days.
  • Why come to uni? Met so many new friends, and got involved with so much as well as learning essential skils: cooking, cleaning, washing, budgeting, time planning, organising. First 2 years I wasn’t involved in many societies, now I am. I have volunteered others haven't. One reason I lived at home was for that reason.
  • Electronic labs downstairs in queens Electronic and mechanical engineering labs! Engineering. Electrical and Mechanical engineering, mechatronics
  • 8 floors 80 computers. 20pcs and 60 macs Big enough for group work Each floor plus lecture theatres!
  • 8 floors 80 computers. 20pcs and 60 macs Big enough for group work Each floor plus lecture theatres! Electronic labs downstairs in queens
  • Whether you’re an audio recording tech, music or media production. We have fantastic facilities here. Photography studios Amazing computers! Mac and PC Green Screen Studuios TV studios Eequipment Recording Studios ALL IN 1 BUILDING! CTS!
  • Level 1 – Wednesday and Saturdays 27 different sports clubs – martial arts, equestrian, rugby, football, golf, hurley, armican football etc– full list online Over 80 different societies! Make your own, theatre, criminology, fashion gaming,
  • Dmu racing has been successful. Car now built and ready to be raced. Raising money to go to Nuremberg. With the rise of smart phones and kindles and so forth, students have asked for a club to be set up to understand it all and the technical aspects such as circuit boards, CAD software, soldering and so on.
  • Friend Emma taking part in the 24 hour game challenge to programme a game for children. Online community with virtual pets. Business! Go MAD Thinking ; a games programming business based in the Innovation Centre at De Montfort University. 
  • £45 – dry classes and courts £67.50 – pool, courts, wet classes, sauna, 82.50 – gym, dry classes and courts 150 – everything Also pure gym nearby
  • Climbing club Lessons Fitness sessions/ weights training with staff members
  • 8 floors 80 computers. 20pcs and 60 macs Big enough for group work Each floor plus lecture theatres!
  • Also other libraries Law library Green house library Eric wood building Staff – help in maths, in library printing etc.
  • Have to plan between socials life and uni work. Ill give an example on the next slide. All planned for you, here you have your hours, choose to go or not, and when to work. Not many lectures for me. 2 hour max. 3-4 Lectures, mostly an hour. Seminars planned for those who need extra help. 1 st year one for maths. Tutors and lecturers always there for you via email and office. A lot of group work in media production. TV show, your own video people still get involved. Radio etc. Independent study is important show next sides.
  • Thursday I go home, but even then I still work.
  • Lucky to find mine. Via my course mate. A lot of people from course move in together or with flat mates they get on with. VICTORIA HALLS FILBERT LIBERTY PARK NEWARKE POINT from £80 a week. CODE buildings and many other near by places
  • Its not always go out and get drunk, Freshers week I went to a Film Quiz! Theatre Society, Rock Society, TKD, FUSE mentoring, Cyber Mentoring Love my card, gonna miss it next year. Talk about photos DAVE! Alistair mc gowen and sean walsh SU (injuction and klimax) REVS, MOSH, Republic, Liquid, Firebug,
  • Theatre Society, Rock Society, TKD, FUSE mentoring, Cyber Mentoring, Demon Media WHAT DID YOU DO?
  • Talk about photos
  • BBC trainign academy in Evesham. Filmed old shows there. Doctor Who, CBBC. News show Games show Planning Production Tiring! Cheap Breakfast Close to nice area. WON £175 @ pub quiz!!!
  • Not moving out sooner. Too many to comment on, so comment on last one, Crawl Of Duty. Met so many new people. Come dine With me – Backwards. £175 @ that pub quiz. I never win! GET OUT THERE
  • Mikes student life at DMU .

    1. 1. THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE Presented by: Mike
    2. 2. ALL ABOUT ME…. • Before I went to university • Why I decided to go to university • Why I chose my university • What I wanted to do when I graduated
    3. 3. CHOOSING YOUR COURSE • Do your research!! • UCAS • Consider the 5 C’s Course City Campus Cost Career • How I decided what subject to study • Why I chose my course at DMU • How I researched university • Open Days
    4. 4. STUDENT LIFE • New and exciting experience • Best years of your life • Everyone’s experience is different • The balance between social and study life (It’s not just about partying!)
    5. 5. • Mechanical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Mechatronics FACILITIES
    6. 6. FACILITIES • Computer Security • Computer Science • Forensic Computing • Software Engineering • Computer Games Programming • AI with Robotics • ICT • Business information systems • Computing for business
    7. 7. FACILITIES
    8. 8. FACILITIES
    9. 9. • Who likes football? • Who’s into fashion? • Any Dancers or even magicians here? • Politics?
    10. 10. SU • 80+ Societies • 27+ Sports Clubs • Demon Media • Volunteer • Level 1 – Bar, cafe • HELP • SU Lets • Secs Clinic • “a clinic for students, by students” • techWE ARE GREEN!
    11. 11. TECHNOLOGY ACTIVITIES • DMU RACING • Electronics club (rise of smart phones etc.)
    12. 12. TECHNOLOGY ACTIVITIES • Robots • Gaming
    13. 13. QE2 LEISURE CENTRE • Yearly memberships from £45- £150
    14. 14. QE2 LEISURE CENTRE • A 25 metre six lane swimming pool • Poolside sauna • Climbing wall • Eight court sports hall • Fitness suite • Free weights area • Dance studio • Café
    15. 15. LIBRARY http://www.library.dmu.ac.uk/Home/Video/index.php?page=361
    16. 16. LIBRARY • Open 24/7 during term time • Access to: • Databases • Catalogues – books, journals, videos, dvds, • E books, E journals exam papers • Syndicate rooms • Digital • Computers • THE STAFF!
    17. 17. COURSE LIFE • Time management is key!! • Completely different to school/ college • Different modes of teaching: Lectures Seminars Tutors Group work Lab work Independent study • How I manage my time timetable • My lectures • My tutors/ lecturers • Independent study
    18. 18. UNIVERSITY LEARNING Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9 -10 Lecture TV Lab Post Production 10 – 11 Lab TV Lab Post Production 11 – 12 Lab TV 12 – 1 Lecture (week 1-7) Project 1 – 2 Lab Advanced Audio 2 – 3 Lecture Post Production Lab Advanced Audio 3 – 4 4 - 5 Lecture Advanced Audio
    19. 19. UNIVERSITY LEARNING Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9 -10 Lecture TV Lab Post Production 10 – 11 Lab TV Lab Post Production 11 – 12 Lab TV Audio work Research Edit Edit 12 – 1 Planning/Shoot Audio Work Lecture (week 1-7) Project Edit Edit 1 – 2 Planning/Shoot Lab Advanced Audio Project Edit Edit 2 – 3 Lecture Post Production Lab Advanced Audio Project Edit 3 – 4 Research Project Edit 4 - 5 Lecture Advanced Audio Project
    20. 20. ACCOMMODATION Living at home Security and support, the cheapest option, less independence, may miss out on some things University Halls of Residence Most popular choice, a brilliant way to meet people, sharing facilities, not guaranteed at some universities Renting privately Can choose who you live with, large variety and choice, may have to find your own
    21. 21. BUDGETI NG• How I budgeted my money…. • Bus Tickets – pay at the start of term using Maintenance Loan • Petrol – pay using Maintenance Loan • Bills - Maintenance Loan + Money saved from summer work • Food and socialising costs - £100 per week using money saved from part time job
    22. 22. BUDGETI NG • Top tips… • Shop wisely (take advantage of BOGOF’s) • Frozen food. • Don’t take your cash card out at night!!! • Dont take your wallet/purse during the day = PUB! • Make a pack lunch instead
    23. 23. SOCIAL LIFE• Fresher’s week • The Student’s Union - clubs and societies - themed nights - Summer and winter ball - advice and welfare • Varsity events & sports tours • Things to do in Leicester (Highcross, TIGERS/FOXES The Curve, Cultural Quarter, cinemas, bowling, restaurants, shopping…) • Student discount
    24. 24. GET INVOLVED! Volunteering Societies Sports Demon Media Work experience
    25. 25. NEW EXPERIENCES! http://www.youtube.com/user/moreoer
    26. 26. WOOD NORTON!
    27. 27. TOP TIPS •Save money now • Join a club or society whilst you’re at uni = NEW FRIENDS :D =NEW RELATIONSHIPS? :o • Start your research early! •GET OUT THERE!
    28. 28. • My biggest regrets... • My best night out... • My favourite dressing up outfit... • Something I’ll never forget.... • The best advice.....
    29. 29. ANY QUESTIONS?