==== ====“Free Video Reveals An Unusual Formula To Get Chiseled Jawline And Sexier-Looking CheeksThat Will Drive More Atte...
brown spots and crows feet.oLips-Remove lip wrinkles, correct thin or sagging lips, plump the lips, and shorten the spaceb...
aesthetics of beauty, and the importance of modern, safe skin care done in a clean, antiseptic,medical environment are ver...
oCleavage- Retin A, Microdermabrasion and IPL are all useful to keep your cleavage area lookingyoung and fresh without bro...
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Facial Exercises - Restore Your Face to a Youthful Look


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“Free Video Reveals An Unusual Formula To Get Chiseled Jawline And Sexier-Looking Cheeks That Will Drive More Attention… In Just Weeks!“

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Facial Exercises - Restore Your Face to a Youthful Look

  1. 1. ==== ====“Free Video Reveals An Unusual Formula To Get Chiseled Jawline And Sexier-Looking CheeksThat Will Drive More Attention… In Just Weeks!“ CLICK BELOW!http://tinyurl.com/8x3zros==== ====The definition of rejuvenate is to restore to a youthful condition. Facial rejuvenation implies that theface will be restored to a younger state. True facial rejuvenation requires not only tightening orlifting of the skin but also rejuvenating the skin surface to a younger condition. I am sure you haveseen people who have had a face lift but still have old looking facial skin and hands.Modern facial rejuvenation includes not only tightening the face but also restoring the facial skin toa youthful fresh look. Effective facial rejuvenation requires changing facial skin to a firm, blemishfree, wrinkle free, soft, clear appearance. It is important that you understand the very sophisticatedand complex facial rejuvenation methods that are used today and how they work. This knowledgewill help you avoid disappointment and possibly a bad result or even a complication.True facial rejuvenation is possible today but a successful result depends on the professionalism,knowledge and experience of your doctor. Yes, I sad doctor. Todays facial rejuvenationtechnology and methods are sophisticated medical and surgical aesthetics procedures, and youneed to view your facial rejuvenation as a part of your overall health care and fitness and wellnessprogram.Your local spa or beauty salon is no longer equipped to provide you with the latest medical gradeskin treatments using prescription drugs, lasers, fillers and other effective anti-aging techniques.There is no such thing as a face lift in a jar or wrinkle cure lotion. Learn to become an expert inyour knowledge of facial rejuvenation methods and a fully informed consumer.What creates a youthful appearance?There are many characteristics that impart a youthful fresh look to your face. Bright open eyeswithout wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes, a high arched brow, a full high plumpcheek, a firm smooth jaw line, a tight neck without fat and hanging skin, and full wrinkle free lipsare important characteristics of a young face. Successful facial rejuvenation depends on anunderstanding of exactly what creates this youthful look.The eyes are the windows to the soul and the first feature that people notice, followed by our lipsand mouth. Unfortunately the eyes and lips are the first areas of our face to show signs of aging,often in our thirties or even earlier in people with thin skin or those who smoke. Young freshlooking eyes are an essential component of any facial rejuvenation effort.Below are the aging changes we must correct to have a youthful appearance:oEyes-Correct wrinkles, loose skin, hooding of the eyes, bags and dark circles under the eyes,
  2. 2. brown spots and crows feet.oLips-Remove lip wrinkles, correct thin or sagging lips, plump the lips, and shorten the spacebetween the pink lip and nose.oMouth-camouflage or correct sagging skin around the mouth, nose to mouth lines (nasal labialfold), mouth to chin lines (marionette lines), and whiten teeth for a young looking smile.oChin-Remove chin wrinkles, shrink large pores, camouflage chin crease, and lift the saggingchin.oCheek-Plump or lift the cheek to a high position on the face, fill depressions high on the cheekbelow the eye, and remove wrinkles, brown spots, red spots and other skin aging changes.oBrow-Lift the sagging brow to open the eyes and create a fresh bright look.oJaw line-tighten, lengthen, or smooth the jaw line skin. Camouflage, lift or remove jowls.oNeck-Remove fat, eliminate a double chin, remove neck bands or turkey wattle and tighten theneck.o Décolletage-The neck and décolletage are frequently noticed when people viewour face, and yet this area is one of the most neglected when it comes to prevention of skin aging.Removal of brown spots, red spots and skin aging changes from the décolletage must beaccomplished if you want to look young in todays fashions.oCleavage-A womans cleavage has always been an important component of feminine beauty andsensuality. Clothing today reveals this area, and aging changes such as wrinkles and brown spotsdetract from a youthful look.oFace Skin- Aging and sun damage make the skin look old. Brown spots, red spots(Telangiectasia), dry skin and wrinkles are classic signs of skin aging.What are the best facial rejuvenation methods available today?The methods available to achieve true, effective facial rejuvenation to a youthful appearance aremodern, sophisticated medical and in some cases, surgical procedures. You need to find atrusted, experienced, board certified physician who specializes in aesthetic and anti-agingprocedures if you are going to achieve a beautiful result that you will be happy with.Unfortunately there are many people who advertise and market anti-aging procedures that do notpossess the expertise and medical and surgical training needed to achieve safe, effective resultsfor you. That is why you need to understand the science behind the methods used today andunderstand which treatments work and are safe. More than ever you need to be an educatedconsumer.Real results that will please you are possible, but only if the treatments are performed by anexperienced professional who understands aesthetics and the aging process. Expertise in the
  3. 3. aesthetics of beauty, and the importance of modern, safe skin care done in a clean, antiseptic,medical environment are very important for your safety.Below I am going to briefly list the modern, most effective methods for each area. Space does notpermit a detailed explanation of each method, but links in the resource box will lead you to detaileddiscussions of all of the new, most effective modern aesthetic anti-aging treatments.oEyes- Botox, Retin A, and Microdermabrasion are the most effective methods for refreshing theeye area and crows feet. Bags and dark circles under the eyes require laser surgery and whendone properly these techniques can achieve remarkably beautiful results. Avoid injection of fillersand fat around the eyes, these techniques are dangerous.oLips-Soft tissue fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and others can plump the lip beautifullyand help lip lines. Tiny amounts of Botox can remove lip wrinkles. Fractional laser resurfacing cansmooth the lip. There are also effective surgical techniques to plump and refresh the lip.oMouth-Soft tissue fillers are very effective at restoring the mouth area. The downward saggingand deep lines around the mouth can be plumped and lifted with filler injections used in the liquidface lift. Small amounts of Botox can help lift the corners of the mouth. Fractional laser resurfacingcan help refresh the skin, lift the corners of the mouth and remove lines and wrinkles. Skintightening machines such as Thermage, Titan, LuxIR and Refirme can help tighten the skin aroundthe mouth, but only by about 20% and not nearly as well as a surgical lift.oChin- Fractional laser resurfacing can remove wrinkles and shrink large pores. Fillers can helpthe chin crease and marionette lines. A surgical chin implant can lift the chin and a surgical lift canhelp the aging sagging chin.oCheek- The cheek area sags and moves downward as we age. New liquid cheek lift techniquesusing soft tissue fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm can lift and plump the cheek for a younglook. A well done surgical cheek lift should create a high full look to the cheek. The cheek area isone of the most important areas for correction of aging changes.oBrow- The brow can be lifted about 6 millimeters using Botox. Complete brow restorationrequires a brow lift or forehead lift with plastic surgery.oJaw Line- Very small amount of Botox and soft tissue fillers like Restylane, Juvederm andRadiesse can be used to improve the marionette lines and jowls, and smooth the jaw line. A welldone surgical lift can restore a beautiful jaw line.oNeck- Very small amounts of Botox can be used to lessen the folds or bands hanging below thechin. These are called platysmal bands and are caused by a muscle called the platysma musclewhich lies under the neck skin. Skin tightening machines can help tighten sagging neck skin, butonly by about 20-30%. A well done plastic surgical neck lift can create a beautiful, firm, tight neck.oDécolletage- Topical Retin A, Microdermabrasion, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)treatments can restore the décolletage to a smooth, clear uniform skin appearance. Sunprotection for this area is essential.
  4. 4. oCleavage- Retin A, Microdermabrasion and IPL are all useful to keep your cleavage area lookingyoung and fresh without brown spots, wrinkles and aging skin changes.oFace Skin-All of the above techniques are to no avail if your skin looks old. Anti-aging skin care isan essential component of any anti-aging program. Sun block for prevention of further aging isessential. Retin A, topical Vitamin C Serum, and frequent Microdermabrasion are essential. IPL isa safe, effective, non painful, no down time, easy way to remove age spots and red blood vesselsfrom skin. IPL is not effective for removing wrinkles. However, new fractional laser resurfacingtechniques can remove wrinkles safely without danger of pigment loss and other problemsassociated with old fashioned CO2 laser resurfacing.I have seen fair skinned, blond and red headed women in my plastic surgery practice who look 30when they are actually 55 years old. This was never possible 20 years ago in my experience.What these women have in common is a healthy life style, use of sun block, stress managementand proactive anti-aging skin care. Very important is avoidance of tanning, smoking and excessalcohol intake.It is never too late to start. If aging changes are showing on your wonderful face take action now.The remarkable, effective, scientifically based new anti-aging therapies work and can give you asecond chance to stay looking younger and looking as good as you feel for a very long time.Just please do your homework and avoid disappointment or worse, a complication. Understandhow these sophisticated, high tech techniques work. Find a board certified doctor who specializesin anti-aging and preventative skin care. Read more about this exciting new field and continue tolook as good as you feel for many years to come.See pictures of facial rejuvenation results. Learn more about the science of facial and skinrejuvenation.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brooke_Seckel==== ====“Free Video Reveals An Unusual Formula To Get Chiseled Jawline And Sexier-Looking CheeksThat Will Drive More Attention… In Just Weeks!“ CLICK BELOW!
  5. 5. http://tinyurl.com/8x3zros==== ====