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Everything is going Mobile and consumers are adapting Smartphones rapidly. Denmark is top 10 in terms of Smartphone penetration and more and more consumers are buying from their mobile devices. How can you as a company take advantage of this revolution? There is still room to differentiate yourself from competitors by adapting to the mobile channel.

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  • Mobile peaks in the evenings – tablets!
  • Are you ready for mobile revolution? - Babar Baig

    1. 1.
    2. 2. ME• Co-Founded one of the first App Store in 2005• Idea, Product, Funding, Expansion, Exit• Marketing Director – Vopium• Marketing Vopium App in 52 countries• Blog about app marketing:• Co-Founder Writereader Aps – Kids Learning app• App Marketing mentor – AppGarageDTU• Twitter: @babarbaig PAGE 3
    3. 3. Mobile Revolution•Everything is going mobile•”Mobile first” will succeed•…not web to mobile strategy•Strategy first! Always!
    4. 4. ALWAYS Start with Strategy Why APP or Mobile site New customer? Retention app? App for internal usage? App with Back-end integration? M-Commerce app? Branding App? -Tech. considerations: App, mobilesite, Hybrid? Fragmented webtraffic? Budget, Time to Market. Native OS features?,- Business related considerations: Free or Paid app? Both? In app purchase?, Pro version? What pricing? OS differentiated businessmodel?- Marketing considerations: App store, Google play, Mobilesite marketing vs app marketing. Big difference (Google, iOS, mm.. Target group.
    5. 5. The Competition….•1.000.000 Apps on App Stores and +50.000 new apps eachmonth!•+ 28.000 Native Ipad apps (sep to oct 2012)•TODAY: App Store crosses 1mil. approved apps•Same positions to fight for! Top 10 – but how many downloadsdoes it take?•Top 25 developers are sharing +50% in app revenue.•…making +500 mio DKK in 30 days………24 of them are Game developers… main reason?
    6. 6. Key App trends •Each smartphone user has 30-40 apps installed …….•….But only 3-4 apps are used on daily basis. Rest are ”ghost apps ” •App users dont visit the website of apps. They expect to get the required information on mobile/tablets. •More time on Apps than on Mobile sites. •Usability is essential for app users. Its not a matter of being first on Appstores – but getting it right! (Clear,Wordfeud, Instagram, Viber)
    7. 7. App Store & Social?• Social media will be a factor in App Store Ranking Algorythm? Its a reality.• App Store – worlds largest branding market place• Google Play and G+• Google play landing page + backlinks (SEO + ASO)• Facebook App center – FB login/connect integration• Majority will interact for the first time with your brand – on App Store.• Dont underestimate the power of users.• Whats your social App strategy?
    8. 8. Pre launch plan•Understand different AppStore propostions: Enterprise App Stores, ESDsites, Operator App Stores/Portals, OEM App Stores, OS based App Stores.•Product related checklist – Tracking, Goals, QA, etc.•A-list for comments and reviews•Importance of chosing the right App title, keywords and App-description (ASO)•Setup process for bugfixing, handling feedback;•Built in feedback feature (app store comments live forever) bad reviews tarnishcompany’s image + make it even harder for future apps you roll-out to beconsidered – specially for featuring options.•Localisationand….PR
    9. 9. Pre Launch plan - Whats your story?•Create push/burst – from outside App Store through PR•80% of searches are brand related•Plan the pitch and media•Create ”push” let journalists review app prior to launch –embargoes, If relevant.•Plan blogger outreach – let them review the app prior tolaunch.•Create excitement; NL sign-ups - FB Groups, Contestsworks! (WriteReader)
    10. 10. Price elasticy is huge in gaming & entertainment apps•Use pricing actively – Price sites are scrapingApp store for,, freeappsafari etc.•Increases downloads, > Rankings > Moreorganic discovery downloads > calculateorganic effect. / Vopium 1/3 Australia case
    11. 11. Is your Price right? Test it
    12. 12. IF everythingfails……dont worry
    13. 13. In App advertisingPromote your App
    14. 14. Tablet and mobile traffic peak at nightcompared to desktop traffic which peak from 9AM – 5PM12:00 AM 3:00 AM 6:00 AM 9:00 AM 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 6:00 PM 9:00 PM Tablet Mobile Desktop source: Google Internal Data, 2011 note: % of each platform’s traffic shown hourly for one day; does not indicate absolute or relative traffic volumes
    15. 15. Reach your audience… at the right time Standard Advanced Interest Location Category Traffic Bundles (Android Only) Demographic Time Remarketing Carrier OS Device New Devices App (and OS version) Enthusiasts
    16. 16. Relevant targeting
    17. 17. App/mobile RoadmapPhase1: Mobile strategy/ Marketing planPhase2: Requirement specificationPhase3: App/mobile site developmentPhase4: Pre-launch plan – to go market,Phase5: CRO –Mobile conversion rate opt.Phase 6: Paid Mobile Marketing
    18. 18. App Store Love
    19. 19. @babarbaig 20