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effects of smoking on children and adults
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effects of smoking on children and adults


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A powerpoint on smoking and its effects not only on adults but children aswell.

A powerpoint on smoking and its effects not only on adults but children aswell.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Smoking
  • 2. Why do people smoke?
    • Some people smoke because they
    • got into it from peer pressure,
    • others do it because they think its
    • sociable. And some people just use
    • it to release stress.
    A lot of children and adolescents get the habit from seeing their parents or family members smoke. THEY SMOKE BECAUSE OF YOU!
  • 3. What physical effects does smoking have on you?
    • You have 70% higher chance of a heart attack
    • Lung cancer is 10 times greater in smokers and 1 in 10 smokers DIE from this
    • Your life will be cut by10- 12 years
    • You have 29% higher chance of getting mouth, stomach, cervix, breast and pancreas cancer
  • 4.
    • Your lung tissue will start to break down
    • Breathing during, and after exercise becomes a lot harder
    • You will get wrinkles earlier
    • Your teeth will become very yellow
    • Clothes, hair and breath will smell bad
    • You will heal from illnesses and injuries slower
    • Cigarettes contain at least 400 toxic substances that can kill you will large intakes
  • 5. Have you thought about the effects on your children?
    • Babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy often weigh less when they are born than those who are born to non smoking mothers
    • Babies with mothers that smoke can develop issues such as learning disabilities and sudden infant death.
  • 6.
    • Between 200,000 and 1,000,000 kids with asthma have their condition worsened by second-hand smoke
    • Children in smoking households experience more painful ear infections then children who live in smoke free houses
    • Your children's lungs will receive a higher percentage of toxins and poisons due to the fact they breathe more, this means they are taking them in more than that of the young adults.
  • 7.
    • Children can develop a hearing or speech problem the more their parents smoke
    • Their immune system will be weaker and less protected
    • Your children’s body will not develop fully; their height and weight will be extremely affected.
    • Their physical and intellectual development is not fully developed and they may find it hard to do physical activities or intake new information.
  • 8. And what about the psychological effects?
    • From ages 4 and above they will think it is okay to smoke
    • Your children will think smoking does no harm to your body and your organs so they will start
    • They will think cigarette smoking is an acceptable way to handle stress and boredom
    • They will see smoking as a positive thing
  • 9. And what about how they feel?
    • For the children who know and understand the
    • effects on what smoking does to people, they
    • feel :
    • Scared, worried and afraid
    • Confused
    • Sad and angry
    • Like they have to be with you more
    • That they are not being heard
    • All of these can lead to them being a depressed child
  • 10. So why stop?
    • You should stop because it will improve your
    • breathing and health. You will feel and look
    • younger, in the long run you will live longer.
    • And the post important reason…
    Your children will not Grow up with out a parent!!