Pril.ppt геогр полож британии


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Pril.ppt геогр полож британии

  1. 1. 00
  2. 2. The UnitedKingdom ofGreat Britain andNorthern Irelandis situated on theBritish Isles
  3. 3. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  4. 4. England represents a red crosson a white field. It’s Saint George’sCross of England. England is theheart of Great Britain.s land is 130,000 sq. km. The population ofEngland is 48 mil. people. The largest citiesare Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham,Nottingham, Sheffield and others. People wholive in England are called the English. Theyspeak only English. The famous river Thamesis situated in London. The national emblem ofEngland isred rose. The national flag ofEngland represents a red crosson a white field. It’s Saint George’sCross of England. England is the
  5. 5. The capital of England is LONDON
  6. 6. Scotland is smallerthan England but larger than Wales. The capitalof Scotland is Edinburgh. Scotland is the secondpart of the UK. Its land is 78,800 sq. km. Thepopulation of Scotland is 5,3 mil. people. Thelargest cities are Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee.People who live in Scotland are called theScottish or Scots. They speak Scottish andEnglish. The biggest rivers are Clyde and Spay.There are a lot of beautiful lakes in Scotland. Butthe most famous of them are Loch Lomond andLoch Ness. The lake “Loch Ness” is famous allover the world because of its monster. Thegreatest mountains are Ben Nevis andGrampian Hills. The national emblem of Scotland is a thistle.The national flag is a blue field with whitediagonal crossed stripes on it. It’s Saint Andrew’sCross.
  7. 7. The capital of Scotland is EDINBURGH
  8. 8. Wales is the smallest country in theUK. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. Itsland is 20,800 sq. km. Its population isabout 2,8 mil. people. The largest citiesare Swansea, New Port. The biggestriver is Usk and the biggest lake isWirnwel. One of the biggest mountainis Snowdon. The national symbol is ayellow daffodil. The national flag iswhite and green with a red dragon onit.
  9. 9. The capital of Wales is CARDIFF
  10. 10. Northern Ireland is thefourth country in the UK. Its land isabout 14,000 sq. km. The populationis about 1,5 mil. people. The capitalof the Northern Ireland is Belfast. Thelargest cities are Ulster and Dublin.The biggest rivers are Shannon, Bun.Northern Ireland is a land of lakesand rivers. The biggest lake is LoughNeagh. People who live in Ireland arethe Irish. They speak Irish andEnglish. The national flag of Irelandrepresents a diagonal red cross on awhite field. It’s Saint Patrick’s Cross.The national symbol is a greenshamrock.
  11. 11. The capital of Northern Ireland is BELFAST
  12. 12. In Britain the Queen is the Head of State. In fact,the Queen does not rule. She is the symbol of the country. She travels about the UK.
  13. 13. Parliamentary monarchy Parliamentthe house the house of lords of commons
  14. 14. The real power in the country belongs to theBritish Parliament. It has two houses: the house of lords and the house of commons.
  15. 15. House of Lords
  16. 16. House of Commons
  17. 17. British flag is called “Union Jack”. Really there are three flags in it.EnglishScottishIrish
  18. 18. • In the official coat of arms the field shows the various royal emblems of different parts of Britain: the three lions of England in the first and fourth quarters, the lion of Scotland in the second and the harp of Ireland in the third. It is surrounded by a garter bearing the motto Honi soit qui mal y pense. The shield is supported by the English lion and the Scottish unicorn and is surmounted by the Royal crown. Below it appears the motto of the Sovereign, Dieu et mon drot (God and my right. The plant badges of the United Kingdom- rose, thistle and shamrock – are dsiplayed beneath the shield.
  19. 19. • The national anthem of the country is “God save the Queen”. It was written by Henry Cary and was sung in 1740 for the first time.
  20. 20. Check yourself! Country Capital People Language Great Britain London The British English England London The English English Scotland Edinburgh The Scots Scottish English Wales Cardiff The Welsh Welsh EnglishNorthern Ireland Belfast The Irish Irish English
  21. 21. Crossword 1. What is a person when he doesn’t want to get into trouble. careful 2. It is a person who knows much about the law. lawyer 3. What is person when he is unhappy because he is alone. lonely 4. Not careful. careless 5. It is a group of people living together under one government. state 6. Someone who is very good and holy. saint 7. It is mark (знак). sign 8. This word means belonging to a king or a queen. royal 9. It is a country ruled by a king or a queen. kingdom