The Iridescent Pearl


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From a vision in meditation to a dragon's tale...

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The Iridescent Pearl

  1. 1. Donna AngelleThe Iridescent Pearl By Donna Angelle
  2. 2. The Iridescent Pearl Dedicated to Leah, Travis and ZaneThis is the story of the two snakes, the caduceus, twodragons, a lotus, a pearl and one woman.Oh yes, and the rest of humanity.
  3. 3. The Iridescent PearlPart I Children’s FablePart II Meditation session with vision whichwas the inspiration for the story.
  4. 4. The Iridescent PearlOne dragon had come from the deepest places of the earth.So deep that though she had also come through water shewas still on fire.She held a pearl tightly between her teeth that she hadfound in the depths. She knew it was for men. Theyneeded them.This one however was even more special.
  5. 5. TheMonkey Donna Angelle
  6. 6. The MonkeyI forgot to mention the monkey. He has lived with the dragon fora long time.He likes the smoke from the dragon and watches it make ringsthat float into the sky.He was sitting on the back of the dragon as she flew.She reached the last ridge of a very formidable mountain.She was ecstatic.
  7. 7. Donna AngelleThe Fire Dragon
  8. 8. The DragonAs the large beautiful dragon shone in the sunlight shecontemplated the meanings behind all of the symbols andlanguages before her...
  9. 9. The Caduceus
  10. 10. The CaduceusShe saw two symbols by the ridge.What are they here for?two snakes, black and whiteWe are back to black and white, she thought.yin yang
  11. 11. The Caduceus
  12. 12. The CaduceusShe noticed people traveling up the ridge and the snakesalong side them, up and down, back and forth they go.Some sat and meditated... they sat and sat while thinkinglong and hard.
  13. 13. Meditation Chakras
  14. 14. The MonkeyAs the dragon was looking at everything that was going on themonkey took advantage of the dragon’s distraction and snatchedthe pearl right out of the dragon’s tooth!He thought it was a funny game and he began to clap his handsand laugh.The dragon was not amused at all and whipped her tail quickerthan you could even see and the pearl went flying into a nearbylotus pond.
  15. 15. The MonkeyThe monkey heard a splash as the pearl hit the water. Themonkey thought certainly the pearl was at the bottom of thepond.The monkey began to walk away sadly and slowly.Then he was seen running over the ridge very quickly from thedragon’s angry fire.
  16. 16. The MonkeyThe monkey didn’t know the pearl went into a lotus bud stillunder the mud.The lotus was a very special lotus bud, it was pink and orangelike a beautiful sunrise.It just so happened that a baby dragon was swimming byand heard the plop as the pearl was whipped into the water bythe large dragon’s tail.
  17. 17. The Baby DragonThe little dragon looked and looked in the mud for the pearl andcouldn’t find it.This dragon was different. She had the colors of a purple and reddragon fly. She had never seen anyone who looked like her before.After a very long time of searching for the pearl she decided sheneeded to take a rest.She found her cave and fell fast asleep.
  18. 18. The Baby DragonDragons sleep for a very long time.Baby dragons sleep even longer.By the time she woke up it was no longer spring,it was early summer.
  19. 19. The Little DragonWhen she woke up she was surprised to find her newwings!They were so brilliant in the sunshine.She used them to swim first.She loved to swim.
  20. 20. The Little Dragonand the Lotus Donna Angelle
  21. 21. The Little DragonAfter a short time she took to the skies above her little pond.She noticed something shining in the sunlight. She wanted togo see what it was.It was inside a lotus blossom.She found the pearl! It must have fallen into a lotus bud!The lotus had opened while she slept.
  22. 22. Donna AngelleThe Lotus
  23. 23. The Iridescent PearlThe pearl was beautiful.It had a sheen that she had never seen before.She must give it to someone.That’s all she knew. Who?She decided she would give it away as soon as she foundsomeone who loved it too.
  24. 24. Donna AngelleThe Iridescent Pearl
  25. 25. The Iridescent PearlShe knew from living here though that hardly anyone passed this wayand when they did they already had a pearl and went strait up the smallpath to her right.She noticed the other way which went part way up the mountain. It wasalways very crowded. It was the path that had the signs with the symbolson it.Those people didn’t have pearls but they didn’t want one. They likedtheir signs and they liked their paths and the people on their path withthem.
  26. 26. The Iridescent PearlShe would wait.Dragons know how to wait.Sadly, she kept waiting for a very long time.She became an adult dragon and she was still waiting.
  27. 27. The WomanOne day she was looking at her reflection in the small pondand she saw a blind woman come to the water’s edge.The woman could hear her breathing but could not see her.Her sight was totally black.Her hearing and and other senses however took over in place ofher eyes.She sat at the edge of the clear water and took a drink.
  28. 28. The WomanShe had been up and down the path with the symbols somany times she was getting weary and feeling old.She felt like she had tried every path that she could findonly to find herself not quite to the top.She wondered, can my blindness be stopping me?Then she noticed the dragon’s breath.
  29. 29. The Gift“Wise one”, the woman began, “why do you sit here alone?”The woman smiled and said, “Yes, I can tell that you area dragon. I may be blind...”The dragon said, “I must do something before I can leavehere and go to the mountains of dragons.”“What is it?” the woman asked.
  30. 30. The Gift“I must give something to someone who loves it as much asI do”, the dragon explained.
  31. 31. The Iridescent Pearl“What is it?”, the woman asked.“A pearl of unparalleled beauty. I have never seen anythingso exquisite in my entire life”, the dragon told her.The woman was beside herself with joy and the dragonbecame puzzled.The woman asked if the pearl was blue and green withiridescence.
  32. 32. The GiftThe dragon thought, iridescence, that’s what you call it.“Yes, woman, you know this pearl?”“I found one like that one or it’s twin when I was a younggirl. A nasty monkey stole it right out of my hand one dayas I held it to look at it.”“He jumped down from a branch in a tree, snatched it andran back to the tree laughing at me.”
  33. 33. The Gift“I became so sad I could no longer see.”She began to cry.The dragon remembered so many years ago when she had beenlittle and had so loved the pearl. Her heart swelled.She put the pearl in the woman’s hand.A smile broke out on her face that was filled with peace andcomplete joy.
  34. 34. The WomanShe found peace and joy once more.
  35. 35. The Iridescent PearlThe dragon knew what she had to do at that moment.She scooped the woman up and brought her to the smallpath where others’ carried pearls up the last ridge to thevery top of the mountain.The dragon explained that this was the last path.She promised.
  36. 36. The Iridescent Pearl Part II Two Visions
  37. 37. The DreamI had a strong meditation where I saw a man being given a pearlfrom someone in the mud.I called out to the man, “Who are you?” He turned and began hisascent up the mountain and as he got higher, snow began to fallon him as he climbed.I lost sight of him as an older oriental man to my left caught myeye. I realized I lost sight of the man going up the mountain.
  38. 38. The Dream con’tRight after that I saw a yin yang but it was more of aslurpy in consistency and it was yellow and purple.
  39. 39. InterpretationThe person in the mud was me.I was in the mud handing a pearl to the man, who as visionsor dreams often have it would be me too.His travel up the mountain was to go see Jesus at the top togive him his pearl as a key for the pearly gates.I became distracted by the oriental man and he represents themyriad paths I have already traveled.
  40. 40. Interpretation con’tThe yellow and purple fluid yin yang were with thedream but separated.The yin yang had no boundaries and was more fluidthan a circle.The fluid was not smooth it had a lumpy consistency. End of vision
  41. 41. The trouble with some of these pathsI was talking with an energy worker from one energy form.There are many kinds and types I have noticed.She said one of the bad points of her profession was that itmakes her poo all the time.I’m thinking, does she, through the matter somehow gatherother people’s negative aspects?That’s horrible! I’d be down in the dumps!
  42. 42. Energy and MatterI had a vision of this woman’s work before I came in contactwith her.In my vision I came up from my level of the pit covered in somany black negative “things” that I felt covered as in animpenetrable armor.She then picked each one off me and she does this for many,many people.
  43. 43. Energy and MatterAfterwards I heard a man so gently say to me as he pulledme up, “Come up here, my child.”I haven’t seen who’s arm it is yet. I can guess.I felt the last few being picked off.I knew they were evil malevolence being picked off.Now I know who took them off.
  44. 44. The Iridescent Pearl The End