Journey so far he's one year in office 01a (3)


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Journey so far he's one year in office 01a (3)

  2. 2. INFRASTRUCTURE - WorksRehabilitation of 199 roads andseven bridges across the stateConstruction of Flyover Bridge atMokola, Ibadan at a cost of N2.1billion (ongoing)Construction of ultra-modernMotor Parks at Temidire on New IfeRoad and Podo GarageCommencement of preliminarywork on the construction of the 110KM
  3. 3. INFRASTRUCTURE - LANDS AND HOUSINGCreation of modern and Satellite Towns atElenusonso, Ibadan, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway andIbadan-Oyo Expressway through PPP (ongoing).Automation of Deed Registry, Phase I of which hasbeen completed.Introduction of Digitalized Sheets for DeedRegistration to avoid duplication of titleregistration.Construction of Deed Registry Building which is40% completed.Adoption of a Land Policy that will facilitateaccess to land so that accelerated social andeconomic development of Oyo State could beachieved.
  4. 4. INFRASTRUCTURE - ENVIRONMENT ANDHABITATClearing of Over 120 blockeddrains in Ibadan metropolisDredging of 43 rivers andstreams across the stateOn-going beautificationprogramme on Trunk A roads inIbadan & Local Govt. HQs Institutionalization of weeklyenvironmental sanitation exercise
  5. 5. ADMINISTRATION - ESTABLISHMENT AND TRAININGPayment of minimum wage of N19, 100. Resolution of 7 month medical doctors strike andapproval of enhanced salary structure for medicalpersonnel Payment of 142% increase in pensionPayment of 2 year accumulated pensionComplete overhaul/Rehabilitation of Simeon AdeboTraining School via provision of World Class learningaids, equipments computers and infrastructuralfacilities. Sponsoring of 1,397 Middle level and ManagementStaff for training in both the Civil and Public Service Resuscitation of the Catalyst Magazine (the lastedition published over 25 years ago) Resuscitation of Public Service Forum (the last beingheld over 10 years ago). The most recent edition was
  6. 6. ADMINISTRATION - SECURITYRestoration of peace in Oyo StateEstablishment of Oyo State Joint Security TaskForce , Operation Bust.Procurement of 88 Pickup Vans for the use ofOperation Bust
  7. 7. ADMINISTRATION - OYSAAEstablishment of Oyo State Signage & AdvertisingAgency To standardize outdoor advertising, improve environmental aesthetics, and enhance the state IGR.
  8. 8. ADMINISTRATION – INFORMATION ANDORIENTATION Resuscitation of the Broadcasting Corporation ofOyo StateRebranding of Oyo State. Creation of new Identitythrough Logo and colourHuman Capital Development through training ofInformation officers and Local GovernmentInformation officers.Successful production of the first edition of AloreIpinle, venacular newsletter of Oyo StateGovernment, in colour print.Construction of Archival and record centre (0n-going)Construction of Information centre at Iseyin toservice the Oke Ogun area of the state (on-going)
  9. 9. ADMINISTRATION - DUE PROCESSOFFICE Elimination of over-bloated or inflatedcontracts leading to savings of over N1.2 billionfor the State Registration of contractors/vendors with aview to classifying and categorizing them based ontheir strengths, competence and niche. Thuseliminating illegal and unregistered entities fromdoing business with the Government. Production and circulation of a price indexamongst MDAs which contains standardized pricesof goods. This has reduced Governmentexpenditure on procurement of goods, items andmaterials by 40% across board and the savingsachieved are being deployed to other
  10. 10. ECONOMY - FINANCE50 per cent improvement on internally-generated revenueIntroduction of e-payment system.Prompt payment of workers’ salaries on the25th of every monthOn-going biometrics to eliminate ghost workersDisbursement of car loans to civil servants tothe tune of N45mReconciliation of debt portfolio and recoveryof excess deductions from FAAC for improvedservicing of external debtsStandardization and Harmonization ofgovernment accounts from inherited 114 to 24
  11. 11. ECONOMY - AGRICULTURE Construction of seven new earth dams at Onidundu, Ilora, Batake, Ibapon, Ado-Awaye, Idere and Fashola Rehabilitation of three earth dams at Pade, Akufo and Kisi Introduction of 3,500 Agriculture Cadets for agric extension services Establishment of Oyo-Odu’a Farmers’ Academy at Awe, Oyo
  12. 12. ECONOMY - Trade andInvestment Signing of MoU with five foreign investors for DFI in Oyo State Signing of MoU on Okerete Trans-Border Market Provision of One Billion Naira loan facility for Small Scale Manufacturers.
  13. 13. SOCIAL SERVICES - EDUCATIONOngoing rehabilitation of 235 blocks ofclassrooms in primary and secondary schoolsacross the StateEstablishment of a University with focus onTechnologyReduction of tuition in tertiary institutionsSuccessful accreditation of Courses at thePolytechnic, Ibadan and College of Agriculture,Igboora Resumption of Supply of Science and HomeEconomics equipment in Secondary Schools
  14. 14. SOCIAL SERVICES – EDUCATION cont’dResolution of the ownership crisis of LadokeAkintola University of Technology, OgbomosoPayment of N396 million WAEC fees for finalyear students in 2011Supply of 7,000 school furnitureProduction and distribution of 3.3 millionexercise books for pupils in primary school Conduct of maiden Unified Mock Examination forSSS 3 Students in the State.
  15. 15. SOCIAL SERVICES - WOMEN AFFAIRS Purchase and distribution of 1,000 units of Tricycles nicknamed “KekeAjumose” Empowerment of over 300 women with tools such as freezers, generators, and sewing machines across the state. Prompt distribution of relief materials to, and resettlement of the victims of the 26th August, 2011 flood disaster.
  16. 16. SOCIAL SERVICES - WOMEN AFFAIRS cont’dReconciliation of 450 cases of families in distresswith noticeable positive effect on the children andover 261 delinquent children reformed and re-integrated with their families.Evacuation of 251 destitute and other displacedpersons from major streets within Ibadanmetropolis. They had been treated medically whilerehabilitation/reintegration process is ongoing.Production of 20 Artificial Limbs at theRehabilitation Centre for the Disabled, Moniya,Ibadan to aid movement of amputees.Provision of sitting allowance for Magistrates andJuvenile Court Panelists as motivation for quickadjudication of juvenile cases in the state.
  17. 17. SOCIAL SERVICES - WOMEN AFFAIRS cont’d Empowerment of 170 persons withdisabilities with vocational resettlementmaterials/equipment after their graduationfrom Social Welfare Institutions to preventstreet begging. Extension of Grants to eighty-two (82) NGOscollaborating with government on issuesrelating to women, children, physicallychallenged, old people and otherdisadvantaged persons.
  18. 18. SOCIAL SERVICES - WOMEN AFFAIRScont’dRescue of 57 children from traffickersrehabilitated and reunited with their families.Distribution of educational materials in form ofuniforms, sandals, school bags and books to 400children affected by the flood disaster in thestate in collaboration with UNICEF.Provision of Over 26 Pilot Villages across thestate with basic agro-allied equipment like Gariand Palm Oil Processing Machines to stem Rural–Urban migration.Release of the sum of N10 million as grant-in-aidto complement the 70 self-help projects acrossthe 33 Local Government Areas of the state.
  19. 19. SOCIAL SERVICES - YOUTH AND SPORTS  Completion of the installation of Artificial Turf/Tartan Track at the main bowl of the Lekan Salami Stadium Rehabilitation of Squash Hall at the Lekan Salami Sports Complex. Rebranding of the 2011 Governor’s Cup  Employment and deployment of 20,000 Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES-O) Cadets.
  20. 20. SOCIAL SERVICES - HEALTHCommencement of the first phase of theconstruction of 62 new Primary Health Centres in60 wards without PHCs for the provision ofeffective basic health care services to the people.Renovation of hospitals for the provision ofcomprehensive healthcare services for the peopleof the state.Commencement of the Abiyamo Project throughwhich at least one (1) Primary Health Centre willbe equipped with essential drugs at everypolitical ward in selected LGAs.Commencement of the New-Born ScreeningInitiative geared towards improving the qualityof life of people living with sickle cell disease
  21. 21. SOCIAL SERVICES – HEALTHcont’dIncrease in Consolidated Health SalaryStructure (CONHESS) for health workers in thestate.Provision of Free Health Service to over300,000 beneficiaries across the state throughthe Free Health Mission Programme.Procurement of 34 ambulances for intra andinter-city ambulance services.Distribution of medical equipment worthN40 million to 41 state-owned facilities andMillennium Development Goal (MDGs)equipment to 33 local government areas.
  22. 22. SOCIAL SERVICES – HousingConstruction of a N6 Billion five-star hotel in Ibadan, in partnershipwith a private developer - (on-going)Construction of two Housing Estateswith necessary infrastructuralfacilities under a PPP arrangement inIbadan.Development of a Central BusinessDistrict in Dugbe, Ibadan, with ultra-modern infrastructure.
  23. 23. ADMINISTRATION – Oyo StateCommunity and Social DevelopmentAgency Electricity Extension at Idera Oluwa area in IbadanNorth-East Local Government Area.Construction of health centres at Idi-Iyalode andAba-Ilorin in Oyo West Local Government Area.Construction of Drainage and Culvert at Blind CentreArea of OgbomosoConstruction of health centre in Katagua Communityof OgbomosoConstruction of two blocks of three classroomseach at Ilogbo and Idiyan areas in Ibarapa North LocalGovernment Area.Construction of a block of three classrooms atCommunity Primary School, Kajorepo in EgbedaCouncil Area.
  24. 24. Unveiling of 5-Star Hotel at Mokola Hills, Ibadan
  25. 25. 3-D Impression of New Oyo State 5-Star Hotel
  26. 26. Summary of LocalGovernments’ Projects – New Roads
  27. 27. List from Ministry of Works dataBase 17. Majerita Road, Ibadan1. Construction of Mokola flyover 18. Road Network at Monotan,2. Bridge at Apete, Ibadan Ibadan3. Bridge at Olomi, Ibadan 19. Sanyo –Oke Ode – Agbamu Road4. Bridge at Secretariat, Bodija, 20. Eleyele – Ido –Eruwa Road Ibadan 21. Iseyin- Ogun River Bridge5. Bridge at Ayeye, Ibadan 22. Ajaawa – Mowolowo6. Bridge at Alaadorin, Sakutu, Oyo 23. Igboho Deeper-Oloko7. Bridge over River Ogbere at 24. Ajana Junction-Laha Comm. Babanla Pry. School, Kishi8. Sanga Bridge, Oyo 25. Alakia Interchange Exits 26. Old SDP Secretariat Link9. Osoro River Bridge Road10. Completion of Mokola-UCH_Total 27. Abaode-Sarumi Road Garden-Agodi Gate Road Project 28. Adeojo Street (Ladipo11. Construction of Temidire Motor Ladapo Street), Bodija Park 29. Repair of dualized Iwo-Road,12. Construction of Podo Motor Park. Interchange Road-Leyland-13. Ogun River Bridge- Moniya Olodo Road project 30. Completion of Mokola-14. Access Road to Podo Moto Garage, UCH_Total Garden-Agodi Gate Ibadan Road Project15. Samonda – NASFAT– Poly Road 31. U.I – Ajibode - Alphonso Road16. Olubadan Estate Road Network, Ibadan
  28. 28. List from Ministry of Works dataBase 48. 49. Ogbooro – Saki Road Balogun Link Road32. Mobil-Oluyole-Sharp Corner-Apata-Wema bank 50. Ibarapa Central Secretariat (Igboora) - Idere Road.33. Muslim - Mosfala – Ogbere – 51. Ogbere Idiosan- Ogbere Foworogun Road Moradeyo- Oremeji/Express34. Elebu Market – Health Centre 52. Prof Adeniyi Oshuntokun Road,35. Oluana – Ajibode Road Felele, Phase 136. Ajibode – Apete Estate Road 53. Akingbile – Oluana37. Ojoo – Oritamerin Road 54. Apete- Poly Estate 55. Oki- Iwo Road Expressway38. Eruwa New Garage- Okeola- 56. Isale Wakajaye, Phase 1Aborerin-Igboora Junction 57. Olosan Road, off Alakia – Isebo39. Iresaapa – Iresaadu Road Phase 2 58. Elewuro- Onireke – Apatuku -40. Iresaapa – Iresaadu Road Phase 3 Olodo, Phase 141. Mowolowo – Iwo Ate Road 59. Nihort – Elenusonso – Ido Phase 142. Owode Aafin Road, Oyo 60. Ibadan – New Eruwa Junction- Orita Eruwa/ Lanlate Junction –Eruwa43. Bode Ogbomoso (School of New GarageSurvey) – Adikuta Palace Road, Oyo 61. Oke Ola – Aboderin -44. Imini – Ijaye Road, Phase 1 Eruwa/Igboora Express Junction45. Apinnite – Otun – Town Hall Road 62. Ipeba – Ajawa RoadSaki 63. Ogbomoso (Carlifonia) – Ibapon –46. Saki Town Hall – Isale Taba – Agric 64. Fola Tyres – Durbar Stadium, OyoOkedio Road 65. Fiditi Afin Junction – General47. Otu – Alaga Road Hospital 66. Gedu Scheme Phase 1, Oyo 67. Gedu Scheme Phase 2 , Oyo
  29. 29. List from Ministry of Works dataBase 68. Okeho – Ilero Road with spur to Local Government Secretariat , Ilero – Otu 69. Igbeti Bye Pass by UMCA
  31. 31. Listed by Local Government ..... 1 of6NO LOCAL GOVT LIST OF ROADS1 Afijio Local Govt 1 Sogidi-Adegbodu Road, Awe ii. Idi-Ope/Palace Road Iware iii. Idi-igba/ilora Baptist Grammer School express Link Road,Ilora iv Okesanmi-Ilora Community Grammer Schl-express Link Road, Ilora V. Akinmoorin Grammar/Chief Tade Ipadeola Road, Akinmoorin2 Akinyele i. Reconstruction of the dilapidated box culvert at Odo Eran along Moniya- Iseyin road ii. Oke Ola-Oboda Junction road linking Oyo Road Moniya iii. Reconstruction of collapsed retaining wall and side drains behind Niser fence Ajibode iv. Asphaltic Repatching/Overlaying of failed portions of Ajibode Road including reconstruction of 2no culverts, Ajibode Road.3 Atiba i Bode Ogbomoso-Adikuta- Orita Adesina - Palace Road ii Alaro Road Agunpopo iii Health Centre Road, Borobore Area iv Alhaji Olomi Road, Orire Sabo v Commercial School Junction, Oke Mogi vi Basorun Link Road.
  32. 32. Listed by Local Government ..... 2of 6 4 Atisbo Local Govt Tede I. Ago-Are-Ofiki Road II. Saudo-Budo Mangoro Road, Ofiki. 5 Egbeda Local Govt i Onideure/Ogbere Oloba elemu Junction ii 6 North L/G i Oladunni Ayandepo Box Culvert ii Ile Oke Street, Itutaba Ibadan iii iv Total Garden-Yemetu-Kambi-Oje Igosun Ibadan 7 North Iii Agodi Bus Stop/ Oke-Adu, Ode Aje Iiiii Oluyoro Junction-Oke Adu Junction Road 8 Iiii Adebisi Idikan-Amunigun,-Agbeni Rd Vv Bere-Asunkuna Road, Ib. 9 South East Iiii Idi Odo ( Challenge)-Felele Rd with spur to Lam Adesina Close Iiii Molete Round About -Ibadan Grammar School Gate Vv Ibadan Grammer School Gate-Adjet/ Eyin Grammer
  33. 33. Listed by Local Government ..... 3of 610 South West i ii Bisi Akande Road Lemmy Fatoke-Balarinwa Lesekese Road iii Aare Latosa iv Gege Market11 Ibarapa Central Local Govt i L. A. Primary School-Idofin Local Govt . Chalat, , Igboora ii Methodist Primary Sch l – Olugbile Road, Idofin, Igboora iii Alh. Idere12 Ibarapa East Local Govt. Eruwa I Express Red/Oke Ola/ Isaba Roundabout/Old Garage/Orita roundabout13. Ibarapa North Local Govt i Overlay of Ayete/Igangan Road In Maternity Junction Ayete ii General Hospital Aproach Road, Ayete iii Ibarapa North Local Govt, Secretarait Premises Ayete iv Asalu Road With Spur road to vocational centre Tapa v Ayete Tapa Igangan Main Rd14 Ido Local Govt i Baptist Grammar School, Idi Isin Rail Crossing, Gbekuba, Ibadan ii Nihort - Baptist Grammar School, Idi Ishin Ibadan15 Irepo Local Govt i Washington Road ii Koso Gaa Baale Road
  34. 34. Listed by Local Government ..... 4of 616 Iseyin Local Govt i ii Oke Junction Iseyin/Ibadan Junction Latson Azeez Street, Off Peller Road .17 Itesiwaju Local Govt i Temidire Baptist Church Road, BabaOde ii Oke Amu Iseyin Road, Oke Amu iii Ibise Market Road Hospital Road Junction Komu18 Iwajowa Local Govt i Baptist Grammer School, Road Oke Afin Iganna ii Akireje Road, Iwere Ile19 Kajola Local Govt i Calvary Baptist Church road, Ilero ii Imia Junction Adetona Junction Isemi Ile iii Eegede Asin Junction, Okeho20 Lagelu Local Govt i Wofun Alao Akala Road ii Academy Amuda Ojere Road to Link Express Road iii Elewi Odo Road Linking Express Road, General Gas Quarters and Kolapo Ishola Estate21 Ogbomoso North i Masifa Road Ogbomoso ii Ayo Adeyemo olomi Road Ogbomoso iii NTC GUTS General Rd. Ogbomoso22 Ogbomoso South Local Govt iMDG Hospital-Aworawo - Hon Lateju Road ii Mr. Adeniran Res-Hon. Ojo King of peace road Off Lagbedu road iii MGD Hospital Premises iv Apostolic-Jango Market off Hon.Lateju Road v Local Government Secretariat Premises
  35. 35. Listed by Local Government ..... 5of 623 Ogo Oluwa i Methodist Junction-Iro road ii Lagbedu Orile Moleru road24 Olorunsogo i Ashifau Road Igbeti ii Abegunde Road Igbeti iii Hon.. Hammed Igbeti iv St. Mary Catholic Gramms Road, Igbeti v Oke Ibukun Road, Igbeti vi Oguntoye Road, Igbeti25 Oluyole Local Govt i (a)Orita Challenge Odo Ona Elewe Road (b) Agbamu Oke Ode Rd, Sanyo Area26 Ona Ara Local Govt, Akanran i Paara-Ifewumi Road Junction ii Ogbere Oriyangi- Kehinsi Road27 Oorelope Local Govt Igboho i Moraba Igbope Market Road ii Okeloko Bonni Area Road28 Orire Local Govt i Babasale-Adegbite-Olodan-Jagbe Road29 Oyo East i Anglican/Methodist Sec.Schl, Ajagba to Agboye , Oyo ii Hospital road, Oyo iii Mobolaje Stadium Road, Oyo
  36. 36. Listed by Local Government ..... 6of 6 30 Oyo West L.G i Agip(Sawmill) Catholic/New express road ii Maja/Opapa Road iii Ori Idoo/Fatuke/Opapa Road iv Omo Ade Bakery Akeetan Titun Road 31 Saki East Local Govt Ago i Akindin-UCH Road Sepeteri 32 Amodu ii Ogun Ige Igboho Road Igboora 33 Saki West Local Govt Saki iii Oke Ola Hospital Road, Oje Owode Surulere i Babalaje Shopping Complex Adeniran House Saki ii Farayola Rufai Part Saki iii Baptist Hospital Road Ajegunle Saki i Iresaapa- Sogidi-Adegbodu Road, Awe Iresaadu Road
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