Hospital Annual Report


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Hospital Annual Report

  1. 1. We believe R epo r t o f G i v i n gJu ly 1, 2 01 0 to J u n e 3 0, 2 01 2
  2. 2. We believeWe are a connectionbetween our patients and the lives they were born to live.
  3. 3. Funding hope for our most vulnerable. Grace Vaughn was just 10 years old when she was hit with a 106-We believe degree fever and a rash so severe she required burn unit treatment.Excellence is St. John’s Children’s Hospital physicians determined she had suffered an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that developed intoour calling. Stevens-Johnson syndrome: a rare, life-threatening sickness of the skin. As her body swelled to twice its size, physicians induced Grace into a coma to keep her throat from closing. St. John’s plastic surgeons replaced her infected skin with a synthetic, eradicating the infection and allowing her fever-ravaged organs to rest and heal. This remarkable young girl went on to bless St. John’s Pediatric ICU patients with Christmas gifts and became the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion for Illinois and the pediatric Saints Inspired winner. The support of the Friends of St. John’s gives children like Grace hope for a healthy future. Kimberly Smoot Photography “We believe her healing was $1 million a miracle of God through the Thanks to our contributors, more than $1 million was granted in 2011-2012 for services, skill of the hands and hearts equipment and education benefiting Grace and other Central Illinois children. of her physicians.” – Stacey Shallenbarger, mother of Grace REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 3
  4. 4. Supporting a profound commitment to education.We believe “It has been an amazing roller coaster of a ride since starting nursing school last year. If I had not received the scholarship,By teaching I am doubtful I would have been able to make the monthly payments to stay in school.” The Friends of St. John’s fundsone, we scholarships such as the one that allowed Christine Vance, a 40+ mother of three on a limited income, to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, often to those whom others have turned away.affect many. One day, her gift for humor helped a psychiatric patient who had isolated herself from others to finally open up. “At one point we sat and talked for two hours,” Christine remembered. “That day helped me to realize that, yes, I do make a difference. I am at the right place, at the right time in my life.” “St. John’s scholarship has allowed me to pursue the career I felt $500,000 God leading me to.” Generous contributions made it possible to grant nearly $500,000 in 2011-2012 – Christine Vance to nursing and caregiver education to the benefit of students including Christine. REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 5
  5. 5. Enabling visionary medicine for challenging cases.We believe For Vic Schmitt, life has always been about the little things. Like playing with his grandsons, taking an annual vacation withBreakthroughs friends and spending time with his wife, Rae. When an MRI revealed Vic had a brain aneurysm, his physician sent him tocome in St. John’s, where an expert team — led by Springfield’s only stroke interventionist — performed a new minimally invasive treatment to stop a stroke before it started. Using advancedmany sizes. imaging, a tiny coil of engineered platinum was guided through an artery in Vic’s leg to his brain, repairing the aneurysm to prevent a stroke. The Friends of St. John’s now make it possible for people throughout the region to connect with St. John’s leading stroke intervention team by helping fund innovative telemedicine technology and equipment. Patients will receive St. John’s diagnosis and life-saving early stroke treatment while still at their home hospitals. $20 million “Three days after brain Since 2001, the Friends of St. John’s has surgery, Vic was back home – granted more than $20 million to fund visionary medicine serving Vic and many the picture of health.” others throughout the region, thanks to help from our contributors. – Rae Schmitt REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 7
  6. 6. sharing our unique tradition of care.We believe Numerous studies have documented the healing qualities of the harp. Since 2008, St. John’s Hospital has brought a harpist to moreCare includes than 1,000 patients’ bedsides each year in Hospice, ICU, Cardiac, Cancer and other units. The beautiful instrument’s soothingthe whole person — sounds and healing vibrations create, within a clinical setting, an environment more conducive to wellness. In fact, families of those hospitalized who have been treated to this music therapybody, mind reported watching their loved ones visibly begin to relax as the sound of the harp filled their rooms. It has a similar effect on alland spirit. those who care for patients, clinicians and families alike. The Friends of St. John’s Hospital make this gift possible, offering a powerful example of how St. John’s leads in health care of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. In addition to the harp, generous Friends of St. John’s donations provide support to similar therapeutic programs, including massage, meditation, nutrition and yoga. 2,000 “I have worked in health care for 35 years, and this is one Some 2,000 patients, families and caregivers were soothed by St. John’s of the nicest programs I have healing harp in 2011-2012. ever seen.” – Anonymous Patient, Cardiac Floor REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 9
  7. 7. Providing care for generations in Central Illinois.We believe St. John’s is in the midst of the most ambitious expansion in our history to ensure St. John’s inspired care continues. ScheduledWe must faithfully for completion in 2014, with help from the Friends of St. John’s Hospital, new surgical facilities will be completely centralized formove forward. greater efficiency and comfort. A planned STAT Vascular Network and Vascular Institute will enable St. John’s Prairie Heart Institute to take the next steps as a national leader in cardiovascular care. St. John’s College has expanded its curriculum and doubled its class size to educate critically needed nurses and health care professionals in innova- tive practices. Neonatal ICU infants will grow and strengthen in closer proximity to their mothers recovering from delivery. St. John’s Neuroscience Institute will more fully provide leading- edge intervention and treatment. It is an undertaking built upon faith and perseverance; the rewards will be unparalleled. “Our ability to sustain our $200 million mission is a result of the The Friends of St. John’s Hospital will commitment and dedication help fund St. John’s Hospital’s ambitious $200 million modernization project. of the Friends of St. John’s and the entire St. John’s family.” – Robert Ritz, St. John’s Hospital Chief Executive Officer REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 11
  8. 8. it is in giving that we truly receive This year, we honor three retiring board members. Though they have no doubt received the immeasurable rewards of service, it is the Friends of St. John’s and all whom we serve who have also reaped the great benefits of their dedicated guidance throughout the years.Dear friends,Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Friends of St. John’s Hospital.Your support is a shining example of the inspired care that provides hopeand healing for the people and families served by St. John’s Hospital.Throughout this report, we highlight the impact your generous contributionshave made on St. John’s Hospital. You fund the Child Life Program andParent Help Line at St. John’s Children’s Hospital, provide scholarships totrain the next generation of nursing leaders at St. John’s College, and provide Jerry Barkmeier Carolyn Graham Bharati Jhaveri, MDtelemedicine equipment for our new STAT Stroke program. There are Immediate Past Board Chair, 2009 – 2011 Board Member, 2002 – 2011 Board Member, 2003 – 2012numerous other examples of the ways in which your contributions advance Board Member, 2002 – 2011 Chair, Annual Giving Committee, 2011 Board Vice Chair, 2011 – 2012 Chair, Board DevelopmentSt. John’s commitment to caring for the body, mind and spirit of every “St. John’s Hospital is one of the corner- “Serving on the Friends Board was Committee, 2010 – 2011 stones of our medical community. meaningful for me, as I sincerely believeperson we serve. Serving on the Friends Board was a in the mission of St. John’s Hospital, and “As a pathologist, I see the impact of the Friends of St. John’s throughout the rewarding opportunity to help provide serving on the board helped me to better hospital on a daily basis. The generousBecause of your support, the Friends of St. John’s Hospital has granted more health care to people throughout Central understand the mission and to play a support of our community is inspiring.” Illinois. Health care is the largest industry small part to ensure quality health carethan $2.57 million to St. John’s Hospital since July 2010. Looking back across in Central Illinois and an important one for Central Illinois.”this new century, we have granted more than $20 million to fund visionary that we all need to get behind and support.”medicine since 2001. Whether you attend a fundraising event, respond to anappeal, or make a gift in honor of a caregiver or loved one, you are the heartof our philanthropic ministry. Friends of St. John’s Hospital Susan Madison Wes Anderson Barbara LestikowOn behalf of the Friends of St. John’s Hospital Board and St. John’s Hospital Vice Chair John Eck, Jr. Jane Locascio— we greatly appreciate your partnership in our mission to transform lives Dan McCormack President, Hospital Sisters of Glen Garrison Renee Oreshkov John Goetz Henry “Hank” Rohs, MDevery day. St. Francis Foundation Patricia Graham Leslie Sgro Robert Ritz CEO, St. John’s Hospital Ken HoffmanTrudy Nelson Trudy Nelson2011 – 2012 Chairperson Chair12 FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 13
  9. 9. Dollars grantedThanks to selfless financial contributions from thousands ofpeople and the thoughtful oversight of our board, the Friends ofSt. John’s were blessed to support these services, equipment andeducation, among others, in fiscal years 2011 and 2012. $12,135 $26,370 $43,825 $28,815 we have the power AthletiCare Concussion testing Behavioral Health Medication assistance, Birth Center Wellness and nutrition Cancer Institute Breast cancer aware- to change lives and education patient comfort, music services, new mother ness, patient support, therapy, patient education, postpartum community education, education and activities support, equipment survivor celebrations $30,708 $1,051,700 $447,830 $15,057 Caregivers Interfaith Children’s Hospital Christian Care Hospice Volunteer Services Specialty clinics and Medications and health Patient comfort, nurse Support services for health education, care for underserved education, equipment older adults Parent Help Line, Kohl’s children and adults Cares for Kids, Child Life program $18,500 $32,515 $448,644 $97,013 Neurosciences NICU Nursing and Prairie Heart Stroke education Family support, Caregiver Education Institute equipment, nursing Nursing residency, Center for Living, certifications specialty certifications, patient and community continuing education, education symposiums and seminars $2,282,075 $28,963 Wellness Programs in funding was granted Therapeutic services: to these 13 programs in massage, meditation, 2011-2012 music, nutrition, yoga14 FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL
  10. 10. Toast of the Town TOAST OF THE TOWNEach spring, this series of private, theme-based partiesprovides important funding for the programs and servicesat St. John’s Hospital. In 2011, proceeds raised benefited FRIENDS Kathy and Hank Priester Heartland Credit UnionGetwell TownTM at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. Edem S. Agamah, MD Heather and Fred Rauscher Dr. Richard Holloway Beau Batton, MD Peggy Ryder Bjarne and Jean Jensen Joan Colangelo Casey and Larry Schumacher Suketu and Bharati Jhaveri2012 Toast of the Town proceeds will be used to develop a Bob Donath Lynn and Steve Scott Onsi and Stephanie Kamel Russell Esela Candie and Joey Townsend Charles and Paula Lucorestate-of-the-art Simulation Laboratory at St. John’s College Teresa Gregoire Kathy and Robert Woodruff Frank and Tami Mikellto provide relevant training to today’s nursing students Mrs. Louise Holland Sandra Yeh and Gregory Kane Mark and Dr. Colleen Moore Jane and Steve Jackman Scott Scott, P.C. 2012 Sponsors and Hostswhile preserving the Sisters’ mission of compassionate care. Joseph and Catherine Link Springfield Electric Supply Peter and Julie Mannix ASSOCIATE SPONSORS Dr. Robert and Mrs. Lin Vautrain Andreas and Maggie Meier David and Lori Dodwell Mr. and Mrs. James Zito Kristine Myszka JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.2011 Sponsors and Hosts SUPPORTING SPONSORS PARTICIPATING SPONSORS Esteban and Patricia Sanchez SUPPORTING SPONSORS Arentzen/Kojis Family Dr. Tom Ala AFFILIATE SPONSORS Arentzen/Kojis FamilyASSOCIATE SPONSORS Gary S. Schwab Jerald and Lynne Barkmeier Alice Campbell Staffing Anonymous Jerald and Lynne BarkmeierDavid and Lori Dodwell Bruce and Marguerite Simon Paul and Sally Jo Briney Katherine and Gunther Armbruster Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Natalie Allan Stephen and Silke BellHarold O’Shea Builders HOSTS Zach Bromley and Homer Rieken/ Norma Bartoletti Alterna-Care Home Health System Paul E. and Sally Jo BrineyJP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Wealth Management Team Beth Beasley Ann and Deacon Carr Jeffrey and Tina Bennett Butler Funeral Homes andLarry and Casey Schumacher James F. and Dorothy J. Coady Tina and Jeffrey Bennett Cremation Tribute Center Don and Joan Casper Liz and David KrahAFFILIATE SPONSORS Ann and Jeff Derrick Ann and John Coombe Mary Kay Bochenek James and Dorothy Coady Bud and Helene O’Shea Fund ofAnonymous Lee and Ann Dondanville Dick and Mary Jo Corkery Liz and Ed Brooks the Community Foundation for the E. L. Pruitt, Co.Alterna-Care Home Health System Mary and Bill Forsyth The Curtin Family Colleen Brown Land of Lincoln John and Lynn EckTina and Jeffrey Bennett Frederick and Jill Gehrmann Dan and Anne Dondanville Sarah and Bob Bunn Ron and Therese Romanelli, Mr. and Mrs. William Forsyth Ted and Rose Gleason Barb Butler Orthopedic Center of Illinois Ted and Rose GleasonThe Horace Mann Companies Joe Donovan Hugh and Sallie Graham Cathy and Shane Denney The Horace Mann Companies Jim and Carolyn GrahamDavid and Liz Krah Barry D. Free, MD Jim and Carolyn Graham Karen DiScala Timothy VanFleet and Mark Hansen and Debra MarinesFrank and Tami Mikell Frye-Williamson Press, Inc. Korine Vlahos-VanFleetJohn P. Pruitt/E.L. Pruitt Co. Dwight and Beth Heaney Keith and Jane Gabriel Terri and Mark Greenwald Dwight and Beth Heaney Sandra Yeh, MD; Frederick Rauscher, MD /Ron and Therese Romanelli Mike and Carolyn Houston Randy and Kathy Germeraad Linda Hayes J. Michael and Carolyn Houston Prairie Eye LASIK CenterTimothy VanFleet and Jones-Blythe Construction Co. Mark Hansen and Debra Marines Carole and Bob Juranek Jones-Blythe ConstructionKorine Vlahos-VanFleet Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Katholi Tracie and Michael Kelley SUSTAINING SPONSORS Dr. Richard E. and Agnes Hayner Patrick Kelley and Tammie Klein Jane and Phil Locascio Bank of Springfield Margaret W. KatholiSUSTAINING SPONSORS Peter and Sandi Heckman Gary and Connie Leach Linda and Pat McKenna Jeff and Sue Cozzens Jan and David KerwinStephen and Silke Bell Eswara and Rama Kakarala Charles and Paula Lucore Tami and Frank Mikell Gary and Kim Dunnington Gary and Connie LeachGary Dunnington Dave and Kathy Kinser Barb and LeGrand Malany Denise and Greg Mishkel Fred and Jill Gehrmann Drs. Vidya andDr. and Mrs. Donald R. Graham Ben and Dawn Kuhn Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Graham Ramakrishna Madala Michael von Behren Builder, Inc. Dr. Jim and Susan Madison Linda and Kriegh MoultonMark D. Greatting and Barb Malany Douglas C. and Trudy M. Nelson Michelle McCarthy Carol and Dave Olejniczak Mark D. Greatting andStarlin Haydon-Greatting Glennon H. Paul Starlin Haydon-GreattingHeartland Credit Union Dennis and Lu Anne McManusDr. Richard Holloway Bill and Mary Schnirring Dr. Robert Mocharnuk and Ms. Erin FoleyDrs. Suketu and Bharati Jhaveri Scott Scott, P.C./Steve and Lynn Scott Linda Nordeman and Ceceilia HaasisOnsi and Stephanie Kamel Lawrence J. Smith, MD and Mr. Randy and Dr. Toni Quinn Sheila Stocks-SmithVic and Joyce Lanzotti Dr. Mary Ann Rackauskas Norman and Susan SolerMr. Mark and Dr. Colleen Moore Brian and Lori Reardon Jim and Susan StegemanDavid “Bud” O’Shea Betsy and Hank Rohs Dr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Strow, Sr.Michael O’Shea Ruth and Earl Roland Don and Wanda TracyVes and Renee Oreshkov Dr. and Mrs. James Russell Nicholas TraneDrs. Mark and Sandra Puczynski Dr. Stephen and Jane Ryan Dr. and Mrs. Donald Van FossanR.D. Lawrence Construction Co., Ltd. Jan and Roger Sables Rick Wilderson/Graham Graham Ltd.Dr. Danny and Margaret Sartore Mary Starmann-Harrison and Bob and Kathy Woodruff Greg HarrisonSpringfield Electric SupplyDr. Jill and Mr. Dowd Sullivan Diana Widicus and Mike Davis Bill and Ruth Yu Mr. and Mrs. James Zito16 FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 17
  11. 11. TOAST OF THE TOWNDr. Gurpreet and Dr. and Mrs. James L. Gildner HOSTS 2011 Colleague Cynthia Bednarchik Amy Bulpitt Candace Cox Sheryl FarleySammi Mander Peter and Sandi Heckman Jean Adams Campaign Stacey Beiermann Krystina Burge Kelsey Criswell Cindee FasseroPeter and Julie Mannix David and Kathy Kinser Lynne and Jerry Barkmeier Thanks also to those Roland Belford David Burget Nancy Croxton Kristie FergusonMichael and Beth O’Shea Pradeep and Joanne Kulkarni Beth M. Beasley who preferred to give Marjorie Berchtold Barbara Burneson Jennifer Cullen Mollie FesserLanny and Diana Odin anonymously. Gary and Diane Lindsay Jo Ellen Bretz Lynn Berner Michael Burris Trisha Cunningham Nancy FickasHomer Rieken James and Susan Madison Nancy Brown Makarim Abdulkarim Jenelle Bertolino- Pam Burton Chris Curry Bryan FinnBetsy and Hank Rohs Therese Maze Ann and Deacon Carr Eleanor Kay Alberts Ishmael Rachel Butler Joseph Curry Marissa FitchBill and Mary Schnirring Rick and Dona McGraw Cathy and Shane Denney Jeffrey Alexander Diane Bethard Tim Butler Kerry Curvey Krista FleschJeanette Sgro Marna M. Metzmaker Ann Derrick Barbara Allen Steve Bethke Leatha Byrd Dianna Dalluge Carrie FogleJim and Susan Stegeman Dr. Robert Mocharnuk and Ms. Erin Foley John Goetz Mirjam Allen Morgan Betsinger Dottie Cadwell Charmin Damm Nadine FoleyDr. Jill Sullivan and Mr. Dowd Sullivan Mark Moffett Sherri and David Greenwood Cassie Alloway Rebecca Beyers Michael Cadwell Donna Darling Jeannette ForgasDr. R. Nicholas Trane Tom and Sarah Delano Pavlik Aggie Hayner Gayla Anders Laura Bialorucki Sheila Caldwell Laura Davis Toni FrankBob and Mary Trask Toni Quinn Beth and Dwight Heaney Angela Anderson Jennifer Biddle Vickie Caldwell Sherry Day Lori FranklinU S Bank Ruth and Earl Roland Kendal and Dan Hoselton Jan Andrews Jim Bishop Anthony Calhoun Deborah Deal Elizabeth FrazierDr. and Mrs. Donald D. Van Fossan Dr. and Mrs. James Russell Brenda and Mike Jeffers Kandy Andruch Tammy Bishop Claire Call Amy DeJaynes Velvet FrederickDr. and Mrs. Phillip N. Wheat Dr. Stephen and Jane Ryan Lisa Lanzotti Daniel Anello Angela Black Mary Camac Joseph deMarco Sheryl FriedrichDrs. Robert and Kathleen Woodruff Jan and Roger Sables Jane and Phil Locascio Rodney Angeli Kim Black Miranda Carlove Martha DeMichael Carol Fritzsche Lena Scherba, MD Chris and Rick Maiocco Colleen Anning Angela Blakley Amy Carlson Ann Derrick Sharon FurlongPARTICIPATING SPONSORS Michael and Nancy Smith Michelle McCarthy Amy Antonacci Carla Blakley Cinda Carrigan Patricia Diefenback Jennifer GaffneyTom Ala Norman and Susan Soler Pamela and Daniel McCormack C. Kent Argenta Linda Blakley Morgan Carroll Jane Diers Kristine GaitherAlice Campbell Staffing Dr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Strow, Sr. Cynthia Murdock Kelly Argo Debra Blanton Susan Carter Bruce Dietrich Karen GajdostikStephen and Diane Baggerly Dr. Ted and Mrs. Judy Sunder Marsha and Bob Narmont Jennifer Arnoldi Ida Blevins Tammy Caspar Sandy Dilley Ryan GamberLuise A. Balfanz, CRNA Pat Tavine Trudy and Doug Nelson Amalia Arnoudts Sandra Blood Mary Castleman Carol Dirks Melinda GarnerNorma Bartoletti Diana Widicus and Mike Davis Carol and Dave Olejniczak Edem Assogba Lori Bobell Tiffany Cavoretto Brian Dobbins Elaine GarveyJean Becker Jim and Linda Wilson Linda and Larry Ragel Myke Ator Brandi Boehler Jill Chamberlain Karalyn Donley Joe GarveyDavid and Gloria Brummer Bill and Ruth Yu Marilyn Rigney Paul Atwood Carol Boehler Jenny Chambers Lindsey Donovan Kathryn GaryBob and Sarah Bunn Mary and Bob Ritz Vicky Audo Mary Jo Boone Kathy Chepulis Annette Dopp Tina GentryBarbara Butler FRIENDS Angie and Patrick Scheina Kim Ausmus Teri Boosinger Roberta Cherrick Dorothy Dorner Terrie GillickElizabeth Cleinmark Donald and Joan Casper Casey and Larry Schumacher Martha Austin Brent Borders Connie Chilton Karen Douglas Dani GlascockAnn and John Coombe Mary B. Hartung Lynn and Steve Scott Rachel Autenrieb Eric Boston Jaemin Chon Robin Duncan Stephanie GlennMary Jo and Dick Corkery Jerie Beth Karkos Mary and Mark Selvaggio Tina Avery Nicole Bottrell Patricia Chrisman Andrea Duncheon B. Gary Glisson Jr.Jim and Cathy Crabtree Steve and Jane Jackman Tony Selvaggio Marilyn Bacon Kenton Boucher Karin Christensen Colleen Dunham Sandra GobbleDrew Davis Ben and Dawn Kuhn Greg Harrison and Judy Baker Katherine Boward Nancy Clark Stanley Dunknoski Deanna GoldenAnn and Lee Dondanville Joseph and Catherine Link Mary Starmann-Harrison Matthew Bower Greg Clary Patricia Dunn Chad GoldhammerJoe Donovan Rich and Mary Ann Morris Mary Baker Cindy Trainor Cynthia Bowers Cindy Cleaver Ruby Durbin Jennifer GoldsteinKevin and Linda Dorsey Kristine Myszka Teri Baldini Kris and Rick Walbert Barbara Bowman Don Clements Virgilio Dycoco Margaret GoodrichFrye-Williamson Press, Inc. Robert and Denise Pope Linda Baldock Mary Jo Wasser Melinda Boyster Teresa Cline Lori Easton Kara Goodwin Marr Laura Rendeczky Robin Barber Margaret Barger Jill Brennan Travis Clinton Wanda Eaton Margaret Goone Brett Barker Jo Ellen Bretz Brenda Cloyd Paulette Echternkamp Ella Gordon Linda Barnwell Joseph Bretz Cyndy Coats Nancy Eck Christa Gorman Nancy Barrington Cynthia Bridges Susan Cody Ladonna Edgecomb Emily Graber Laurie Bartholomew Pamela Brinkley Joan Colangelo Marvin Edwards Michelle Grant Cynthia Bartolozzi Virginia Broccardo Caryn Conlon Dee Ellinger Amy Graves Shirley Bates Kimberly Broida Janet Conrady Cynthia Elmore Kelsie Gray Amy Baughman Dawn Broughton Deirdre Conran Dorothy Emerson Julie Green Terry Baylor Jamie Brown Peggy Contino Christine Emmons Brian Greenslate April Beagles Judy Brown Leeann Cook Connie Enlow Jane Grounds Don Beahringer Mary Brown Linda Cordery Ginger Ertel Marsha Gruber Sara Beal Mary Jo Brown Mary Cory Malaida Espejo Roger Gruber Rosemary Beam Theresa Brown Amber Costello Traves Everly Helen Guernsey Beth Beasley Gloria Brummer Gail Coulter Alaine Ewing Janet Guhlstorf18 FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 19
  12. 12. Karen Gum Erica Hostetter Rozanne Knappmeyer Shari Lyons Julia Mowrer Cheryl Pope Lisa Russell Lori Skerston Thongsithavong Mari WhitneyTerri Gustafson Patricia Howard Suzanne Kobayashi Debbie Lytle Melissa Mueed Susan Pope Brett Rutherford Amy Slankard Sylvia Thull Jon WiezorekLuAnn Haley Ada Hubbard Anne Koehler Linda Mabus Kelly Mullen Penny Porter Julia Ruyle Lindsey Sloman Ashley Till Victoria WilderTina Hamilton Cheryl Huffman Elizabeth Kolaz Susan Majawski Catherine Muller Cynthia Powell Susan Ryan Kathryn Smegal Anne Timm Jennifer WilhiteJohn Hamrick Erica Hughes Xiang Kong Alyssa Malcom Julie Mullett Derick Powell Kathy Sakris Barbara Smith Jim Timpe Adele WilkinKathy Hankins Mamie Hullum Karl Kraebber Barb Maley A. Elizabeth Murphy Linda Powell Karen Salmon Bev Smith Scott Tinsley-Hall Alexis WilliamsVirginia Hanks Marilyn Humes Kathleen Kraft Derek Maley Janelle Murphy Cindy Pritchard Zeina Samara Bobbi Smith Elaine Tintori Bonnie WilliamsChris Hansen Samnang Hun Deborah Kramer Hazel Manansala Linda Murphy Sherry Puccetti Dorothy Sames Delores Smith Katie Tipton Elaine WilliamsKatherine Hanshaw Rebecca Hunter Annetta Krider Christina Manci Anne Murphy Watson Diane Pugh Diane Sanders Jodie Smith Jill Tobias Jill WilliamsTami Hardwick Terese Hurst Mark Krieger Joyce Manci Sandra Mutman Doyle Lenora Pulcher Juanita Sanders Julie Smith Janet Tolley Mary Ann WilliamsBeverly Harlan Mary Hutches Dawn Kuhn Stephanie Mann Cheryl Myers Shartyse Pumfrey Novella Sanders Karla Smith Libby Tolley Tiffani WilliamsMarleen Harmon Barbara Huttman Kaitlyn Kutz Janet Mansholt Sherri Myers Patricia Quarton Jennifer Sanderson Patrick Smith Tonya Trader Venson WilliamsKathleen Harms Erlinda Imo-Essien Steven Ladd Noelle Marcum Kristine Myszka Linda Quigley Roderica Sandhaas Kimberly Snider Elizabeth Tupy Dave WillmanJudy Harney Rose Isom Buffy Lael Kathryn Marquedant Martin Nagel Mary Raab Becky Sandness Keri Snyder Mark Turner Jane WillmanMary Harney Rosemary Jack Stephanie Lake Nicole Marsaglia Jennifer Nall Brian Rabacchi Joann Saratavich Coral Spradlin Penny Tutter Chrissy WilloughbyTracey Harris Dawn James E. Allan Landwehr Tracy Marsh Elizabeth Nansen Kelly Rabbe Linda Sartain Amber Stanton Cheryl Ulrich Margie WilsonSara Harrison Karla Janssen Gary Lane Gail Martin Rutha Naudain Erin Rachford Cheryl Sauerhage Deborah Starkweather Penny Unthank Gayla WingoRon Hartley Brenda Jeffers Beth Langdon Peggy Martin Joan Naumovich Larry Ragel Jill Scales Laura Starr Kim Upchurch Kenneth WinholdMarita Hartwig Deborah Jenkins Sheryl Langiano Paul Marty Ann Neale Enza Randazzo Heather Schafer John Stehly Mary Valasek Donald WinkelmanCarolyn Harvell Jennifer Jennings Sharon Lascelles Marsha Matthew MaryAnn Neiers Kerri Ratsch Kathleen Schafer Andrew Stewart Susan Van West Barbara WinnerRita Havrilka Thomas John Brenda Lavin Sarah Mauney Robert Nelson Barbara Reagan Kurt Schafer Diedra Stewart Emma VanDyke Maria WinnettKelly Hawley Bobbie Johnson Ryan Leach Betty McCarrel Lorene Nika Paula Redenius Patty Schaffenacker Sharon Stewart Barbara Venturini Megan WintersRhonda Hayes Linda Johnson Deana Lee Michelle McCarthy Traci Norville Trisha Redpath Beverly Schenebricker Peter Stoll Garrett Vogt Karen WiseWilliam Hayes Susan Johnson Victoria Lee Rhonda McCarty Randy Obert Robert Reed Jean Scherer Dianne Stouffer Mary Vogt Antoinette WoodDwight Heaney Amy Jones Christine Lehmann Stephanie McCarty Carol Lisa O’Brien Denise Reimesch Paul Scherschel Jennifer Stouffer Melissa VonDeBur Sharon WorkmanSarah Heimer Deborah Jones Linda Leinberger Beverly McCue Susan O’Connor Lisa Reith Kaylie Schlueter Brandi Strader Marnita Wade Amy WortMarcia Hemstock Lynette Jones Berdina Leonard Amy Jo McDermott Erin O’Fallon Cathy Ricca Judy Schmitt Mona Strayhorn Beverly Wainman Kay WrightBetty Henderson-James Nichole Jones Vivian LeSeure Peg McDermott Isaac Okbamichael Faye Rice Yvonne Schmudde Debra Strope Judith Walezak Carol WubkerJennifer Hendricks Wyvonnia Jones Patricia Lester Angela McDonnell David Olejniczak Robert Ritz Rebecca Schneider Bob Strothmann Celine Walker Stephanie WurtzlerLori Henley Lorna Jordan Barb LeVeque Ethel McGrone Michelle Oliver Mindy Roberts Rick Schroeder Katie Strothmann Donna Walker Tara WynnCathy Henson Jennifer Judd Amy Leverenz Sue McGuire Elizabeth Ongman Vickie Roberts Sarah Schroeder Mark Sudholt Grant Walker Linda YeamanTimothy Jay Hergen- Marco Jyawook Diane Liesen Danae Meier James Osgood Elizabeth Robertson Patricia Schulz Cindy Surgis Jenna Walters Thomas Yemmrother Megan Kane Cora Lilley Betty Meissen Connie O’Sullivan Tracy Roegge Casey Schumacher Betty Suter Kathleen Walters Deborah YoggerstKathleen Hermon Jean Kapp Rebecca Lindgren Kathryn Meneghetti Gabe Overturf Jennifer Rogers Melissa Schutz Roger Swartzbaugh Charles Waltrip Michelle YoungJulia Hibbs Joyce Karnes Tamera List Megan Metzke Frank Owens Joy Rogers Marilyn Selvaggio Penny Swigert Steven Wang Ray YoungBarbara Hickey Katherine Kaufmann Lynasie Lloyd Marna Metzmaker Victoria Owusu-Ansah Kimberly Rogers Kathleen Sestak Leigh Ann Szabados Brooke Wangen Susan YuettenMargaret Hilbert Margaret Kean Baxter Lobb Amanda Meyer Elizabeth Pallante Mary Rogers Lisa Seymour Jan Szoke Emily Wanless Casey ZellersJoan Hildebrand Coleen Kelly Susan Lobb Joshua Meyer Dan Pasch Mitch Rogers Joseph Sgro Natasha Talkington Nancy Ward Jeannine ZinckAmanda Hill Kelly Kendall Cyndy Lochmann Sheree Meyer Jaclyn Patty Janet Roglis Sue Shaffer Emily Tangman Kristina Waters Michele ZinoElisa Hill Tina Kern Shirley Lohmar Michael Meyers Nancy Peddycoart George Rohweder Christopher Shankland Vicky Tarr Ashley WatsonDeborah Hirst Lisa Kerr Herbert Lomelino Amy Milburn Levi Perkins, Sr. Mark Rolens Juanita Shepherd Erica Tate Vickie WatsonGreg Hoffmeister Jennifer Kessler Cheryl Lopez Jessica Millburg Mary Perlman Candice Romaker Elizabeth Sheraden Richard Taylor E. Janeen WayMary Hofmann Frances Kincaid Diane Loscher Jennifer Miller Jennifer Pershing Teresa Rooney Kathy Shereda Dianna Tebrugge Kara WeiglerCindy Holliday Megan Kisling Karen Love Judith Miller Paula Petrilli Dirk Root Joshua Shipley Stephanie Tharp Thomas WenthSarah Hollinshead Cheryl Kissick Terry Lovelace MaryBeth Miller Stephanie Pickett Brenda Rossi Kimberly Shores- Jeremy Thaxton Diana WeyhenmeyerNancy Hood Emily Kloever Pat Lucas Mark Milnes Mary Pickford Christina Roth Corbett Mary Theilken Carole WhippleBeth Hopkins Faith Kloker Brooke Luka Denise Mishkel Elizabeth Poe Catherine Rovey Barbara Siddons Therese Thoele Peggy WhiteSusan Horst Patricia Kmett Vinh Luu Sandra Mollahan T. Ann Poe Jo Rubin Hilari Simmons Jeff Thomas Pamela WhiteheadNicole Horve Lisa Knackmuhs Kimberly Luz Phil Morrison Rosalie Polite Melissa Ruppel Sandra Sims Teresa Thomas Wendy White-MitterKendal Hoselton Barb Rusciolelli Charles Sivert Khanthong Stephanie Whitlock20 FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 21
  13. 13. The following individuals, Glass Co., Inc. Otto Blue Moon/ N. Robert Chesnut Beverly (Kirby) Deaton Dr. Mrs. H W R Fluckiger Mr. and Mrs. Mark Greenwald HPR Marketing organizations, corporations, Melissa C. Bahlow The Moon Brothers Chico’s Thomas and Jill Debrey FOP Lodge #40 Springfield Mr. and Mrs. David Greenwood Consulting Groupfoundations and estates Dr. Mrs Michael Brewer Lieutenants and Command Staff HSHS, ISC TAU Employees Marston and Nina Bain Over 50 Club-Christ the Chad and Megan DeFrain Crystal Gregorycontributed $250 or more Dale R. Baldridge Estate Ann Bristow King Parish Dave Dawn DeFraties Mr. Craig Forrester Robert and Christina Griffin HSHS Medical Group, Inc.between July 1, 2010 andJune 30, 2012. Thank you for Deborah Barger Ronald Virginia Broccardo Christ the King School Mary K. DeGroot Andrea Fox Dr. and Mrs. C. William Groesch Huen Electric, Inc.your support and generosity. Robert Anne Barker Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Broch Christian Believer’s Fellowship Dr. and Mrs. Ignacio DelValle Linda Fox Rosemary Grunendike Estate Faye HughesA.J. Walker Muriel Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brooks Church of St. Jude Jonathan DelaCruz Dolores C. Frank Helen Guernsey Katie HughesConstruction Co. Bobbi Barrett Gordon Nancy Brown Debbie Cimarossa DeLaurent Construction Co., Inc. Fraternal Order of Eagles Angela Guthrie Michael and Madeline HughesAbraxis Oncology Bob Loni Bastas Rick Colleen Brown Circle K Midwest Thomas Paula Denny Freestyle Apparel Design Ed Jan Gvazdinskas Chad and Kara HustonRebecca G. Abu-Saba Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Batton Ronald and Betty Brown City Eclipse Hair Studio, Inc. Diamond Residential Mortgage Freeziker LLC RoseEllen Irene Hahn I.D. SignsAce Harware Mr. and Mrs. John Bavetta Ms. Margaret Browne City of Litchfield Corporation The Freitag Family Mr. Wendell Hahn Dr. Tommy A. IbrahimAdam W. Carter David C. Baxa Marcia Bruna Classic Storage Concepts LTD. John Pat Dietrich Dr. Mrs. Per Freitag Matthew Hamann IBYC Sailing Foundation LTD.Benefit Fund Joy Beagles John and Sharen Bucari Karen Claycomb Ms. Helen M. Dietz Tom Kay Frevert IHOP Corp. Lorcye Faye HamrockADAMS Management Services Don Karola Beahringer Building Blocks Preschool, Inc. Clinical Radiologists Diocese of Springfield, Campaign Robi Fulcher Illinois Department of Dorothy HandwerkCorporation Keith Sue Bull for Human Development Transportation Ms. Mary Beam Clinton Kiwanis Club Teresa Gallo Ms. Stefanie HannahCharles Jean Adams Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Bulpitt George Georgia Dirksen Illinois Chirpractic Society Tom Rosemary Beam Norma Clinton Jerry Judy Gardner Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. HansenAdvanced Center For Pain Bunn-O-Matic Corporation Julie Dirksen Illini Bank Mike Beth Beasley Gloria Tino Cobau Garrison Group Hanson ProfessionalRehab, S.C. Illini Young Presidents Keith and Carolyn Beatty Buraski Builders, Inc. Cold Stone Creamery Louis Dirksen Pete Ellie Garvey Services, Inc.Michael Jill Aiello Organization Mr. and Mrs. Shaun P. Beck Mr. and Mrs. James R. Burch Commercial Floor Covering, Inc. Molly Dirksen Gates, Wise Schlosser, P.C. Lorraine HartAir Methods Corp. Intl Illinois National Bank Ed Judy Bedore Dr. and Mrs. Robert Burke The Butler Community Michael Karen DiScala Mr. Robert J. Gatheman Theresa HartelMelody Allega Independent Charities of Dr. and Mrs. George M. Burns Endowment of the Sangamon Joy Dixon Dr. Ralph Gail Gauen Richard Bonnie HartkeAllied Waste Benedictine University America County Community Karalyn Donley Bennett Electronic Mrs. Stanley Burris Colleen Geary Mrs. Mary B. HartungAltria Client Services Inc. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joe Inendino Service Co, Inc. A. John Busciacco Dorothy M. Dorkins Ramon K. Georgis Steve Jeannette HassebrockKatie James Ambrose Community Unit School Inner Harmony, LLC Berners Schober Associates, Inc. Lawrence Connie Bussard Mrs. Carol P. Dove Elizabeth F. Gephart Mr. Thomas E. HavenarAAUW Educational District No. 4 Island Bay Yacht Club Jenelle J. Bertolino-Ishmael Jack and Janice Butler Mark J. Drewes GHR Engineers Associates Inc. Dr. Mrs. Dennis HayesFoundation Julie Connoyer Tim Eckels Isringhausen Imports Ms. Marla Bertschinger Dan Peggy Cadigan Denise Druhot Dom Pat Giacomini Mr. John R. Headrick Jr.American Cancer Society, Staff Families of Geoff Jennifer IsringhausenShared Service Center Dr. Mrs. Jeff Bierman Janet L. Calisi Cook-Witter, Inc. Ms. Lesley Duffy Len Karen Giannone Helen Healy Noodles CompanyAmerican College of Wenonah M. Bish Gina Canny Co-Op Financial Services Joyce Dunavan Susan Gibbs Tim Healy J. C. Penney Co., Inc. GoldenCardiology Foundation Bishop Hardware Supply Co Ray Anne Capestrain Susan Copass Vicki Durbin Giganti Giganti Jewelry Mary Hedrick Rule AwardThe American Legion Joan Bishop Capitol City Speakers Bureau Anna Marie Corcoran Estate Eastern Illinois Math Club Gerald Elizabeth Gill Patrick Jennifer Hemmer Mrs. Ann JakowskyAmerican Legion Auxiliary BJ Grand Salon Spa United Commercial Travelers Terence Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. Albert O. Eck, Jr. Glenwood Middle School Joyce Henn Leonard Kathryne JannAmerican Legion Post 55 Parish of the Blessed Sacrament Capitol Council No. 95 Mike Jane Cottrell Frank, Cinda Alex Edwards John Cathy Godwin Tom and Jane Henry Mark JanusAmerican Medical Supply Blue Ribbon Book Fairs Capitol Ostomy Association, Inc. Edward and Kelly Lin Cramer Wendy Engelhardt John Goetz Henson Robinson Company JB InteriorsAmgen, Inc. John Blythe and Jane Denes Steve Cappellin Family Ms. Juanice Crawford Bill Susan Enlow Golden Corral Jonna Herring J. Micheal and Brenda JeffersDr. Devin V. Amin Bob Evans Farms, Inc. CardinalHealth Credit Union 1 Ernie Loberg Construction Golden K Kiwanis Club of Hal Lauretta Hildebrand Dr. and Mrs. Stephen JennisonAnderson Electric, Inc. Stephen Bochenek Cardiocom Co., Inc. Decatur Credit Unions For Kids Joan Hildebrand Jim FulgenziGuy and Mary Ann Anderson Bodine Services of Midwest Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Fred Kathy Esker Dr. Eli G. Goodman Ms. Melanie D. Credo Jim Hillestad Lois JirgalDouglas Andrews Jack Bodine Carter Construction Services, Inc. Morton F. Espy Dave and Peggy Goone Crothall Healthcare, Inc. Clara Richter Hilquist Ms. Karen JohnsonAmy Angeli Michael Bodine CDS Office Technologies Tammy Etherton Dr. Mrs. Nilesh Goswami Tom Lori Cullen Dennis Sharon Hiltebrand Wesley JohnsonPaul K. Anthony, O.D. Todd Stacey Boll CEFCU Evans Construction Company Governmental Consulting Mark Cully LeAnn Hinrichs Keith JongewardMs. Terry Appelt Brent Bordenkircher and Staff of Central Illinois Ray and Ava Evans Solutions, Inc. Debi and Brett Cunningham Hip Advertising, Ltd. J. Patrick Janice JoyceArcher Daniels Midland Tiffany Bordenkircher Community Blood Bank EvanWalk David GerriAnne Graham Dr. and Mrs. John C. Dailey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hoffman Anthony JoyntVern Sue Argo Rick A. Born Central Illinois Radiological Express Services Professionals Mr. Mrs. Hugh Graham Dairy Queen Corp. Holiday Inn Alton Judy’s Hallmark Shop Associates Mr. Steve Fafoglia Phil Carol M. GrahamArmbruster Mfg. Co. Cynthia M. Bowers The Katy Barker Philanthropic Judith M. (Stukenberg) Holley Central Illinois Security, Inc. Bob and Carole JuranekArrow Trailer Equipment Co. BP Fabric of America Fund of the Dallas Jewish FCCLA Anthony L. Grasch LaVonne Hopkins Joan Brown Jurgena Carolyn Cervellone Community Foundation Mr. Dan Feeney Mr. Daren GravlinAscent Healthcare Solutions Brahler Tire Mart Florence Mazenko Hopper Patricia Chafian Kafer Ag ServiceSanford and Hazel Ash Mr. Mrs. Dave Brahler Waldo Davis Mr. Thomas Feger, Sr. Great Clips, Inc. - Illinois Horace Mann Employees KAM Services Jill Chamberlain Joan Davis Anita M. Figge ClippersAssociated Pathologists, Ltd. Mary C. Brahler Kim Horbas Charles E. Robbins Realtor David Grebler Drs. Sandra Yeh William Atwater Dr. Brandon Maddox, DMD Martin L. Davis First Bankers Trust Rosemary Horsthemke Gregory M. Kane Charles Joseph Pell Architects Norma Davis FirstGroup America Greco SalesAuntie Anne’s Soft Pretzel Brandt Consolidated, Inc. Mr. Mrs. Dan Hoselton Steve Kaufman Incorporated Green DodgeBB Electric Rick Brandt Mrs. Norene Davlin FitClub Judi Chase Hospice-Care of Sangamon Paul and Leslie Kay Sandra Bray James P. De Filippi, III Fitness Together Green Family CharitableCraig Patti Backs County Lillian Kennedy Children’s Home + Aid FoundationBacon Van Buskirk Richard and Rene Brethorst Dearborn Advisors, LLC Floyd Imports, Inc. Patricia Howard Chesapeake Seafood House Green View Nursery King Technology, Inc.22 FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL REPORT OF GIVING 2010 - 2012 23