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Corporate web sites


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  • 1. PastIn past, corporate web sites were not actuallycorporate!They were all looked like brochures that demonstratesproducts and services.Communication through the web site was not the coreidea
  • 2. in 1995in 1999
  • 3. 0 There are only 8 seconds to attract a visitor who visits the websiteToday
  • 4. 2013013
  • 5. Objectives of establishing a corporateweb siteTo communicate with it’s publicsProviding information to it’s publicsnteracting with web site visitorsProviding information and news to media outlets,Enhancing corporate imageReinforcing corporate identityBuilding relations with customersupporting re-visits and ongoing visitsAny?
  • 6. A corporate web site should reflect to company’sorporate mission, vision and philosophyt should allow to build mutual, two-wayommunicationGeographical segmentation is important. Any contentposted by the company may be resulted as amisunderstood message by other culturesPay attention for reading and surfing span. Longontent may reduce the visiting durationWhy do individuals visit web sites? Make sure whyour target audience visits your web site
  • 7. Qualities of a GoodWebsiteshould serve well-definedrategic purposes.s content should encourageturn visitors.must be user friendly.requires clear, concise writing.esigned well, suits to new webendsse new technology and newoftwaresnformative, unique, authentic0 Fast uploading even at thelowest internet connection.0 Search engine optimization.0 Analyzing web visitors.0 Managing Customerrelations.0 Live at 7/240 Constant updates0 It should be promoted.
  • 8. Change through the social mediaSocial NetworkCorporateWebsiteMany companies’ approach is imbalanced
  • 9. Change through the social mediaSocial NetworkCorporateWebsiteRight combination!CorporateWebsite+Social Network
  • 10. amework:olution of the Social Corporate Website2. Link away with no strategy3. Link away but encourage sharing4. Brand integrated in social channels5. Aggregate discussion on site6. Users stay on site with sociallog-in7. Social log-in triggerssharing8. Seamlessintegration
  • 11. Content of corporate web sitesmations floworkcipationualitycesibilityfingdatingFunctionalFeaturesPresentationalFeaturesWebSites
  • 12. Let’s go through real-lifeexamples
  • 13. arbucks experience mirrored in social channels
  • 14. but you wouldn’t know this from their home pagere are no linkscting visitors toy’s official socialnels – a are no linkscting visitors toy’s official socialnels – a missedopportunity.
  • 15. ow Tiffany gets traffic… It’s even hard to know ifthis is Tiffany’s officialTwitter page. It’sFacebook and homepage is not even linked.It’s even hard to know ifthis is Tiffany’s officialTwitter page. It’sFacebook and homepage is not even linked.
  • 16. ra directs visitors away with Facebook tab
  • 17. cDonald’s directs visitors away with a link (TV ads too)
  • 18. ut… worse, sends a confusing messageMcDonald’s doesn’t encouragevisitors to leave it site forsocial channels: “You areleaving the McDonaldsCorporation web site for a sitethat is controlled by a thirdparty, not affiliated withMcDonalds.”
  • 19. his Steakhouse’s Facebook “Like” button linksncourages sharing
  • 20. Your New Corporate Web Site withWeb 2.0Your site hereHub
  • 21. Old site Vs. Web 2.0 web siteFeatures Existing Web Site Corporate Web Site 2.0ınteractivityfrom one root (sender) to themass from the mass to the masscontent only from companys domain from all web /simultaneousfocus only to its web site all internetconsuming only from web browser web browser and RSSlinks hundreds ten thousandssocial networks not exist ten thousandstwitter not exist thousandsfacebook not exist thousands of fanlinkedin not exist thousands of subscriberse.t.c. not exist thousandsblog not existthousands of follewers and contentcreatorsyoutube not exist thousandsthousands of follewers and content
  • 22. Information about print ads and salespromotions
  • 23. Commercials
  • 24. Information about existingcommunication campaigns
  • 25. Search in your web site
  • 26. Brand extentions and brand integration
  • 27. Micro marketing (Tailoring yourproduct and brand at your web site
  • 28. Connect / engage with your consumer
  • 29. Corporate blog0
  • 30. Information about social responsibilitycampaigns
  • 31. Downloadable information
  • 32. Glossary
  • 33. Forums
  • 34. RSS
  • 35. Integraiton with mobileapplications
  • 36. Web Tv
  • 37. Integration with social networks
  • 38. Mesurement / EvaluationWeb site trafficEntries (demographics, georgraphics, use ratio, usage habbits,etc.)Visitors (demographics, georgraphics, use ratio, etc.)Links from which siteVisiting durationVisiting performanceWhich content is most viewed / downloaded/ ?Any uploads?Message sent?Types of questions and orders?Content preferences?Which department / division tab has the most traffic?
  • 39. Although its a new and experimental medium, brandsshould plan a roadmap.The future of web experiences will be based around people–not products.Take inventory of all corporate web assets and identifywhere they are in the framework.Next, identify the desired state, and then build a planagainst it. Start small and slow, and be sure to have astrategy.Don’t arbitrarily jump into the to social marketing spacese this Road Map for your strategy (Owyang,010)