B2B Framework 2.0 for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator: The Alcon Labs Journey


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B2B Framework® for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator provides a set of generic business processes for all IBM Sterling B2B Integrator supported communication protocols, with consistent tracking and error notification for all message and document processing. By standardizing all aspects of design through implementation, B2B Framework® reduces development and deployment by as much as 70%. http://www.oxford-consulting.com

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B2B Framework 2.0 for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator: The Alcon Labs Journey

  1. 1. B2B Framework 2.0for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator- The Alcon Labs Journey Presented by: Timothy Szal, Sr. ECommerce Consultant, Alcon Laboratories Lance Lind, Solution Architect, Oxford Consulting Group, Inc. Trevor Richards, CTO, Oxford Consulting Group, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• Oxford Consulting Overview• Alcon Labs Overview• Alcon Labs eCommerce Journey – Alcon Labs Legacy Infrastructure – Business Challenges – Solution – Solution Gaps• B2B Framework Overview• Q&A
  3. 3. IntroductionsTimothy Szal, Sr. ECommerce Consultant, Alcon Labs – timothy.szal@alconlabs.comLance Lind, B2B Architect & Manager, Presales, Oxford Consulting – Lance.lind@oxford-consulting.comTrevor Richards, CTO & Product Manager, Oxford Consulting – Trevor.richards@oxford-consulting.com
  4. 4. Oxford Consulting• Founded in 1998• Headquarters: Columbus, OH• Provide IBM B2B & Commerce Solutions to Global 2000• IBM Sterling Commerce Strategic Alliance Partner since 2000• More than 70 dedicated IBM Sterling Commerce Professionals in the US & Canada having completed more than 700 Sterling Commerce engagements to date• Maintain global alliances to support Europe & Asia• Provide integrated B2B Framework & visibility solutions to extend value of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  5. 5. Alcon Laboratories• Founded in 1945 by Robert Alexander & William Conner• Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas• Provide surgical, pharmaceutical and vision care productions in 180 markets across 75 countries• Merger with Novartis announced in April, 2011 – Alcon division is second largest Novartis Division – 2010 revenue of approx $9.4 billion
  6. 6. Alcon Labs Legacy InfrastructureSecurity/Encryption:1. PGP (Vendor: MacAfee) • On its own serverCommunication:2. AS2 and FTP/S (Vendor: Axway, FTP/S is a client)3. FTP Client (Vendor: Transoft’s Performer-FTP) • In-House Scripted System4. FTP Hosting (Vendor: Microsoft)5. SFTP Hosting (Vendor: Ipswitch)6. MQ Interface (Vendor: Paul Clack, sm. 3rd party utility for M.Q. loading)Translation/EDI management:7. Gentran for Windows 5.0 (Vendor: Sterling Commerce)
  7. 7. Business Challenges/Drivers• Gentran 5.0 going out of support – Gentran 5.1 or Sterling B2B Integrator as upgrade path• Timeline was critical with impending merger• Increased demand from business for eCommerce set up/support• 7 Vendors of varying sizes and technology platforms• Products required upgrades• Complex to manage, resource intensive• New protocol requirements not supported in existing software versions• New regulation/compliance requirements
  8. 8. Solution: Sterling B2B IntegratorWith B2B Integrator, the communication processes is integrated with the system;major communication protocol enhancements (SOAP, S/FTP, FTP/S). AS2 is nowintegrated too. SWIFT Capability Added SMTP Technology Exchanges (e.g., Transora, UCCnet) EDIINT (AS1, Sterling Integrator AS2) Messaging S/FTP, Communication FTP/S Services EAI Adapters Legacy/Custom HTTP, Apps Trading Partners HTTP /S Mailbox SWIFT ebXML Intelligent Databases Routing Integration Broker Graphical SOAP Modeler Value-Added Applications Networks EDI/XML Collaboration Web Exception Handling Extensions CRM ERP XFORMS Messaging Webforms Rosetta Net
  9. 9. Identified Solution Gaps/Challenges• B2B Integrator is a flexible application development toolkit – Don’t want to be in the business of software development• Migration of Trading Partners• Archiving of data• End User Visibility• So… – looked for an integrated solution to address challenges/timeline – Consulting firm with a proven solution & services to support Alcon
  11. 11. Extending B2B Integrator: B2B Framework 2.0• 250+ pre-built B2B Integrator components (BPs, maps, XSLT, etc.)• Generic communications BPs for supported protocols• Custom database tables for message/document logging and rules engine• Framework Management Interface (FMI) to manage framework rules• Document Management Interface (DMI) to view & manage processed documents• Document visibility can be maintained after SI tables have been archived• Supports B2B Integrator versions 4.3, 5.0 & 5.1• SAP Edition available
  12. 12. Why B2B Framework?• Standardizes B2B Integrator environment – Common tracking & error handling across all processes – Common communications management for all protocols – Visibility through a single portal to all messaging in a consistent way – Remove barriers to trade through implicit trading relationships which minimizes system administration – Minimizes development and deployment time for new projects by reusing generic development components• Extends B2B Integrator environment – Provides “out of the box” services for processing and tracking non- EDI formats (XML, Flat file, Binary) – Allows real “Content Based Routing” (not just EDI) with a rules based engine
  13. 13. B2B Framework Benefits• Reduces implementation time by up to 70% – Designed through practical implementation at dozens of companies across multiple industries – Adopts industry best practice for business processes• Minimizes configuration and maintenance – Rules engine to configure behavior – Pre-built generic Business Processes• Provides common management & visibility regardless of communications channel/data format• Extensible/customizable to ensure 100% fit
  14. 14. B2B Framework Customers
  15. 15. LET’S TAKE A LOOK…
  16. 16. B2B Framework Portlets B2B Framework portlets accessible within SI
  17. 17. Document Management Interface Menu Search Form Message/DocuShow/Hide Show/Hide ment display
  18. 18. Original Document DirectDocumentDownload
  19. 19. Final Document DirectDocumentDownload
  20. 20. Flexible Document Search Partner Search where value = Source or Destination Document Extension Searching
  21. 21. Document Life Cycle Last Search retained between accesses
  22. 22. 360° Document View Document Extension Valuescan be added here DocumentBP details can be Extension Valuesdisplayed directly can be added to from here display
  23. 23. 360° Document View - BPs
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. To Find Out More:Goto:www.oxford-consulting.com/B2BFramework-Overview-2011.pdfOr email integration@oxford-consulting.comLance Lind, B2B Architect & Manager, Presales, Oxford Consulting Group – Lance.lind@oxford-consulting.comTrevor Richards, CTO, Oxford Consulting Group – Trevor.richards@oxford-consulting.com
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