Country startegy presentation; ARMENIA


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Oxfam works in Armenia since 1994, with the main mission to end the injustice of poverty.

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Country startegy presentation; ARMENIA

  2. 2. Page 2 Oxfam and its partners are thought leaders, bringing hope and positive change, inspiring women and youth change agents, and achieving impact at scale in the lives of poor people. Programme at scale Promotion of replicable/ sustainable models Quality of Program and Partnerships Stress on advocacy and policy work Oxfam as a broker/facilitator, working with multi- stakeholders Increase in shared ownership, engaging and contributing to Oxfam’s global campaign work Access to greater resources, influence and building on our profile Stronger identity Increased quality Greater impact What country programme is going to be and do
  3. 3. Page 3 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  Oxfam will influence to activate increased investment in pro-poor rural economy through alternative public policy propositions leading to policy and practice change, HOW? Oxfam’s country change objectives in Armenia Leverage the expertise and experience of key players Lead and convene multi-stakeholder engagement via Agriculture Alliance, progressive networks Foster gender economic empowerment, promote rural women role models Promote models of collaborative working via agriculture cooperatives, gender enterprise and marketing, Women only cooperatives Foster strategic synergies between DRR, livelihoods, crop resilience, and other themes Full policy analysis; alternative public policy propositions on pro-poor rural development
  4. 4. Page 4 ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP  Informed, aware, and organised youth and active women who are willing and able to hold government accountable to address inequality, civic apathy, and social injustice. HOW? Oxfam’s country change objectives in Armenia Support women and youth to participate /exercise their voice in decision making, become self organized though social movements , social media etc. Organize multi-stakeholder networks with strong accent on women and youth Influence the government for more transparency and accountability about the decisions they take affecting women and youth, Women and youth as agents of change To foster women and youth movements for the social and economic change, linking with Diaspora active youth and movements Improved skills and increased awareness of women and youth leaving in poverty to access to relevant information/ new technologies – social media, mobile/, - to clam their rights
  5. 5. Page 5 ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNANCE  Increased transparency in government with participatory decision making/budgeting, with human rights protection, equitable distribution of resources and proper social services. HOW? Oxfam’s country change objectives in Armenia Promote participatory state budgeting in the fields of agriculture, health and gender via active active groups at community and CSOs/ movements at the national levels  Monitor and influence donor and state investments for greater social and gender focus via alliances, experts, think tanks , Our research, campaigning, advocacy work will aim for more investment in social sector, equal distribution of economic growth and improvement of legislation Facilitate people’s awareness and skills for active participation in public policy development via CSOs and civic centers
  6. 6. Page 6 Steps to be implemented to make this change happen INTEGRATED communication •joint country narrative embedded within every person in the team •Innovations as a core for communication • joined up local-to-global campaigning • Increased visibility and profile of Oxfam as a one organization •Innovation, hope, and inspiration •Influence on donors and government MULTI-STAKEHOLDER engagement REVISION of Human Resources • staff capacity/ competence development • staff development plans • revision of staff job profiles • recruitment of new staff -from 8 up to 19 • aim for more strategic teamwork • engaging with Diaspora • increased collaboration with business sector • working with alliances and networks •strengthening accountability • partner capacity and competence building • making new partnership FINANCIAL Resources • on going fundraising -secured ₤ 678 507 -possible ₤3 230 047 • working with non traditional donors • strengthening Oxfam leveraging and brokering role - to make other stakeholders to invest in Oxfam developed models/ communities where Oxfam is working
  7. 7. Page 7 Oxfam Programme Innovations in Armenia Oxfam is committed to four innovative projects in Armenia corresponding to the change objectives that will be initiated in the next 18 months.  Employing computing technologies, -SMS, social media, e-petition, blogging, to raise awareness amongst rural people and local governing bodies about the rights of rural populations.  Organising events in rural communities in order to engage and activate the youth and show they can take action, bring change, etc. Local women will attend training on how to blog. There will be a blogging day. Everything from the events will be uploaded onto blogs from different communities.  Blogging competition to solicit stories and ideas from young women in their communities. They will be given pink phones and video cameras to upload media to the Internet. Stories may relate to jobs, cartoons, intergenerational discussion, or music.  Establishing a Rural Enterprise for Women in the Community of Ayrum, Tavush Region