The Evolution of Intelligent Communications


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Presented by Maria Grant, Head of Product Development at Oxygen8 Group...

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  • A presentation about my thoughts around the evolution of intelligent communications. Covering what you already know and experience through mobile marketing every day and how we can begin to communicate better using existing technology and all the routes available to reach a consumer on their mobile phone.
  • How does Mobile Commerce play a part in my shopping experience?Optimised Delivery ProcessIncreased Customer SatisfactionLess calls to Call CentresRepeat Custom
  • Mobile is the ultimate multi / omni channel device!
  • The Kingfisher Group today said its omnichannel plans for growth were progressing well both at home and abroad, helping it to boost sales and profits in the first half of its financial year. In particular, Screwfix sales rose by 14.6% to £313m thanks to expansion and last year’s introduction of mobile pay, click and collect.
  • More touch points across more channelsBy 2015 3billinon people will create 8zetta byte of dataLeading Retailers41% want to leverage social media for sales98% believe purchase, delivery and returns should be an option across multiple channel100% want to consolidate the customer existence across all channelsOmni-Channel retailing82% higher spend per transaction90% of customers know more than the store staff due to the tools they use online58% of buyers who own a smart phone have used it for store related shopping
  • Turn your customer insight into increased omni-channel sales and profits:Integrate and understand your customer data across every touchpointConsider the conversationWhat the consumers may want to receive from your brand. What types of messages would they like to receive? What useful information can you provide? How can you make it easiest to obtain? And is it meaningful to the customer – does it save them time, engage with them better, make the business cost saving and increase awareness and interest in product?DISCOVER: Analyse and discover you customer data to learned what worked Provide value first, capture data secondGet to know your customers. Right now, you may not know anything besides their phone number and that they want to receive SMS messages.Consider the total mobile experience. While planning your campaigns, ensure you are optimizing the customer experience by linking to mobile sites. The best experiences are when customers can be directed through the SMS directly to a mobile web page or other content.EVOLVE: Act and optimise – engage your customers at the right time, in the right channel, with the right offerDo not disturbDon’t send promotional text messages after 9 PM or before 11 AM to avoid annoying those who go to bed early and those who are late risers. When a consumer opts in to receive your text messages, request time zone information; and, accordingly, send your SMS in waves to ensure you are optimizing the interaction.
  • In our experience, if you start with a very wide range of data and then start to drill down you can begin to target users effectively. Use existing CRM data to personalise a message and message non-customers using negative data matching or lookalike customer identification, using similar customer characteristics, for acquisition purposes. Push on and segment further, converting more and more messaging to sales. Delivery rate: You can use number lookup (sometimes known as HLR Lookup) software to help cleanse your list, preventing your sending messages to invalid numbers.Statistics tell us that text message open rates exceed 98% compared to 22% of emails, 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts.Opt-out rate: The opt-out rate tells us the percentage of recipients who opt out after receiving an SMS campaign, much like unsubscribe rates for email campaigns. A high opt-out rate for an SMS campaign can signal: the incorrect audience has been targeted or the content isn’t relevant or value-adding. Better targeting, and split testing your SMS campaigns can help decrease opt-out rates. Statistics also show us that the average SMS campaign is opted out less than 5% of the time.Clickthrough rate: The click through rate measures the proportion of subscribers who initiated action with respect to an advertisement that redirected them to another page. Then on that page, they might purchase an item or learn more. The average click through rate (CTR) of URLs included in SMS messages is 19%, compared to just 4.2% CTR for emails. Due to the length of SMS messages, the URL is obviously more prominent than in the majority of emails.Conversion rate: The conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who take a valuable action. This can be a purchase, signup, phone call or simply a page view – whatever you define as the goal. Linking your SMS campaigns to valuable conversions can provide you with an insight into your ROI from the SMS campaign, and help you improve future campaigns.
  • Evolve your intelligent communications by tying different areas together. Send out a message and track if the recipient of that message clicks on the embedded link and goes through to a richer media message, for example, a HTML5. Did they call someone? Did they buy anything? What kind of payment method did they choose? And most importantly, can you get them back again? How do you retain loyalty?:Engage at the point of purchase via mobile & card payments.Secure real-time transactions integrated into your business systems.Add new insight & data to your CRM system.Use enriched customer data to create intelligent, targeted campaigns.Evolve your communication strategies and incorporate the intelligence available to you.Don't just think of it as 'mobile' communication’ Once you have an idea of the sorts of triggers that work for your audience you can then combine that with information from social media profiles for example, you will have a host of data which you can use to hyper-personalise your messages. That means you can target people when they arrive at Euston Station because you know that if they get a specific message, through a channel they are most likely to respond to, for example, SMS, email, App, Voice etc. they're likely to go to the Coffee Shop and redeem that offer.
  • The Evolution of Intelligent Communications

    1. 1. The Evolution of Intelligent Communications Maria Grant, Head of Product Development
    2. 2. Content • Customer Journey in Focus • Single Channel to Omni-Channel • Evolve your Intelligent Communication • Where do you start? • Where do we go from here?
    3. 3. Customer Journey in Focus 1 2 3 4 5 Influence Decision Making Order Delivery Re-order LO YALT Y ACROSS ALL CHANNELS
    4. 4. From Single Channel to Omni-Channel Single Channel Multi-Channel Cross-Channel Omni-Channel The Legacy The Reality The Aspiration The Nirvana Customers experience a single type of touch-point. Customer sees multiple touch-points acting independently. Customer sees multiple touch-points as part of the same brand. Customers experience a brand, not a channel within a brand. Retailers have a single type of touch-point. Retailers channel knowledge and operations exist in technical and functional silos. Retailers have a ‘single view of the customer’ but operate in functional silos. Retailers leverage their ‘single view of the customer’ in coordinated and strategic ways.
    5. 5. Omni-Channel success with Mobile Commerce
    6. 6. Omni-Channel success with Mobile Commerce
    7. 7. What does Omni-Channel mean to you? More touch points across more channels – By 2015 3billion people will create 8 zettabyte of data Leading Retailers 41% Leverage 98% Multichannel Process Flows 100% Consolidate Consumers 82% 90% 58% Higher spend Superior knowledge Research Source:
    8. 8. Evolve your Intelligent Communication ENGAGE DISCOVER EVOLVE
    9. 9. Where do you start? Hi Maria! Download our App for continuous offers and promotions to brighten up your day! Hi Maria! Get 50% off on your next purchase by registering with our loyalty club Greeting Coffee Lover! Why not take advantage of our 2 for 1 offer today? Hi! We think you might like our new coffee range. Why not try out or 2 for 1 offer in your closest Coffee Shop this afternoon?
    10. 10. Where do you start?
    11. 11. Where do we go from here? Create Multi Channel Messaging via SMS, MMS, Voice, Email, Push. Use enriched customer data to create Intelligent, targeted campaign. Personalisation Deliver brand engagement online, mobile & in-store. Improved Engagement Add new insight & data to your CRM system. Increase ROI Secure, real-time transactions integrated into your business systems. Engage at the point of purchase via mobile & card payments.
    12. 12. Questions? • • • • Maria Grant Fern Roberts Cheryl Quin Nicola Robathan