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    • Jeremy Yuille Jeremy Yuille so — and yes, this is a 6 min *speculative* presentation — let's begin to see knowledge work as *how* we look at things, as well as *what* we do in response. Knowledge work frames how we see the world, and our futures.  1 month ago
    • Jeremy Yuille Jeremy Yuille Slide 2 - this is a drawing my 8yo did directly after being told about the discovery of kic 8462852, and the *possibility* of aliens. Even this slight possibility reframed his ideas of the future. Then lets think about time, and how knowledge work helps us not only create ideas, but also situate them in ways that help us stretch. KIC8462852 is 1500 light years away: if there's anyone there, they'll start receiving our knowledge in about 1400 years (radio is 120 years old). 1400 years ago, Europe was in the Dark Ages and our technological standouts were the pole rudder on Chinese ships (gunpowder is still 300 years away)  1 month ago
    • Jeremy Yuille Jeremy Yuille Slide 1 - think about all the knowledge work going on in this image… from the mise en scene to the automation, to the concept design of projecting us into a future  1 month ago
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