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Case study of a conversion to low GWP alternatives in commercial refrigeration.
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Case study of a conversion to low GWP alternatives in commercial refrigeration.



Case study of a conversion to low global warming potential (GWP) alternatives in commercial refrigeration. (Ms. Christianna Papazahariou, Shecco).

Case study of a conversion to low global warming potential (GWP) alternatives in commercial refrigeration. (Ms. Christianna Papazahariou, Shecco).



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Case study of a conversion to low GWP alternatives in commercial refrigeration. Case study of a conversion to low GWP alternatives in commercial refrigeration. Presentation Transcript

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  • natural refrigerants faster to market commercial refrigeration with low GWP alternatives Christianna Papazahariou UNEP South American Regional Workshop on Low GWP, Energy Efficient HCFC Replacement Technologies in the RAC sector Bogotá, Colombia, April 23, 2010 2
  • agenda ๏ about shecco ๏ CO2 commercial refrigeration case study presentation 3
  • about shecco ๏ innovative _ B2B marketing & communications company ๏ focus _ climate friendly technologies ๏ values _ openness, innovation and sustainability ๏ expertise _ HVAC&R and transport sectors ๏ mission _ climate-friendly technologies faster to market 4
  • 80+ customers worldwide 5
  • R744.com ๏ since Oct ’06 ๏ leading B2B platform for CO2 Technology, mobile & stationary heating & cooling ๏ 60 international partners ๏ 3500+ experts ๏ 100+ products 6
  • myR744 ๏ world’s only CO2 - only b2b networking tool ๏ global map of R744 community ๏ improve B2B and B2C communications ๏ plan your business trip & set up meetings 7
  • hydrocarbons21.com ๏ since Feb ’09 ๏ international voice for HC refrigeration industry ๏ 2000+ experts ๏ 8 partners incl: Danfoss, Mayekawa, Parker, Embraco, Earthcare, Hychill, Sporlan... 8
  • ammonia21.com ๏ since Feb ’09 ๏ 15 partners ๏ 2 000 experts ๏ services: ๏ news ๏ products/services ๏ directory ๏ knowledge ๏ events 9
  • ATMOsphere 2010 ๏ Brussels, September 27-28 ๏ before MOP22, COP16 ๏ registration opens May ๏ funding available for developing countries representatives ๏ ATMOsphere 2011, Washington DC ๏ ATMOsphere 2012 Shanghai 10
  • ATMOsphere 2010 ๏ interactive workshop concept where industry meets policy ๏ discussion in small groups containing a mix of all relevant stakeholders ๏ distribution of outcomes from the workshops in summary report presented at Chillventa 2010, COP16, 30th OEWG ๏ funded participation of representatives from developing countries 11
  • THENATURALVOICE ๏ 83 supporters ๏ website available in Spanish- Russian-Japanese 12
  • agenda ๏ about shecco ๏ CO2 commercial refrigeration case study presentation 13
  • case study: turkey ๏ Montreal Protocol: Turkey operates under Article 5 - is legally required to phase out ODS by 2010 ๏ good track record on ODS so far: Turkey received MP award as one of the 9 most successful Article 5 countries in implementing the treaty ๏ Kyoto Protocol : Turkey signed only recently (Feb 2009) -is not an Annex B country (not obliged to reduce GHG emissions to 1990 levels between 2008- 2012) ๏ among all Annex I countries,Turkey has the highest rate of increase in GHG since 1990 (82 %), is the 24th largest carbon emitting country in the world 14
  • case study: bahçelievler carrefour ๏ retailer: Carrefour group - Carrefour Sabancı Ticaret Merkezi A.Ş., ๏ store location: Istanbul, Turkey ๏ store opening: August 2009 ๏ working hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm ๏ sales area: 7,778 m2 15
  • system type & layout ๏ CO2-R404 cascade system ๏ LT refrigeration: CO2 ๏ MT refrigeration: R404a ๏ involved partners: ๏ commission/installation: Cözüm Soğutma ๏ CO2 system design: enEX ๏ CO2 compressors: Dorin (CETINEL) ๏ system management: CAREL 16
  • store layout & location of system ๏ CO2 in deep-freeze zones and one island refrigeration system 17
  • motivation for switch - overview ๏ technology: feasibility, replacement potential to HCFCs ๏ market: availability, penetration rates, expertise, personnel ๏ environment: ODP, GWP, direct emissions, energy savings ๏ costs: system, installation, operation, maintenance, end-of- life ๏ safety: reliability, use restrictions, safety regulation 18
  • motivation: technology ๏ CO2 cascade systems one of the most consolidated solutions ๏ standardised system and component solutions developed ๏ no major technical challenges left ๏ CO2 has established itself as a preferred cooling fluid in LT ๏ Carrefour: undertook a diagnosis of its refrigeration equipment and leakage rates and decided for climate-friendly refrigeration systems in new stores - as replacement for obsolete systems 19
  • impact: technology ๏ system uses copper pipes resisting higher pressure ๏ CO2 has a higher volumetric refrigeration capacity than R404a and needs a significantly smaller pipe diameter ๏ CO2 compressor for cascade system has significantly smaller dimensions and motor size than comparable R404a DX model 20
  • motivation: market ๏ CO2 cascade systems widely available in Europe: several thousands in Denmark, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, UK - now starting in Canada, USA ๏ gained expertise from developed countries can be used by developing countries and markets not familiar with the systems ๏ components availability and expertise constantly growing ๏ Carrefour: market penetration of CO2 commercial refrigeration further accelerated with more widely available qualified contractors. Relevant for countries outside the EU, and more particularly in Asia and Latin America 21
  • motivation: environment ๏ CO2 cascade system eliminates presence of HCFCs and largely reduces HFC use throughout the entire installation ๏ CO2 occurs naturally, ODP = 0, a GWP = 1 ๏ direct emissions: reduced significantly ๏ indirect emissions / energy use: in cascade solutions in warm climates a highly energy-efficient solution ๏ Carrefour: GHG emissions control is taking priority in the construction of food retail stores worldwide. Carrefour needs to retrofit up to 700 stores by 2015 with 500 tones of R22 22
  • motivation: environment ๏ Carrefour: “HFC is not a sustainable technology solution in the long term” and it will be used “only if there are no other technically feasible, secure, low-cost and environmentally friendly solutions” to HCFCs ๏ Carrefour supports “the technical developments with natural fluids and hydrocarbons” ๏ Carrefour: where F-gases are still used - as in this case - leakages must be reduced as much as possible with a stricter containment policy 23
  • impact: energy use ๏ refrigeration systems take the largest share of energy consumption in Carrefour stores up to a floor size of 2500 m2 ๏ baseline: 2004 for 25% less energy consumption by 2020 ๏ CO2 cascade system is up to 40% more energy-efficient than comparable system used before (saving: 41,659.20 kW/year) ๏ result: several markets already 24
  • motivation: costs ๏ standardisation of systems and components has reduced price for system design, installation, maintenance ๏ serial production and wider adoption in more world markets will bring down costs again ๏ higher prices of chemical refrigerants and expected cost from F- gases legislation make systems still more cost-competitive ๏ Carrefour: decided to invest in CO2 cascade systems because they have become more affordable & make sense for an investor. 10 stores in France, Belgium, Italy, and Turkey have already been retrofitted to CO2 refrigeration - up to 700 25
  • impact: costs ๏ CO2 installation: similar costs as HFC-only system ๏ further cost reduction expected with more market demand & economies of scale ๏ compressor: CO2 model 6 times less expensive than R404a equivalent ๏ operation: savings of 4,700 USD/year from energy bill alone (compared to system used before) ๏ maintenance: similar costs as HFC-only system; no maintenance in 10 months needed 26
  • motivation: safety ๏ cascade systems with only natural refrigerants available: CO2- ammonia, CO2-hydrocarbons ๏ all natural refrigerants have been proven to work safely and reliably when following established safety guidelines ๏ challenge: non-harmonised safety regulation and standards as regards the use of flammable and toxic substances ๏ Carrefour: decided for an R404 cascade system due to the inconsistent use of safety standards regarding ammonia and hydrocarbons as refrigerants 27
  • impact: safety & reliability ๏ commission & installation of CO2 refrigeration systems carried out without major issues ๏ lack of technicians experienced with high-pressure CO2 system still poses a barrier to wide-spread use ๏ cascade system has been running without any need for maintenance/repair for 10 months with high reliability 28
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