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Geração Project

  1. 1. Santa MariaBrazil Projeto Baseado em Intercâmbios da AIESEC SM 01
  2. 2. GeraçãoProject The PBoX Geração is the main Project in AIESEC in Santa Maria that aims to increase social development with the dissemination of entrepreneurship culture in Santa Maria. Through this, Geração project creates a new generation of citizens aware of their responsibilities and prepared to make a positive impact in society. There are several NGO's that are sensitive to this cause in Santa Maria, and they are betting on AIESEC to supply their needs of culturally sensitive people to develop an entrepreneurial culture among the organizations. 02
  3. 3. traineeships Lar Vila das Flores - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1306 The trainee will work with installation of specific programs for the registration of donations, establish the budget detailing the expenditures provided for by the NGO, developing several skills on business administration. The trainee will also be responsible for direction the work of the interns, coordination and liquidity of the institution. To develop the presentation skills, the trainee will take part in events related to Entrepreneurship and will represent AIESEC in Santa Maria Committee in several seminars and local conferences. 03
  4. 4. traineeships Instituto de Educação Olavo Bilac - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1305 This school is a reference in education in Santa Maria, and became a TN Taker in AIESEC in Santa Maria for believing that the Geração Project has the potential of develop the youngsters to be culturally sensitive and be socially concerned with their surroundings. The trainee will work the methodology of the Geração project in the school and with business administration in the NGO. She/he will elaborate an activity where school's students will go to the NGO to implement a CSR action. The intern will present social and cultural reality of his/her country to students and will lead discussions about current issues like CSR, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship, developing presentation skills. 04
  5. 5. traineeships Colibri + Perpétuo Socorro - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1304 The intern will work on Geração Project inside the school applying the suggested methodology complementing it and working with students from 13 to 15 years-old. In the NGO, the trainee will work with activities of secretariat, fund-raising and elaboration of projects. The NGO is a private nonprofit institution that serves young people and adults with special educational needs. This main objective of the job in Colibri is to awake the interest of students regarding language and culture at school. In NGOs, fund-raising, seeking partnerships with companies to characterize the activities involved. Trainees involved in this program will develop abilities and will acquire management experience and cultural adaptability and working to improve local reality. The intern will develop creativity, pro-activity, and projects development skills. 05
  6. 6. traineeships EE Irmão José Otão - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1303 The intern will work in Geração Project simultaneously in the school Irmão José Otão and in the NGO São Braz. The project aims to develop entrepreneurial characteristics on the involved public. The intern will work on Geração Project inside the school applying the suggested methodology complementing it and working with students from 13-15 years old. In NGO, the trainee will work with computerization of collections, organization of documents, letters of referral, supervision of trainees and external relations. The NGOs is São Braz is totally independent and works with environmental education and rehabilitation of animals (it's not a zoo). 06
  7. 7. traineeships CEDEDICA - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1299 “Center for Defense of Children and Teenager's Rights” - CEDEDICA – is a NGO created in 1994. CEDEDICA works executing socio-educative actions in an open environment, Accompany Freedom and serving services to the community. The NGO works with the support of the Public Ministry and the Childhood and Youth Court; it involves the support for teenagers from 12 to 21 years-old and legal and juridical help. The trainee will have a crucial role inside the NGO, She/he will create a methodology to evaluate the general administration and work together with the NGO's accountant helping with the financial accounting. She/he will have the support of PBOX Geração, an AIESEC in Santa Maria project. 07
  8. 8. traineeships Colégio Militar de Santa Maria - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1297 Colégio Militar is a military college based in Santa Maria. The college seeks to develop students with family, social and patriot values. It also envisions giving the opportunity to students to build a critical vision about society, politics, economics, history and technology. The college has a very well developed sports training methodology too. The trainee will come to work with Geração project inside the college, the work consists in developing entrepreneurial characteristics on students from 14 to 17 years-old. She/he will work with the Geração Project methodology applying it inside the school and suggesting complementary modifications, if necessary. She/he will also work with cultural activities with the students, presenting curiosities about his/her country of origin and basic lessons about languages. 08
  9. 9. traineeships Recanto da Esperança - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1296 The “Hope Nook” is a beneficent institution of social assistance. The NGO helps children and young people that are under social and personal risk as a special protection provider. Nowadays the institution holds about 25 children from 4 to 14 years- old that are indicated by the Tutorial Council and the Childhood and Youth Court. During their stay, the children are inserted among many projects. These projects envision personal development and interaction between the interns. The trainee's work consists in giving all support for the NGO coordinator. Helping and assisting him. She/he will also be responsible for reviewing the strategic plan of the institution. This job is inserted in Geração project, a local initiative from AIESEC in Santa Maria. It has the objective to stimulate the culture of the social entrepreneurship in the young students of the city. 09
  10. 10. traineeships EMAI + Lar de Míriam - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1293 “The Municipal School for Industrial Learning” – EMAI – has as its objectives to graduate and qualify young and adult students. The school provides all the support and opportunities to help their students to go inside the work market. It offers professional courses in electricity, mechanics, metallurgy, technical drawing and silk screen. EMAI has around 160 students and it's the only school of its kind in Santa Maria region. “Míriam's home” is a 47 years-old NGO that takes care of children and teenagers that are under social and personal risk. The institution not only offers a shelter but it provides some activities envisioning the personal development for these children. Some of the activities provided are learning circles about many topics as family inclusiveness, basic education, sexual education for teenagers and many others. The trainee is going to work with Geração project. She/he will work inside the school with the methodology provided by the project; if necessary the trainee will suggest modifications. The main work is to develop entrepreneurial characteristics on the involved public. The trainee will be responsible for integrating the two institutions and helping the NGO's coordinator to improve the general administration of the institution. 10
  11. 11. traineeships APAE Santa Maria - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1300 The Association of Fathers and Friends of the Exceptional was founded in april 30, 1966. Since then the nongovernmental organization have been working to offer services in the Educational Area (literacy), Therapeutic (psychology, phonoaudiology, physiotherapy and especial education), Career (recycling paper workshop, bakery, gardening, etc) and Complementary Activities, beyond Coexistence Groups, Social Work and Educational Informatics. APAE have as a mission “to promote and articulate actions to defend de rights, provide services and support to the family, directed to the improvement of the quality of life to exceptional people and to the construction of a society more fair.” The trainee that comes to work at APAE will develop her/his activities with Duque de Caxias School to. The job includes develop entrepreneurial characteristics on the involved public (students from 14-16 years old of the school) and develop the marketing department (of the NGO) and leading discussions about current issues like CSR, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. 11
  12. 12. traineeships CACC - TN-In-BR-SM-2008-1307 CAAC is an NGO that provide host and support to the children that come to the University Hospital to be treated for cancer, the family receive meals and accommodation too. The Center of Support to the Children with Cancer is very well known in the city and receives a lot of contributions and participates of many social events. The trainee that comes to work at CAAC should structure the HR area, because the NGO doesn't have any job done in this function. The activities of trainee include working at Margarida Lopes, a basic education school, with the Geração Project methodology. 12