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Creation and Packing of Ezekiel Panels
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Creation and Packing of Ezekiel Panels


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This PowerPoint shows you tips on how to prepare your Ezekiel panels.

This PowerPoint shows you tips on how to prepare your Ezekiel panels.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. So, how do I present a display of my work?
    • Ideas for Ezekiel Exhibit, Design Expo, Tech Expo, Cover the Walls
  • 2. Peggy Ezekiel Exhibit What is it?
    • It is a regional exhibit created for the Ohio Valley Section of USITT
    • It is for design, technology, and architecture.
    • Part of it is not a competition, part of it is.
    • It was created in 1985 as a way to recognize and to celebrate the amazing quality of the work being done by members of the OVS throughout the section.  The awards are presented each fall during the OVS conference and include all areas of theatrical design and technical production.
    • The ten submissions selected as the Board’s Choice become the Peggy Ezekiel Exhibit and are displayed at the National Conference and Stage Expo as a way to share the work of the regional with USITT members from across the country.
    • There is a $15 entry fee due when nominating/entry form is submitted.
  • 3. Things to consider when creating your submission
    • Make it interesting
    • How are you going to organize it?
    • Remember the Tools and Rules of Design: make it aesthetically pleasing.
    • You want to tell a story on your panels.
        • Have an introduction, climax, and conclusion.
        • Have both full stage photos as well as close-ups.
  • 4. Creation of Panels
    • In PowerPoint
    • (the Poor Man’s Photoshop)
  • 5. Using PowerPoint to create a poster
    • Open a new file and select a blank page layout
  • 6. Setting up the page
  • 7. Print Settings Things to consider: -paper type -printing process -300 dpi for photos
  • 8. What can you do in PowerPoint? Add images and change the transparency
  • 9. Add Photos
    • Shadows
    • Text
  • 10.  
  • 11. Make sure you select a color for your line around the rectangle. Or you will get this.
  • 12. Other ways to create a poster Things to include To Frame or Not to Frame? Photoshop, other photo-editing software Process/Concept Statement Labels Title, Your Name, Category Rest of the team and photographer
  • 13. Creating Effective Poster Presentations
  • 14. How to Pack Your Panels
  • 15. Framed Panels
    • 18”x24” images in a plastic frame cheap to ship and look great!
    • Poster frames are cheap and look cheap.
    • You are presenting your work, don’t skimp on the frame.
  • 16. Corner Protectors
    • To save or not to save?
    • They protect your frame.
  • 17.
    • Put your name on everything.
  • 18. Back side of panel
    • Hanging hardware, return address, and order you want the panels displayed
    If you are a student, maybe you should put the school’s address or your parents’.
  • 19. Extra room in the box?
    • No Packing Peanuts!!! They create a HUGE mess!
    • Add bumpers for a tight fit
    • You don’t want them to arrive all beat up, do you?
  • 20. Packing for Survival
    • Add packing material like foam-core between each panel to protect the front side.
  • 21. Free box!
    • When you order your frames from Blick!
  • 22. Outside of shipping box
    • Label it with your name and return shipping address
    If you are a student, maybe you should put the school’s address or your parents’.
  • 23. Checklist for materials
    • Plastic Frames with outside dimension of 20”x26”x3/4”
    • Hanging hardware (wire or saw tooth)
    • Foam-core for packing (I used 10 sheets of 16” x 20” x 3/16”)
    • No actual glass in frames
    • Information on back of each frame: Name Category (Scenic, Costume, Lighting, etc.) Show Phone Number Return Address--if you are a student or plan to move before July or August, put an alternative address
  • 24. Good stuff. Enough said.
  • 25. Checklist for Content
    • No original or irreplaceable artwork
    • One-page Descriptive Concept or Process Statement*
    • Supporting materials for your design
    • Photographs
          • Full stage
          • Close-ups
          • Models
    • Visually pleasing layout which tells a story
  • 26. * Descriptive Concept or Process Statement
    • No more than one-page (8 1/2” x 11”)
    • Helps put your work in context of the show
    • Clearly state your objectives for your design
    • Describe your challenges and solutions
    • Include information on the collaborative effort of the production team (for realized productions)
  • 27. Useful websites for creating academic posters from Denison University
    • (better sites are in the top portion of the list)
    • North Carolina State University. This is an extensive site focused on teaching students about effective poster creation and presentation. Accessed September 21, 2011
    • Purrington, C.B. 2006. Advice on designing scientific posters. This is an extensive site aimed at undergraduates in the sciences. Includes templates. Accessed June 26, 2008
    • -Stanford University. This website includes tips for those making posters in the Humanities and in Service Learning. Accessed July 1, 2008
    • Washington Space Grant Consortium. The Basics of Poster Design. Good coverage of the basics and some nice examples of different styles of posters. Accessed June 27, 2008
  • 28. Useful websites for creating academic posters from Denison University
    • University of Kansas Medical Center. This site has tutorials on many aspects of poster creation. l Accessed June 27, 2008
    • Graduate School of The University of Warwick Accessed June 27, 2008
    • Preparing Effective Posters l Accessed June 27, 2008
    • American Society of Plant Biologists. How to Make a Great Poster. Accessed June 27, 2008
    • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Accessed June 27, 2008
    • American Chemical Society node_id=1747&use_sec=false#P54_6677 Accessed June 29, 2008