Wiki-Service Bundeswehr @ Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2009


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These are the Fact Slides for my talk on our Wiki-Service of the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2009.

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  • Problem - it‘s not that we haven‘t got enough information
  • Wiki-Service Bundeswehr @ Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2009

    1. 1. T MI S UM .0 009 s e 2 er 2 ain pri mb m M ter ve t a En No fur k Fran Wiki-Service of the German Federal Armed Forces
    2. 2. Problem © Egon Häbich / PIXELIO Although German Armed Forces have a organisational-wide intranet with lots of information offers, there is no real „hub“ or „road sign“ to find the information you need.
    3. 3. Method Quelle: The Wiki-Service is designed as an experiment. Its goal is to evaluate the benefits of wikis and social software for organizing the intranet‘s informations and make knowledge more accessible. Therefor we use the spiral approach of Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E). 3
    4. 4. Timeline productive operation Because earlier a bottom-up initiative failed at higher leadership commitment, we main experiment choosed a middle-up-down- Aug 10 approach. First, we set up a demonstrator and convinced today higher leadership, then we began to built up a beta Mar 09 - formal start community. Nov 08 - Inspector General permits start Dec 2007 - reached ministry of defence 2006 - first works and begin of convincing
    5. 5. Iteration The current step is about integrating social networking. steps Users an their knowledge shift to focus. The project began with the idea of a „Wikipedia Bundeswehr“ Soon it evolved into today‘s Wiki-Service with the offer to create wikis for any use case.
    6. 6. BeWiki is the hub, the roadsign Wiki-Service to all the information in the intranet and other wikis. Was The service hosts several wikis. prefilled with > 40.000 articles. Agency Wikis are information portals for Project Wikis organisational are used for units (m)any use cases Wikipedia Mirrors are customized, linkable and integrated mirrors of german and english Wikipedia
    7. 7. Platform Over time we added support for multiple wikis, Because there was support for closed user no budget at the groups, semantic and beginning, we social profiles decided to use MediaWiki on LAMP. ? With our steps toward focusing on communities we more and more reach mediawiki‘s limits. After experimentation phase we‘ll have to decide which platform will be suitable for productive operations.
    8. 8. Change Management To accelerate the development of an active community we started a marketing campaign with internal and external publications, presentations, posters, flyers, wallpapers, screensaver ...
    9. 9. Quality The gardener community does also garden wiki contents, but focuses on Management gardening community and self control. In this way we hope to get a much higher impact of self control mechanisms by multiplying the gardening activies. organisation Plan experts In addition we're developing social- technical solutions to identify more complex quality problems with community an scientific approach. Act Do Moder controls Goal is to develop metrics using ga metadata of wiki r de content that show a probability for ne postitive or negative rs Check bots quality issues.
    10. 10. Community shifts into focus Participation rises with awareness of dynamic content and community We use social profiles and a highly dynamic home page to visualize participation
    11. 11. Participation Figures November 2009 (after 8 Months) possible users: ~170.000 passive users: ~40.000 registered users: 2.736 authors: 881 authors > 100 edits: 88
    12. 12. Participation Figures September 2009 (after 6 Months) Users (by IP) 60000 45000 30000 15000 0 Jul-09 Aug-09 Sept-09 May-09 Jun-09 Mar-09 Apr-09 Jan-09 Feb-09 whole service BeWiki organisations and projects Wikipedia Mirror
    13. 13. Examples of appearing Wikis Seminar Planning & Lessons by Trainees Project Management Agency Portals Online Software Help by Users
    14. 14. Hauptmann Dennis Marc Busch Streitkräfteamt Cpt Dennis Marc Busch German Armed Forces Office Mail: Tel: +49 (228) 43320 – 684 #wikibw