Institutional set up, legal infrastructures, decision making and procedures to manage ODS and F-gases in the Czech republic

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  • 1. Institutional set-up, legal infrastructures, decision making and procedures to manage ODSand F-Gases in the Czech Republic Jana Borská Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic Department of Air Protection
  • 2. • Ministry of the Environment since 1 January 1990• Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol – 30 December 1990 (Czechoslovakia) – 1 January 1993 (Czech Republic)• Act No 86/2002 Coll., Air protection – Ozone depleting substances (production, import, export) – Recovery and leakage checks only with a licence by MoE• Amendment in 2008 – Implementation of EU Regulation on F-gases
  • 3. Financial support • SEF (State Environmental Fund) • „Ozone account“ – money by producers and importers of ODSs in previous years• Sponsored projects – Recovery and collection of ODS (Halon bank of the Czech Republic) – Measuring and monitoring of ozone layer (ozone observatory in Antarctica; monitoring centre in the Czech Republic – Hradec Králové, CHMI) – Implementation of alternative technology with zero ODP The Brewer spectrophotometer, (Broadcasting tower in Prague) Marambio Base; photo M. Janouch • GWP and TEWI were important
  • 4. Recovery of ODSs from old devices• Recovery of ODS and F-gases from old RAC system encouraged by Waste Act• the back system of electrical and electronic devices.
  • 5. Ozone layer and climate protection• Since 1 February 2009 (Act Amendment)• Lot of obligations for ODSs and F-gases were put together – Regular leakage checks, recovery, installation, service – Recovery in the end of device life-cycle – Certificates issued for both groups of substances – Electronic national reporting: Integrated System of Performance Reporting Requirements) – sanctions• 2012 (?) new Act on ODSs and F-gases, EU regulation on ODSs implementation