Day 1 Beginner Admin moodle


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Day 1 Beginner Admin moodle

  1. 1. Plan for today
  2. 2. Plan for todayDesktop sharing from VC
  3. 3. Plan for today
  4. 4. What is your Moodle experience like?
  5. 5. Plan for todayEver seen or played with ?
  6. 6. Ever seen or played with ?Imagine as a platformthat comes with a great set of bricks.
  7. 7. On this platform, we can have differentfoundations (called courses).This is where we put our bricks on (activities,resources, modules, plugins, blocks, filters).
  8. 8. Store CommunicateLet’s imagine we can do four basic things with four basic colour bricks Evaluate Collaborate
  9. 9. Files Folders Webpage Links We can store… Database Portfolio*LMS package Labels
  10. 10. ForumsChatroom Messaging We can communicate through…Dialogue Calendar RSS
  11. 11. Wiki Blog Glossary We can collaborateSocial network* Forum through… Workshop Database Lesson
  12. 12. Quiz Choice Grade We can evaluate ScalesAssignment with… Gradebook Survey Ratings
  13. 13. We can have as many basic bricks as we want.
  14. 14. But we can get many other, compatible bricks too. OpenMeetings Calculators Google Apps Mahara Certificate Podcast Games HotPotatoes Translate Individual Learning Plan ELGG Polls LAMS Timers Widgets these plus nearly 400 other compatible modules, plugins, blocks, filters, activities…
  15. 15. We can arrange the bricks that fit in any way thatsuits our educational and/or business purpose.
  16. 16. We decide who gets in and does what in our courses …and for that reason we have roles:Admin can do, Teacher can do, see &see & edit edit anything in their Student can do, see &anything on course edit in course asthe site assigned by teacher Permissions for parent or any other role can be Guest can only look specified... in to parts allowed
  17. 17. We can easily watch what others do……and control as much or as little as we want.
  18. 18. is t ht us CU ligro b S E RE We can run on a single, stand-alone computer network server, or have it hosted
  19. 19. is used by learning communities,networks and businesses big and small Belmont City College ‫جامعة آل لوتاه العالمية‬ UCLA EDNA Australia 基本情報対策のページ Université de Poitiers Nettnorsk Vitalnet Consultoria e Virtual School Preston Treinamento OŠ Škofja Loka-Mesto Oregon Virtual School District Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule Bruchsal
  20. 20. world facts (September 2008)Creator: Martin Dougiamas, Perth, Western Australia24.6 million registered users2.3 million courses1.9 million teachers199 countriesAvailable in 78 languagesLargest site – 200,000 usersFast growing since 2003
  21. 21. is FREE to download, use, share and improve. for anyone Its developers remain committed to the Open Source Initiative Members of the worldwide community of Moodle usersshare, help each other, teach with, collaborate, translate and develop features of Moodle every single day. Join us at
  22. 22. Created by:Tomaz Lasic moodlefan@gmail.com Twitter ‘lasic’Full text version and presentation file available at: (“The home of 2 Minute Moodles”) Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence. September 2008
  23. 23. ACKNOWLEGMENTSThemeRobert Jakob ‘Together’ (album ‘Messages’) available at Astronaut Twins – by oskay 11 – by j.reed – by Kingray – by striatic pictures created by LEGO Digital Designer.
  24. 24. Plan for today
  25. 25. Plan for today
  26. 26. Plan for todayWhat You See Is What You Get
  27. 27. Plan for today