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"We want an APP!"
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"We want an APP!"



Published in Technology , Business
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  • http://www.joker.no
  • http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/norway/
  • Financial times


  • 1. “We want an App!”
    Øyvind Malin - @oyvindmal
    Oslo WordpressMeetup – 13. july 2011
  • 2. Why?
  • 3. Agenda
    Whygo mobile?
    Different ways to be present onthe mobile platform
    Demos and samples
    How to make Wordpress mobile friendly
    Make yourwebsite mobile friendly right now?
  • 4. About
    Studiedinteraction design at NITH
    Playingaroundwith web since 1999
    Startedfoucsingonthe mobile platform in recentyears
    Frontend Developer at BEKK
  • 5.
  • 6. Some terms
    Customer (in thispresentation) is theend user.
    Company (in thispresentation) is thecompany providing the service
    I useiPhoneand otheriDevices as samples buttheprinciplesaresimilaronotherplatforms.
  • 7. Three different types ofapps(simplified)
  • 8. Three different types ofapps
  • 9. Three different types ofapps
    iPhone used as sample | * Dependingonplatform and device
  • 10. -”Wewant an APP!””
  • 11. What to offer?
    Does it addvalue for thecustomer?
    Does it addvalue for thecompany?
    Can it save thecompanymoney?
  • 12. Two approaches?
  • 13. Wrapping the existing web app in a mobile friendly skin
  • 14. Wrapping existing solution
    Shorter development time
    Easier to maintain
    Content can be targeted to multiple platforms
    Information overflow
    Bad user experience (possibly)
  • 15. Tailoring content for the mobile platform
  • 16. Tailoring content for the mobile platform
    Good user experience
    Direct and concrete information to the customer
    Longer development time
    Harder to maintain
    Content must be targeted at a specific platform
  • 17. Let’s get ready to rumble?
  • 18. Mobile != Desktop
  • 19. 8 out of 10 uses their mobile phone in the free time
  • 20. This means
    The typical usage time could 2-5 minutes (i.e while waiting at an intercection)
    Quick and direct information
    Limited bandwidth
    Usually 3g or Edge
    If the user can’t get the information they want in this timespan. They have to look somewhere else.
  • 21. But this isn’t always true
  • 22. Other user situations
    Taxi, Train, Bus, Boat etc.
    This means ->
    The typical usage time could be longer from 20 minutes up to several hours.
    You must also serve these users
    Providing links to more detailed information
  • 23. iPad != iPhone
  • 24. “iPad'snot mobile…next question”-Mark Zuckerberg
  • 25. Tablets
    Larger screen
    Different usecases
    Used more like a laptop
    …But also on the go
    So you need to support both separate
  • 26. My project
  • 27. Whatsupweb.net
    Page about web development and user experience.
    New version coming ultimo 2011
    Tailored versions for phones and tablets
    Targeting most phones and iPad
    “Read it later”
    Showcase for mobile tailoring web pages
    Looking for guest writers
  • 28. Some examples
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. LIVE DEMO
  • 33. WPTouch
  • 34. Blackbelt tricks
  • 35. Testing in Safari
    Using the developer bar you can get Safari (5 and newer) to identify as Mobile safari(http://macs.about.com/od/usingyourmac/qt/safaridevelop.htm )
    Resize the window to match iPhone viewport(http://davidchambersdesign.com/resize-browser-window-to-match-iphone-viewport-dimensions )
  • 36. Testing in simulator/emulator
    Simulators/emulators are almost always available for free download:
    iPhone/iPad – http://developer.apple.com
    Windows Phone – http://create.msdn.com
    Android – http://developer.android.com
  • 37. Libraries
    jQuery Mobile – http://www.jquerymobile.com
    Sencha Touch – http://www.sencha.com
    iScroll - http://cubiq.org/iscroll-4
  • 38. Statistics
    Usage statistics for smartphones and tablets in Norway can be found at
  • 39. Mobile firstStart off as if you were making a mobile website even if no mobile version is plannedhttp://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?933
  • 40. Want to go native(ish)?
    Phonegap offers a way to wrap normal web applications in a native shell
    Support for most modern platforms including iPhone and Android
    Offers javascript access to device specific hardware apis
  • 41. Questions?
  • 42. Summary
    Everybody (almost) can go mobile.
    But not with anything
    Content Context is king
    Give your users what they need and expect in every situation
    Mobile web will be suitable in many cases
  • 43. Øyvind Malin
    +47 909 71 598