National Conferedration of Refrigeration Guids
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National Conferedration of Refrigeration Guids






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National Conferedration of Refrigeration Guids National Conferedration of Refrigeration Guids Presentation Transcript

  • Bundesinnungsverband des Deutschen KälteanlagenbauerhandwerksNational Confederation of Refrigeration Guilds Competence in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Bundesinnungsverband des Deutschen Kälteanlagenbauerhandwerks• Head organisation for the german trade refrigeration and air conditioning including heat pumps• Be in force through the Ministry of Trade and Commerce• Support for 19 regional guilds• Total about 1.100 member companies• Every year about 1.000 new young employees• 7 technical training center for practice courses• Looking after the interests of members• Tender an opinion to ministries• BIV is member of AREA
  • REAL SKILLS EUROPE Refrigerant Emissions And Leakage Skills for Europe REAL Skills Europe Training Scheme (e-learning) View slide
  • Introduction  REAL Skills Europe aims and best practice  What is the training?  Who is the training for?  What does it cover?  How does it differ from F-Gas training?  The REAL Skills Europe Register  How do I find out more?  How do I enrol? View slide
  • REAL Skills Europe (RSE) Aims  Increase awareness and understanding about refrigerant emissions and leakage  Share information and good practice  Provide practical information, guidance & tools  Guides for technicians, managers and owners  F Gas log and emissions calculators  Site survey & inspection methodology  Specialist training in leakage reduction skills  Comprehensive website  Free downloads  Multilingual – same materials and
  • Best Practice in Refrigerant Containment  Good initial design  Installation by competent (qualified) persons  Comprehensive pressure testing  Effective, proactive maintenance  Contractor – System Operator relationship  Agreed leak reduction policy  Technician skills (F-Gas sets minimum standard)  Site surveys to identify leakage reduction potential  Early leak detection (more frequent testing)  Good records (used to drive improvements)
  • What is the training?e-learning and REAL Skills Europe Register Four e-learning modules Online assessments (3 modules) Site survey assessment (module 4) CPD certificates (English language) REAL Skills Europe website listing for advisers Languages – Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek,
  • Who is the training for? •Service & Maintenance engineers  Enhance their knowledge/ practical skills •Equipment owners (end users)  Understand and quantify the impact of leakage  Be aware of legal and environmental obligations •Contract managers and consultants  help their customers develop effective leakage reduction
  • Module 1: Environmental, cost and legal aspects of refrigerant leakage Topics Assessment 1. Environmental impact of refrigerants and On-line via systems (GWP, ODP, TEWI, CO2 equivalent e-learning emissions) website 2. Calculating the financial cost of leakage. (invigilated 3. REAL Skills Europe calculators. assessment 4. Legal obligations under the F Gas required for regulation. RSE Gold CPD 5. Making a case for reduced leakage. certificate) 6. Generic information about common leak
  • Module 2: Reducing leakage through appropriate maintenance and service Topics Assessment 1. System maintenance regimes for minimum On-line via leakage. e-learning 2. Records for effective refrigerant website management. (invigilated 3. Direct leak testing methods (spray/ soapy assessment water, electronic, fluorescent additives, required for ultrasonic, checking leak detectors). RSE Gold CPD 4. Indirect leak testing methods. certificate) 5. Fixed leak detection systems. 6. How to reduce leak potential in existing
  • Module 3: Minimising Leakage – Good Practice for Design, Installation and Commissioning Topics Assessment 1. System design basics for minimum leakage On-line via (refrigerant type, system capacity, system e-learning design, refrigerant charge, head pressure, website components) (invigilated 2. Key pressures. assessment 3. Pipe design. required for RSE Gold 4. Over pressure protection. CPD 5. Installation for minimum leakage. certificate) 6. The importance of commissioning. 7. Fixed leak
  • Module 4: Reducing leakage through site specific surveys and advice Topics Assessment 1. Site surveys to identify areas where leakage Submission can be reduced (explaining the process to of a site end users, conducting the survey). survey report 2. Calculating the correct refrigerant charge from a amount. leakage 3. Preparing a strategy for leakage reduction reduction (use of data and historical records, survey equipment condition and age, compliance carried out in with legislation, assessing leakage accordance potential). with RSE methods 4. Preparation of reports with recommendations for leakage reduction
  • F-Gas vs RSE training – the difference F-Gas (EC 303/2008) REAL SKILLS EUROPE VET  Mandatory  Voluntary  Find/ fix leaks  Prevent leaks, provide advice  Categories 1 – 4  Additional skills (F-Gas +)  Refrigerant management  Site surveys and advice  Tools and templates  Good practice in  design and installation  service and
  • The REAL Skills Europe Register A listing of individuals who may be able to offer advice and guidance on leakage reduction to others. Requirements:  Experienced RAC engineer (EN 13313:2011 or similar)  Hold EC 303/2008 Category 1 certificate  Complete all 4 REAL Skills Europe e-learning modules and pass assessments under exam conditions (Gold CPD) Benefits:  Right to use the REAL Skills Europe logo and forms  Recognition of skills and environmental
  • How do I find out more? Enrol here for the e-learning English language release 4 July 2011
  • Download training guide from the
  • Example e-learning
  • How do I enrol?  Visit the website at  Select your language from the pull-down list  Select the training page  Click on the link to enrol  Training will be administered by the relevant RSE national partner organisation  After registering you will be give a username and password and link to the e-learning
  • Carbon emissions End user monitoring seminars tools e-learning Individual site reports Training Raising material Design the and use profile of Guidance the RAC Notes