The Blu astrum ammonia chiller

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  • 1. The BLUASTRUM chillerA zero-GWP & innovative product for future solutions in refrigeration & air-conditioning.Presented on request of UNEP and the Ministry of Environment of Serbia:Roundtable on climate & ozone-friendly technologies in refrigeration& air-conditioning, Belgrade, Serbia, 10 May 2011John Ritmann, Product Manager, GEA Grasso Berlin GmbHGEA Refrigeration Technologies / GEA Grasso GmbH
  • 2. The GEA Group in summaryThe group generates about 70 percent of its revenue from the long-term growingfood and energy industries. The GEA Group focuses on demanding productionprocesses and supplies its customers with efficient solutions in various end markets.The companys workforce comprised over 20,000 employees worldwide as ofDecember 31, 2010. GEA Group is a market and technology leader in its businessareas.2 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 3. GEA Group structure GEA Mechanical GEA Process GEA RefrigerationGEA Farm Technologies GEA Heat Exchangers Equipment Engineering Technologies Milking & Cooling Finned, Shell & Tube Separators Spray Drying Piston Compressors Cooling Towers Decanters Aseptic Filling Screw Compressors Farm Services Plate Heat Exchangers Homogenizers Brewery Systems Freezers & Chillers Farm Equipment HVAC Systems Valves Pharma Systems Industrial Refrigeration Industrial Refrigeration & Contracting Contracting3 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 4. The GEA Group – global operations* North America Western Europe Eastern Europe 13.7 % of revenue 44.6 % of revenue 8.0 % of revenue 10.6 % of employees 65.1 % of employees 6.6 % of employees Asia/Pacific 19.0 % of revenue 11.4 % of employees Middle East 4.0 % of revenue 1.0 % of employees Latin America Africa 5.8 % of revenue 4.9 % of revenue 2.9 % of employees 2.4 % of employees* Revenue relating to last 12 months (LTM); employees at reporting date; reporting date for both key figures 03/31/20104 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 5. Sustainabillity Natural refrigerants are the obvious choice as a sustainable & ecological alternative to HCFC & HFCs All natural refrigerants occur in natures material cycle. They do not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and have no significant influence to the greenhouse effect. They have been used in food production and storage for more than 100 years. Therefore, we are convinced that the natural refrigerants ammonia and carbon dioxide are essential essential.5 5 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 6. Trends in Europe regarding HFC Norway and Sweden: Penalty tax on HFC e.g., in Norway (+ 272.00 NOK/kg R134a (~ 35 €) Denmark: Larger than 10kg HFC charge Germany: Subsidies of up to € 200,000 for commercial refrigeration systems using CO 2, NH3 or hydrocarbons Annual inspection with leak test for HFC systems (1-4 times, depending on filling quantity) Luxembourg: Decision according to TEWI value Austria: Larger than 20kg HFC charge Switzerland: >300 kW Qo HFC6 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 7. Refrigerants available in Europe in the future? NaturalRefrigerant Synthetics CFCs HCFCs HFCs R11 R21 R23 Ammonia R12 R22 R134a Hydrocarbon ... R123 Carbon dioxide R500 R124 R507 Water R501 .... R404a Air R502 R410A .... R407CMarket Sales ban Sales ban Future Sales ban ?significance 1996 2000 refrigerants General trend towards natural refrigerants. 7 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 8. HFC Refrigerant consumption in Europe Commercial AC chiller * refrigeration 15 % 15 % Industry/ AC/air process cooling handling units 3% 11 % Transportation Household 1% 10 % Car AC 45 % R134a cannot be used for AC in new cars from 2011* AC chiller market size is approx. 40,000 units8 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 9. New synthetic‘s available ? Caught in the act. EU-rules is being like a rope around the neck and there seems no fast solution in sight regarding refrigerant for AC in cars. There is still a need to tighten the rope towards the Car manufactures in Europe Car burning: Also Toyota was chocked to see how a Corrolla burned in a DUH-test of the new chemical refrigerant 1234yf Calculation shows that every year 2500 ton of R134a is leacking from cars in Europe. It corresponds to 3,2 mio ton of CO2 or the same as the exhaustion from 1,3 mio cars.Highly flammable (selfigniting) and by adding water -> extremely toxicHydrogen fluoride gas is a severe poison that may immediately and permanently damage lungs and the corneas of the eyes 9 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 10. What to do ?GEA supports and deliver natural solutions10 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 11. Why did we start the BluAstrum project? Industrial refrigeration line Air conditioning line (I Line) (AC Line) ° Existing chiller program was too industrial and complex ° Increasing trend for natural refrigerants in AC and Industries ° Increased competiveness by designing an outstanding, next generation chiller, using latest innovative technologies11 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 12. Market figures 2009 Chiller market in the world >200 kW HFC 33,700 units GEA RT 150 units Ammonia 500 units Natural refrigerants Source: CCI, Eurovent, JARN HFC = Hydrofluorocarbons, e.g. R134a12 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 13. Market figures 2009 Chiller market in the world >200 kW pcs 10.000 6.000 2.000 200-300 351-500 501-700 701-900 >900 kW Covered by further RT Segment Covered by BLUASTRUM screw compressor technology Source: CCI, Eurovent, JARN13 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 14. Potential sales figures 2,000 1,800 1,600 1,400 1,200 Legislation-change case 1,000 800 600 400 Business-as-usual case 200 0 Time line Legislation - change case : Additional number of units Even better competitiveness14 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 15. Company position GEA Refrigeration Technologies ̊ Is already in leading position as the natural market pulls up ̊ Offers products for minimizing carbon footprint15 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 16. The goal Maintaining the market leader position delivering industrial and AC chillers with natural refrigerants ̊by offering the newest technologies, ̊by facing the political discussion on greenhouse gases and a growing demand for eco-technology.16 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 17. How to achieve this ambitious goal? By developing a highly competitive chiller with important features demanded by the market: ° Minimizing carbon footprint by using natural refrigerants ° Highest efficiency by applying newest technologies ° Small dimensions (door size and minimum footprint) ° Low noise level ° Optimized for low TCO (total cost of ownership)17 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 18. GEA RT core competency – the heart of refrigeration ° Better efficiency, speed controlled 1,000 up to 4,500 rpm, Automatic Vi-control integrated in compressor ° Less maintenance, long service life time of roller bearings ° Easy maintenance, fewer connections ° Less complexity, no external oil pump, no internal oil pump ° Lower manufacturing cost, ground rotors, rotor-grinding technology18 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 19. Evaporator and Condenser – the heart of efficiency Approach temperatures only 1,5 ⁰C Normally 3 to 5 ⁰C Condenser TC: 36,5 ⁰C ∆ 1,5 ⁰C 35⁰C 36,5⁰C 30⁰C 4,5⁰C 35⁰C 12⁰C 30⁰C ∆ 1,5 ⁰C 6⁰C 6⁰C TE: 4,5 ⁰C Evaporator 12⁰C19 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 20. Customers’ advantage: Easy to install Fits through any door !20 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 21. Customers’ advantage: literally half the footprint Innovative BLUASTRUM 4.6 m2 Conventional product 12 m221 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 22. Efficiency leads to reduced carbon footprint ~ 90% Operational point usage 12 11 Energy Efficiency Ratio 10 9 BLUASTRUM ESEER 8.53 Efficiency miles/ltr 8 miles 7 6 M-5, inverter, ESEER 7.32 Improved car technology 5 4 3 Conventional car technology M-1, slider, ESEER 5.96 2 0 25 50 75 100 Refrigeration capacity (%) city limit speed Car speed highway speed22 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 23. Chiller part load and full load efficiency Dry Expansion S&T23 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 24. Schedule – status of realization Commitment 2009 Jan. Definition of specifications 2009 Aug. Start test Sales training 2010 Oct. Prototype ready Chillventa 2010 (Fair) Market launch and roll-out out Status 2011 Mar. ISH 2011 (Fair) 2011 Summer BLUASTRUM sales launch 2012 Further tests, different sizes 2013 Dec. Capacity range complete24 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 25. BluAstrum RangeNH3 – Refrigerant charge BluAstrum 1000 : approx. 75 kg (66g/kW) 25 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 26. What has happened in the meantime?BluAstrum has won the German Refrigeration Price 2011 Wolfgang Sandkötter, Director of Development at GEA Grasso GmbH in Berlin, received on behalf of his team the German Refrigeration Prize in the category “Climate-Friendly Use of Refrigeration Systems in Production of Foods and Beverages”. The prize was presented to him by Katherina Reiche, Parliamentary State Secretary for the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conversation, and Nuclear Safety We are convinced that BluAstrum will improve GEA´s image as a supplier of environmentally friendly and energy saving Technologies and contribute to sustainable profitable growth.26 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 27. Examples of installations: BankLANDESBANK Baden-Württemberg 1994 to 2003 8 chillers 5x FX VP1700 NH3 1x FX VP 800 NH3 1x FX VP 2x1700 NH3 1x FX VP 2x1700 NH3 Evaporative condenser Summer: water 12/6°C Winter: free cooling water 18/12°C Cooling capacity : 15.3 MW27 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 28. Examples of installations: Data centerData Center Windhof (Luxemburg) - 2006 4 chillers 4x FX PP 2x650 DUO NH3 AC water 15/9 °C Cooling capacity: 5.2 MW28 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 29. Examples of installations: AC transportAirport Stuttgart 2002 2 chillers 1x FX RP 1700 NH3 1x FX RP 800 NH3 Cooling capacity: 2.3 MW29 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 30. Examples of installations: AC buildingsNeue Landesmesse Stuttgart 2006 2 chillers 2x FX RP 2800 NH3 2x FX RP 1300 NH3 Cooling capacity: 8 MW30 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 31. GEA RT RepresentativesGEA RT Representative MacedoniaEnergijaLondonska 1b, MC-1000 SkopjeVasil Ciconkov Director / Mechanical EngineerSamoil Ciconkov Mechanical Engineer-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prof. Risto Ciconkov Faculty of Mechanical Engineering / Skopje UniversityGEA RT Representative for SerbiaCoolTech Solutions (sitting in the office of GEA Westfalia Surge)Lazara Mamuzica 26RS-11080 Zemun, BelgradeIvan Bezarevic DirectorLazar Bulovan Service Technician31 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 32. 3rd party components sales in CroatiaFRIGOPLUS FRIGOTERMLjudevevita Posavskog br.8 Ulica Sv.Martina 26 - CerjeHR-10360 Zesvete – Zagreb HR-Sesvetski Kraijevec – ZagrebCroatia CroatiaToni Grubisic Director Zlatko Vojvoda Managing DirectorIgor Glavota Refr.-Engineer Dario Sekusak EngineerIndependent partners without contract with GEA RT32 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 33. Thank you very muchfor listening to GEA Refrigeration Technologies!33 BLUASTRUM GEA Refrigeration Technologies
  • 34. Thank you very muchfor supporting GEA Refrigeration Technologies!28 BLUASTRUM 34 GEA Refrigeration Technologies