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Marwa al zidjali
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  • 1. Sultanate of OmanMinistry of educationAsma bint al-namanschool:Propounding Name: Mrwa Saud Al- .zadjali
  • 2. Hello , my name is Marwa. I am 15 year old. I wasborn in 1995 in Muscat .I am a student in grade ten .I am Omani . I live in Barka with my family . I havegot 2 sisters and 3 brothers . My family has got 8members . I like reading English stories ,swimming,taking photos and model . I am interested in skating .… and I like riding horse, Also I have got nice voice
  • 3. I like English subject, though I speak little English . I also like music and social studies . I do not like studying very hard and I do not like watching TV. In future I will . be a businesswomenMy fathers name is Saud . He is 39 year old . Heis a businessman . He likes shopping andcooking, also he likes reading newspaper everyday .My mothers name is Rahima . She is 35year old . She is a housewife . She likes cooking. and designing clothes
  • 4. When I get home I always do my homeworks from four oclock until 8.30 pm .Then my family and I all have dinnertogether . After dinner I sometimes call myfriend Adari for a chat I always go to bedbefore eleven oclock . This is my dailyroutine . My family and I we always travelto Salalah in the summer holiday and wetravel every summer holiday to a foreign … country
  • 5. : I want to tell you about my sistersMy sisters’ names are Arwa and Rua .Arwa is my twin . She was born in 1995 . She is 15 year old . She likes skating andsending emails , Also I do my homeworks with her . Rua is between 8-9months . She is very noisy and all myfamily loves her . She is smaller than ..Turki
  • 6. My brothers’ names are Turki ,Abdulaziz and Abdulmajed . Turkiwas born in 2002 in Muscat . He is 9years old . He studies in elementaryschool . He never likes eating andplaying . He doesnt like studying, as well. My father loves him very much…
  • 7. Abdulaziz and Abdulmajed …are twinsAbdulaziz was born in 1993 . He is 18year old . He is in last year in school .He is very cute and quite. He likesplaying football , playing play station3 and listening to pop music . Hedoes not like studying English and hedoesnt like riding horse . He wants to ..be a doctor … He likes Barcelona
  • 8. Abdulmajed was born in 1993 .He is 18 year old .He is in lastyear in school . He is cute andnoisy . He likes weight lifting ,striking guitar, watching moviesand Manchester team . Hedoesn’t like studying and stayingat home …. He wants to be a .… businessman
  • 9. My school’s name is Asma bintAl-Naman . It has 20 classes and44 teachers . It has four classesfor grade ten . I love my Englishteacher because she is kind andshe is teaching English well
  • 10. These pictures are some.OF my own photography
  • 11. This is my lovely …sister Rua
  • 12. .This is my home