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  1. 1. Group Members: Muhammad Usman Tariq (221) Awais Shahbaz (222)
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Culture or civilization is a complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. Culture rules virtually every aspect of our life such as music, literature, visual arts, architecture or language and living style
  4. 4. Importance of Media In Promotion of Culture
  5. 5.  Media reflect our culture norms and values. Media is responsible for the revolution and evolution of mind and heart of common people fostering information and awareness among masses.  Today’s media environment increases choices, provides opportunities for cultural expression and dialogue, and facilitates the flow of information at the planetary level.
  6. 6.  Pakistan is a Muslim country and Pakistani culture is the unique pattern of belief, ideas, values highly influenced by religion of Islam.  Islam in Pakistan sets the code of ethics for the cultural life for the people of Pakistan. But People gained western and Indian culture due to acculturations modernization and westernization.
  7. 7. Impacts of Indian Media
  8. 8. DRAMA SERIALS  Indian movies and dramas have perilous impact on Pakistan’s media, culture and public. If we talk about TV dramas, the one leading channel of India is Star Plus, which is now favorite TV channel of Pakistani, almost more than other TV channels.  Star plus and other private TV channels of India has impact on our public, they show more their culture in their dramas rather than story.
  9. 9. DRESSES Pakistan has an impact of Indian dressing culture as well. Now, people like to wear Sarhi, Patiala Shalwar, Chori Pajama, sleeveless dressing, short shirts and less use of chadar(veil).  On special occasions, ladies use to wear Indian culture for show off. This can be observed during the functions of mod scad cities of Pakistan. People have learned these things from Indian drama and movies at most. 
  10. 10. MARRIAGE CEREMONIES  The influences of Indian culture are quite visible on our marriage ceremonies and festivals.  We have left our religious values and applying hindu tradition in our daily life. Oil poring Rice spreading Dowry   
  11. 11. LANGUAGE  Today media plays an important role in promotion of Hindi language in Pakistan.  Because of Indian media Pakistani children are more aware from Hindu culture and Hindi language than their own culture and language, children mix Hindi words in Urdu language and use it in their daily routine like didi(sister), shantii(sakoon),and jeej(brother in law) etc.
  12. 12. Trend of Indian Movies Pakistani cinemas shows Indian movies. In India movies whenever they show some ethnic groups or some terrorist organization they always give them name of Muslims, and Islam.  In their movies they show Muslim as extremists, India shows anti-Pakistan feelings, in some movies they show vulgarity. Which shows bad impact on mind of our young generation, through their media India want to role in mind of our generation  India media always criticize Pakistan in form of dramas and film or in reality. 
  13. 13. TV SHOWS Due to the effects of media, Pakistani children today do not feel shyness and shame in bringing obscene magazines and movies to their home and often also watch below morality programmes in front of their parents.  Many of our advertisements, television programmes, films, cable TV channels and even websites have adopted Indian and western styles and themes. 
  14. 14. BASANT Traditionally it’s said that basant (kite flying) is celebrated to bid farewell to winter season and to announce the arrival of spring season.  Basant is not the part of Pakistani culture and we have to face a great loss of casualties and finance due to heartrending phenomenon of kite flying.Inspite of this high contradict regarding celebrating Basant (kite flying) the people find ways and means to celebrate this basant. 
  15. 15. Dancing and singing (Reality Shows) Pakistani people take a art of dancing and singing style from Indian culture . Classes and concerts are conducted in universities in Pakistan.
  16. 16. Fire Works  Indians throughout the world celebrate with fireworks as part of their popular "festival of lights" (Diwali) on new - moon day. Quieter varieties of fireworks are more popular for this festival as its a festival of light celebrated on the new moon night. It is the festival of Hindu religion. We adopted this occasion from indian culture. We use fire crackers even at islamic occasion e.g SHAB E BARAT.
  17. 17. Conclusion  We have left our religious values and are applying Hindu traditions in our daily life.  When the Muslims acted upon Islamic Morales and teaching they were victorious. When they left Islam they became slave.  Thus due to weakness in faith we are attracting towards evil traditions.  To get back our culture we must leave these traditions and follow the culture defined by the Islam.
  18. 18. Solution To get back to our culture we must leave these traditions and must follow the culture defined by Islam .
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