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Sailor costume

  1. 1. SAILOR COSTUMEHalloween Sailor Costumes CanadaAugust 28, 2012by sailorcostume0 commentsHalloween 2012: What Kind of Sailor AreYOU?Halloween 2012 is coming soon and we’ve scoured the web to findsome of the best new sailor costumes for you. What kind of sailorare you going to be this year? Whether it’s something sexy,something gory, or something funny, there’s a sailor costume withthe perfect fit.If you’re hoping to frighten, look no further than the Decaying Sailor
  2. 2. Debbie Costume.The Decaying Sailor Debbie CostumeLooking like a zombie sailor who crawled up from Davy Jones’Locker, frighten your friends in the blood stained mini dress withblue scarf and white cap. We’d also recommend adding somezombie make-up to complete the look. The Decaying Sailor Debbiecostume can be a really fun, versatile choice because it lets youshow off a little skin while being downright scary at the same time.If looking sleek and handsome is more your thing, we suggestchecking out the Jean-Paul Gaultier inspired French Sailor Costume.
  3. 3. The French Sailor CostumeFeaturing a fitted striped top with anchor detail, a blue neck scarf,and white pleated pants, you’ll turn heads in this striking costume.Another men’s costume worth taking a look at is the cool DeluxeCaptain Costume.
  4. 4. The Deluxe Captain CostumeCovering a bit more skin and perhaps better for colder weather, theCaptain Deluxe Costume looks a little more formal and letseveryone know that you’re the one in charge. The costume featuresgold button and insignia detail on the jacket, golden side detail onthe trousers, white gloves, and the well-decorated captains’ cap. Wechose this costume to showcase because it has lots of great attentionto detail and looks pretty realistic.Check back soon as we’ll be doing another web-wide search for thefinest in sailor costumes.
  5. 5. These costumes can be purchased online from the online retailer OyaCostumes.Also, check out these cool sailing-related links:The History of the Sailor SuitSailor Halloween Make-Up TutorialMake Your Own Sailor CostumeCategories: Uncategorized | Tags: 2012, halloween, Halloween sailor costumes,sailor, sailor costume, sailor costume for women, sailor costumes for men, sexy, sexysailor costumes, zombie | PermalinkJuly 26, 2011by sailorcostume0 commentsBuying a Sailor Costume OnlineSweetheart Sailor CostumeSo, now you are all set to attend a Halloween or a fancy dress partywith a sailor theme. You know what to look for to find the bestsailor costume for you. But now you might be worried about whereto find a good outfit for yourself. If you’re not careful, you may looklike a joke in an ill-fitting or cheap costume. So, ladies where canyou find the best Halloween sailor costumes? The online world canoffer you amazing opportunities for buying the perfect sailor’scostume. Whether you are looking for the sailor costume for men ora sailor costume for women, you will find a large varietyof uniforms offered by these online stores.
  6. 6. First Mate Sailor costumeOne of the best and most convenient ways of buying these costumesis from reliable websites specializing in sailor costumes. In theonline world, you can find a lot of sexy sailor costumes designed inthe cutest styles for ladies. For the majority of women, a short littleflirty number with frills and a sense of humour usually gives offequal parts class and sexiness at any party. Meanwhile, most menlook dashingly handsome in a traditional style complete with whitecap. Sailor costumes offer a simple yet classic look for anyone whowants to stand out at the party. Both men and women prefer to wearsailor costumes that are comfortable while drawing attention andpossibly even winning that costume prize!
  7. 7. Cruise Cutie Sailor CostumeAnyone can have a fun time at a fancy dress party wearing a perfectsailor costume. Most men love to choose a classy sailor costume formen in white, black and navy blue colors. But when it comes tochoosing sailor costumes for women, there are endless varieties.Online, you can find costumes in different sizes and in a variety ofdesigns. Even plus size women can find the right fit for them. Youcan find different styles such as v-neck, halter neck etc. However,the selection depends much on your personal taste and yourpersonality.Nowadays, sexy sailor costumes have gained enormous popularityamong beautiful and sexy party going women of all sizes fromacross the world. Wearing a navy blue outfit with a couple of goldenbuttons will ensure a fantastic look for you. Choices are aplentyand you’re guaranteed to look great in a sexy sailor costume.Categories: Uncategorized | Tags: Halloween sailor costumes, sailor costume, sailorcostume for women, sailor costumes for men, sexy sailor costumes | PermalinkJuly 3, 2011by sailorcostume0 commentsIdeas for Sailor Costumes for Halloween 2011
  8. 8. Shipmate Cutie CostumeWow, you are going to attend a fancy dress party with a navaltheme. So, what kind of sailor costume is for you? You want to lookamazing and there is a wide range of sailor costumes to select from.Before spending your money on these costumes, choose what typeof sailor costume you would like to wear at party that can make youa hit.
  9. 9. Sailor CostumeFor gorgeous ladies who want to be head turners in the navy thereare so many sexy sailor costumes to choose from. If your objectiveis to look sexy and flattering, then a sexy sailor costume is perfectfor you. However, in order to choose the right kind of sailorcostume, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.Keep your personal style along with the type of party you’reattending as the primary factors when selecting your sailor costume.Most sailor costumes are simple and comfortable for men whilegiving off a classic masculine look, which is a great feature for mostguys. But there are more sexy and comical men’s sailor costumesavailable if you want to exaggerate your look. For women, there aremultiple varieties so you should decide how high you want your hemline, how low you want your bust line and what color matches yourpersonality.A young girl can think of wearing a knee-length sailor costumes forwomen that will attenuate their beauty. While aged women shouldthink of donning a classic sailor look by adding a petticoat with their
  10. 10. skirts. Wearing an outfit depends upon the confidence of the person.Wear a costume that suits your personality and boosts yourconfidence as well. If you are more confident, then wearing a sailorcostume for women with corsets will be perfect for you. Womenwith perfect figures can think of going to such fancy dress partieswearing mini sailor dresses.A young girl can think of wearing a knee-length sailor costumes forwomen that will accentuate their beauty. While more mature womenshould think of donning a classic sailor look by adding a petticoatwith their skirts. Wearing an outfit depends upon the confidence ofthe person. Wear a costume that suits your personality and boostsyour confidence as well. If you are more confident, then wearing asailor costume for women with corsets will be perfect foryou. These days, there are multiple sailor costumes that willcompliment any body type.Makin Waves Sailor Costume
  11. 11. Choose the right material: You need to select a sailor costume withthe right kind of material for your body type. These costumes areavailable in a variety of materials from cotton and synthetic fabricsto even latex and PVC materials for the more adventurous. You canchoose some stretchy materials that will hug your body and showyour curves beautifully.Do keep in mind the weather of your area: Most of the SailorCostumes for women are perfect for sunny weather. The minidresses are suitable for warm clubs. You can walk into a fancy dressparty with style, wearing your short dress. But if the party is going tobe organized on colder nights you may feel the chill, if you wear tooshort and too revealing. Add a neck tie that will look fashionable andwill keep you warm at the same time. If you find the night is evencolder, you can think adding a navy shawl to your outfit in order toremain warm.There are endless options and you can choose the dress that canmatch your style. If you are wearing the dress for a Halloween night,then wearing Halloween sailor costumes will be perfect for you.Choose the dress that will be right fit for you and you will becomfortable wearing it. For example, if you love wearing sleevelessdresses, then you can think of wearing a sexy sailor costume withsmall sleeves.Categories: Uncategorized | Tags: Halloween sailor costumes, sailor costume, sailorcostume for women, sailor costumes for men, sexy sailor costumes | PermalinkSAILOR COSTUME INFOSSailor CostumeHistory of SailorSailors WomenPopeye The Sailor ManHow to Make a Sailor CostumeSailor Costumes ideasSailors WomenHistory of Sailor SuitHalloween Sailor Make up TutorialHalloween Sailor GirlProudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Yoko by ElmastudioTop